Thursday, July 29, 2010

Praise Thursday :)

Hi, i'm still out, had to do Praise Thursday though... these songs are so uplifting, key into them today please.


Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday - Mi Madre Dedication and Goodbye for now

Hi y'all. How are you? This is late, i apologize, been a long day, extremely tired but i have work to do. I have a presentation due tomorrow and what do you know, this is my last week at the City. I have no future plans, yep thats it, miss control, crosses her t's and i's, plans even what she says before she says it and even after saying it analyzes what she says, has no future plan. Nothing is going according to plan. With that said imma be off blogger for a while, i'm choked with words and everything sounds like i'm complaining and i'm afraid i might cry every time i speak. I'm not as strong as i once was, somewhere along the line i let down my guard a bit and now what might be another day at the park is me climbing a mountain and to be honest, right this minute I've given up. I feel like I've let every one down, but more importantly i let myself down, especially by not having a 3rd, 4th and 5th plan. I actually told BB we probably shouldn't talk anymore today, thankfully he ignored me, but thats how bad. Nways so i will be commenting on your blogs, still have some catching up to do, but otherwise i will be absent for a bit. In the meantime pls send in your contributions for Music Monday or Praise thursday to Thank you very much.

On to more exciting news, it is, it was my mothers birthday yesterday Nigerian time. She turned 50, i felt really disappointed in myself that i couldn't be there. It was my heart desire to be there for her, but yea. I don't talk about my mum a lot, she is my treasure, my heart beat, the reason i do everything i do, the reason i feel in so many ways like a disappointment in times like this, and extremely proud on good days. My mum is a success, it might be hard to see, after all she is a single woman, infact she has been single more years than she was ever married, but that never stopped her. She never let that be a scar on her, she never let that bury her and she has shown those around her that yes it might look like she failed on that aspect, but she's had love, she still loves, has 4 beautiful children that she can call her own personal success stories, never mind that my mum is a skinny woman. Lol. I love my mum, don't know what i would do without her, i pray i never i have to find out soon. I pray we all never have to go through what she went through and our marriages will be successful and our children will be successful and always make us proud, but most importantly i pray that God grant us the strength and grace he poured on her life to overcome, to always be on top and never below, to rise over every situation and that we will always be celebrated. The songs below are dedicated to my mum and your mothers as well, may they live to see us have kids of our own.

And in the spirit of prayer, especially since i find that i cannot pray for myself, please allow me pray for you. I pray for each and every one of you that reads this. Your joy will be full, the devil will not cut your joy short. The Lord will grant you favor, mercy and grace, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. The Lord will grant you all your heart desires, he will make your crooked path straight and make things easy for you, and struggles will depart from your life. I pray that his will be done continually in your life, that he leads you in the direction for you, and grant you peace. I pray for those looking for spouses, that the flesh of your flesh, the bone of your bone, the one who God put on this earth for you will find you and it will be a thing of joy and not of sorrow. I pray for you concerning your education, your career, that God will open doors for you that seem to be shut, he will make a way for you, where there seems to be no way and he will embarrass you with blessings. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Pictures go down in 24hrs. Enjoy and o, every thing she is wearing in the pics, belong to me, i must be like her when i grow up, or we are going under the knife men, forget story :)

P.P.S Pictures down

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praise Thursday

Can't give up now - Mary Mary

Stand Still - Mary Mary

Don't pray and worry - J Moss

That's all i got folks. I wish things were different and i could come here all happy and be sharing my testimony and not telling you that i'm tired of struggles in my life and i had hoped i had seen the last of them, but what will my story be without those huh? I wish things would just be easy, go according to plan (whose plan is the question innit?). Tired of last minute miracles and would love to have a smooth ride. These songs are primarily for me, to remind and reprimand myself. So far not working, but maybe if i repeat them enough, it would sink in and i will remember to hold on to Faith and understand that God has a greater purpose than i can see.

Still grateful for life, for family, for my friends, for a GOOD man (note that i didn't say perfect man in case i come tomorrow and tell you we broke up, lol) and for love. I am fine or at least i will be and please don't be offended when i ask that you do not say "sorry, pele, it is well, hold on" you get my point, could really do without and the worrying too. I apologize i haven't read a single blog post all week, ill be by to visit you all soon and will make sure to respond to the comments on the last two posts. Hope you all had a great week and i hope these songs speak to someone. Have a great weekend.


Monday, July 19, 2010

#MusicMonday - New Age Music by Guest Blogger Ms. O

Neefemi's corner: Hi Guys, how are you all doing, hope you had a good weekend? Just a quick Introduction to our guest blogger today. I'm sure most of you all know Ms. O. Funny enough i have known of her and seen her, though i am not aware if she knows me, for a long time. Plus she is cool my with my bro and is besties with (lets leave that private huh Ms O, lol.). Its funny that blogsvile is where we finally meet to talk and esp for me who doesn't have a lot of female friends, to realize that we share the same stories and interests. She is good people and i'm glad she could do this. Show her a warm welcome please. Thanks again ma.

Hello guys. My name is Lohi aka Ms.O (Yes, the same Ms.O from blogger) and I am a huge music lover. I get my love for diverse music from my dad. Growing up there was ALWAYS music in my house. It was not always Nigerian music; well except the Fela's and co but I diverse. My dad introduced me to country, rock, new-age, reggae, and RnB, to name a few. With that much influence I was and still am very open to all kinds of music. I listen to anything and everything, although RnB and country will always be my favorites. This week's Music Monday might come as a shock to the readers of this blog (Mostly Nigerian who always think I am weird when they look through my music library *sad face*) but I do love this kind of music. It makes me happy, makes me think, makes me calm and most importantly it inspires me. I am talking about New-Age music. New-Age music is very different and mostly used as soundtracks for movies and television shows. *Yes i actually look up the score of movies* this way I get introduced to new artists for my collection (YAY!!! always a happy moment). I know a lot of people would not find it as interesting as I do, but here we go! These are some of my favorites.

Enigma - Return To Innocence

I think everyone has heard this song. It has been the soundtrack to many movies, series and even commercials. iLove the song! Reminds me of my childhood too.
Blood Diamond - Solomon Vandy - James Newton Howard

I came across this song on one of my searches for new music. It is one of the soundtracks to "Blood Diamond" the movie. It is by James Newton Howard.I like this song, The original version is called Nangirira by the African Children's Choir.  I guess Howard sampled it... I like this version though.
Enya - Only Time (Original)

Oh Enya, I think I was a little 11 yr old little girl the first time I heard an Enya song and I fell in love! I am still very much in love with this song!  Soundtrack in the movie *Sweet November*
Enya - Caribbean Blue

I listen to this song almost every day. It is the most played song on my iTunes 3 years in a row. I remember first hearing it on an episode of "So you think you can dance"---I love it!
Dante's Prayer

This song just moves me... That really is all I can say.

"Cast your eyes on theocean
 Cast your soul to the sea
 When the dark night seems endless
 Please remember me...."

This was hard for me to pick ONE Yanni song! I love all his work. Like ALL of it! This is one of my favorites though. Yanni is amazing. Please do yourself a favor and get familiar. 

01. Sade - By Your Side

Sade is not really classified as New-age but this song has the same feel as most of the other songs on here. I love Sade. LOVE LOVE LOVE SADE! ohh and this song reminds me of my daddy!

Phewww that was easy! I hope I have/was able to introduce some of you to gooooooood music. Please take your time and listen to them. I swear they are not boring!!!!  Thank you Neefemi for the letting me to do this post. Hugs and Kisses and remember Neefemi Loves you! 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Praise Thursday

Omygosh, i forgot it was a Thursday you know and then i remembered and i was so tired. Been swamped at work literally. Just woke up from a short nap, with dreams i remember, interesting to say the least.

Note that i don't have a title today, thats because i couldn't think of how what i have to share has to do with the songs i have, so forgive me. I wanted to let you all know that My God is faithful and kind and merciful, i wont go into a long story, but he supplied of my needs according to his riches in glory from an unlikely source. My friend Pearl had said she sent me a book, so i keep checking my mail, no book for more than a week, not knowing she had sent a card and in that card $500. I cried. Fellow student and worker like me, and i have known for just a short amount of time, and for her to do that from the goodness of her heart, i'm not sure words could say thank you enough. Thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, she asked me to pay it forward and i plan to do just that. God sees us, and he will take care of us. I always say i have the best friends and i'm loved, i ain't never lied.

God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and all knowing right? So doesn't that mean he knows i'm going to sin, and seeing that he has good plans for me, has already forgiven me. I don't know don't mean to stir up anything, i just realized that i try to be a good girl, try not to sin, i decide on this new path of making sure i walk straight with him, and then that big sin comes and i fall. Why didn't he help me so it didn't happen. Especially because somehow i don't feel bad, but i know its bad, so now i'm afraid to pray and sing when thats all i should be doing since i am expecting from the Lord, and i just wonder if this fast i am on isn't just a waste of time, since i can barely sing or pray and that i won't get what i am hoping i will get. Help me understand if you can.

Nways on to the music shall we

Israel Houghton - Say So

Hezekiah Walker - Souled Out

Kurt Carr - Presence of the Lord

Vickie Winans - Long as i got King Jesus

Donnie McClurkin - Thats what i believe

Cece Winans - Just like that

Cece Winans - I am


Monday, July 12, 2010

#MM – Songs about Love, Done Right (R&B Style) - By Miss TayneMent

So, I promise I am not bitter but I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies, I mean I watch some of them but they won’t be my first choice. The same can’t exactly be said for my music, I am definitely not picky when it comes to music and I love me some love songs but once it becomes all sappy and totally dripping with “love”, it’s kinda like ugh..I don’t get the hype of Alicia’s “Unthinkable”, the first few lines to Michael Jackson’s “speechless” had my fingers headed to the stop button and how about that “Hey there Delilah” song? Anyways, it could be argued that it’s because I am not in a Love state of mind right now so that’s why, but I would beg to differ because there are love songs out there that I adore, but it just has to be done right. I can’t say that I can tell you what the formula to a love song done right a la Taynement is but when I hear it I know it. I have also noticed that R&B love songs hit a sweeter note (sometimes) than their other genre counterparts. So today, I decided to share a few R&B songs about love that I like. Hope you enjoy.
When her first single came out, I was like “not feeling it”. I was prompted to listen to her album and this song was the standout for me.

Jennifer Hudson – If this isn’t love
You guys may already know how she is my exception in the world of Neo Soul singers. I think I first heard this song in my sophomore year of college and I just loved the honesty and stripped down-ness of the song . Not too much gragra, simple but awesome song.
India Arie – Ready for Love
When I first heard this song I kept it to myself (stupid, eh?). I heard it for the first time when I watched Maids in Manhattan ( I have watched every JLo movie, sue me!) and instantly loved it. I was determined that it would definitely be in my wedding playlist, that’s still tentative but it is still one of my favorite songs. The song is a remake of Michael Jackson’s version that never got released except in one of his box sets. Listen to both and tell me which one you prefer. I prefer Glenn’s.
Glen Lewis – Fall Again
She was an American Idol winner and he was most teenage(and grown women’s) fantasy (now turned pariah). I always felt this song was underrated, I don’t know why but I just think this song was on point on all levels, the harmony, the vocals, the arrangement. They were robbed of a grammy the year they got nominated.
Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks – No Air
This is not R&B? Well it is, cuz Taynement said so dammit! Lol. I love this song, you can feel it. No pun intended.
Banky W ft MI – Feeling it
I’m feeling all guilty, so let me do some affirmative action here and put an oyibo song. This song comes from my favorite movie soundtrack EVER! I can say verbatim every line including movie lines on this soundtrack – Baz Luhrmann is the man.
Mariah in her prime + Mr Lovesong himself, Bryan Mcknight. You can’t go wrong
Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor – Come what May

Ok, I don’t want to keep you here all day. These are but a few, if I delved into the oldies, we would be here all day. Maybe you can see a trend in these few songs and let me know what defines a Taynement love song? I’d love to hear what you think so share your own faves and don’t forget to let me know who you prefer for Fall Again – Michael or Glenn? I’ll leave you with a few extras and have a lovely week.

Neyo – Stop this World
Mario – You should let me love you
Bryan mcknight – back at one
Chris Brown and Keri Hilson – Superhuman
Maxwell – This woman’s work

P.S since this was about love, don’t forget that Neefemi loves you J

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Praise Thursday -Of Seasons and Mood Swings By Guest Blogger Miss Glamtings

Neefemi's corner: Hi Guys, let me introduce you to our first ever Praise Thurdsay Guest Blogger. Miss Esther is the writer and i think owner of She is a fantastic writer and my kindred spirit, we are similar in so many ways its scary. This is why i love blogsville, i have been really fortunate to meet true, honest people that i today call friends though we have never met in person. Nways i hope you enjoy it as much as i do, please welcome her and if you want to be a guest blogger, please kindly let me know. Thank you.
Some days I feel like praising, some days I do not. What is fantastic though is that God is amazing and He is awesome. He doesn’t need to make up His mind to bless me; He just goes ahead and does it. He is better than Nike, always rocking my world. However because I am human, sometimes I forget. Here are a couple of songs that remind me of who He is and what He does:

God favours Me-Hezekiah Walker ft. Marvin Sapp & DJ Rogers:
This song talks about God’s favour even though the people around you might not understand it

Surely Goodness-Israel Houghton ft. Chevelle Franklyn
In the same vein this song just gets me in the brap brap mode....I’m sorry guys I can’t help it. Listen and see what I mean

We Must Praise-J.Moss
For the days when I don’t really feel like know those days when you just wish you had more or you were where you want to be...this song says, praise in spite of it

And if you are still worried or still have a heavy burden then this song should help
Let Go, Let God- Bishop Morton and PJ. Morton

Don’t let the devil tell you lies about your past...your past is the past you are moving forward. This song says Lord: ‘You make all things new’
Moving Forward- Israel Houghton

When God has elevated your mood and answered your prayers then its time to just worship Him and love Him for who He is and for what He has done
Give You More-J.Moss

Those are my favourite mood got any more? I hope this helps and remember God loves you and so does Neefemi :-p [jest keeding! Me too :-)]

Monday, July 5, 2010

#MusicMonday – Young’uns representing

Hello beautiful people….How are you all doing? How was your weekend? I hope well. I went dancing on Saturday night; it was really nice and much needed. Saw Ramsey Noah and Julius Agwu. Ramsey is still as HOT as ever. Julius Agwu picked up the mic and I was afraid dude was going to start rapping or singing or whatever it is he does. Lol. In other Naija music related news, I think Kelly Hansome is delusional and or sick, I can't be neutral about this unfortunately, and the dude makes it hard. Nways read this The laughter I needed this weekend, he gave me.

Thank you so much to Lalah and Miss Natural for recommending chamomile tea to me. Tried some yesterday and I slept uninterrupted from about 11pm to 4am, but then I did wake up every hr & dreamt too, lol. I will try to take it a lil later, cos I have to be up by 6, so if I take it a lil before 12, I can at least get the 6hrs of sleep I need. Hoping it continues to work and is not just a placebo effect.

So I heard of someone (Nigerian) who committed suicide over the weekend, the story is very sad and I don't feel like I can share cos I don't know the family directly. This is the first Nigerian I have ever heard of doing such, but I asked a couple questions and the rational part of me can see why she felt the need to do that to herself. We, I complain all the freaking time about the tiniest things and meanwhile there are people out there going through some very very serious things. My point, don't be afraid to share your problems, tell people, don't bottle things, find a medium to communicate please. What that girl did, is still the most selfish thing ever. She killed herself on the day of her sister's wedding and there is her parents and even her family and friends agony to think of and like I said though I can see why she did it because of the pain she was going through as well as all the emotional issues, it's still very selfish, almost unforgiving. I talked about this a while back, when I was talking about depression, Nigerians are not fond of talking about their problems, and especially people with disabilities. I beg of you, you are not alone and guys please be discerning and observant of those around you, you could make a difference. May God help her family and grant them the strength to deal with this.

There is so much food in this country, so much food and I don't eat. Other than Pasta, there is nothing in this country I like to eat that doesn't involve rice. I'm addicted to naija foods still, 5yrs after living in this country. Somebody help me with this local food mentality ehn. But have I told u guys? I'm a local food champion. It's only sweet if it's from the streets. Bank Olemoh rice, Amala Masha (Saturday mornings like this), Dundun in Aguda, The one place right across my dad's office in Maryland, ewa goin, agege bread but at night when they just get it from the bakery, so freaking hot and sweet, Asun in Ibadan, suya in ikeja. I know I'm too bush. Lol. I am the wrongest person to think u can wine & dine, you will be wasting ur money, the atmosphere will be lost to me and I might embarrass you. Lol. Oki'm not even putting myself in a good light, let's do this music.

I'm a reformed cougar. That is I no longer chase after young boys, lol. Thinking of that inspired my list today. Enjoy.

Mishon - Rock my Chain - I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this song and this boy

Never Say Never - Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith

Up and Down - Audio Push

Keke Palmer - Keep it Moving

Tiffany Evans - Promise ring - still love this song years later, so childish, lol

Corbin Bleu - Moments that matter

Vanessa Hudgens - Vulnerable


Have a blessed week

Saturday, July 3, 2010

In my mind…

Who am I? How does one define one's self? Who are you? How do you define yourself? I Think I've said this before I am yet exploring this question. I know some things but on paper they seem trifle....On a mission to be, what i'm destined to be.

Pastor talked about students starting school in August esp international students today and that God has provided for us. U should have heard my Amen, It was the loudest. Lol. I have an appointment with a professor, one day after i got a rejection email from another. God hasn't finished with me yet and my Praise shall be continual.

I expect a lot from people, I expect hell of a lot from people I like. Some people e.g. my siblings I try not to project way too much expectation. Instead I try to make sure they stay focused and succeed on their chosen path. Some others, esp if I know you have not previously been doing the right thing, I expect you to be the best. This is bad, I think. Ms Pearl says I carry the weight of the world around. Lol, I doubt it.

Often my answer to why I act or even have some principles is that I am the first born. And then everybody argues that am I the only 1st born, or they know first born's who are not like me. I Guess I'm the typical personality type A kind first born. Wikipedia definition: Type A individuals can be described as impatient, time-conscious, controlling, concerned about their status, highly competitive, ambitious, business-like, aggressive, having difficulty relaxing; and are sometimes disliked by individuals with Type B personalities for the way that they're always rushing. They are often high-achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about delays. Because of these characteristics, Type A individuals are often described as "stress junkies"

Common sense is really not common. Really!!!! Or maybe it's just the fact that we as human beings have desires, we want to fulfill certain needs and wants, and so even though we know what we are doing is not sensible, we continue. Till the next morning and the regrets flood in and the activities of last night don't seem worth the pain/agony you feel the next morning.

I'm just not sure what on earth will possess me to think about trapping a guy with pregnancy. I'm crazy about BB and though nothing, but if somehow it happened and I was pregnant, I doubt I will tell him or anyone for that matter. Yes I mean any single person. I will just hide for 9months and then put up a picture of my baby and me. But God forbid sha.

Which reminds me, timing is everything. Why am I saying God forbid to a child? I want children, someday. Children are the heritage of God, so at no point in time is a child ever a bad thing. But still, timing. What can I offer a child right now? I can barely pay my bills. But yea in every aspect of life, timing is the most important thing and a lil bit of luck if you ask me.

I've lost track of what I was going to say so. O yeah I remember.

I told BB that I miss him something terrible and he was like huh? I understood that he didn't get it but then I asked my BF and she said she hadn't heard it either. My coworkers knew what it meant thankfully. In real life i.e. outside of blogsville I speak very colloquial English or better still I use a lot of colloquial expressions. I tend to pick up words/sentences/phrases and I'm always surprised that others haven't heard it. The BF and I argued "something terrible" (ha, u see!) someday over some words I forget now but Thank God for urban dictionary. The way words work for me I guess might be slightly different from most but words (spoken or written) tend to resonate with me and I tend to not forget words though I might forget your actions (ironic if u ask me) but I rarely ever forget words. Btw "I miss you something terrible" "I miss you something fierce" are commonly used when someone has passed away.

So I don't sleep, tried to explain this to TayneMent the last time we saw, did I even tell u guys that we saw in Austin some weeks back. I introduced her to PF Changs and she and her friend took me sight sight-seeing, I seen the capital and had this really great ice-cream. Nways I digress, so she was like "o but you slept now when u were here". My explanation. I wake up every hour or two, sometimes I stay up for 15-30mins/one hr and I go back or I stay up all night. Some days I actually don't wake up cos I feel like I'm awake the whole time cos I'm actively writing/filming a story. As in its so freaking active and they are always so interesting. I find myself analyzing the story even in my sleep. I wish I had some kind of machine that could read/write& show me what the dreams are cos once I wake up I forget everything literally. Plus I don't toss around, so the only indications include scratches, feeling like I slapped myself, my heart racing, headaches, sweating or even feeling wet. I'm more groggy from mornings like this than when I wake up numerous times. So yea, does this happen to anyone else? I'm sad that I can't remember the stories cos I can swear they would make for record breaking movies, I mean they intrigue me even in my dreams. LOL

"If you press me to say why I loved liked him I can say no more than because He was He and I was I"…..Michel Eyquem de Montaigne ….. That's how I feel.

I often wonder that if my ONE, you know that perfect soulmate dies, like say before you marry or after having been married for only a while, if i will ever re-marry. (this is from watching way too many Lifetime movies & reading all this silly romantic novels btw)I don't think i will. If we don't have kids i'll just adopt and be happy with my kids. I know i'm weird. God forbid it sha, we shall never know this kind of sorrow in Jesus Name.

I'm not sure why I like love LDR's but I do. Does this mean I'm not ready for marriage? Remember a couple months back when everybody was all so lovey dovey, now we all hate boys on blogsville. LOL

Random Pseudo Poem – ties with my above statement. Couldn't give it a name, maybe cos it doesn't read like a poem to me.

It's hard to believe that your happiness is dependent on someone. Someone other than God that is!
Human, just like you, covered in skin. Same complexion as you actually!
Shades doesn't matter, heart makes the lover.
Maybe taller (well a lot taller)
Equally as intelligent (you are smarter though).
And all the other comparisons that come with.
Thing is you can almost bet that this is the happiest you have ever been.
Now even childhood memories, the happier times, seem irrelevant.
The moments spent apart and that spent together.
Countless hours on the phone, oh the joys of LDR's!
The 1st kiss when he gets off the plane, that all so loving hug,
The smile that brightens his face when he takes a good look at you,
Passionate love making, like this could be your last,
Your happiest memories now include this person
And if you are anything like me, you smile at the realization of the fact that,
Your source of happiness is just a regular guy
J thatisall ….hoping your weekend has been fab, mine has been entirely boring but thats ok, although right now i feel like dancing and showing some skin :D


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Praise Thursday - Wants and Needs.

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? Its the first day of the month and its raining Cats and Dogs in the city of Houston, backlash of tropical storm Alex. Something to be grateful for certainly, the absence of storm and hurricane so far.

Today i will be talking about wants & needs. Let me run the scenario by you. So i got into school right, and i'm thinking they will let me know who the advisor i will be placed with is and where i sign the dotted lines saying tuition is waived and how much i will get for my stipend and hoping it will be able to cover boarding, food and still have some change, you know dreaming high. Its about a month till school starts and so far nothing, school is telling me funds are limited, am i willing to pay fees. Dole out about 12k in fees as per international student, after doing that all thru undergrad and masters, GOD forbid. Plus the girl i had spoken to over there didn't really encourage me, and asked me if i'm sure i wanted to attend the school. (NEED)

Lately i have been feeling lack-luster, bored, just not content and its even affecting work. Anyone that knows me, knows i hate money, hence my bad not saving habit and my tendency to always give, even when i don't have. But this past week, i want everything. I want to travel, i want new clothes, everybody has a life, i don't, because i don't have money, i'm just complaining like no mans business, about how i just can't up and do things like people around me, worrying about how fees, wants & needs will be taken care of as it will now be 3 of us in the states soon. (WANT)

I feel so ungrateful and worthless right about now. I know God is in control, so why cant i just relax, why is it now that i want everything? Why do i feel like i'm not trusting him completely? Why do i feel like my hope has dwindled and that my faith has reduced to less than a mustard seed? Nways with all this in mind, there is one thing i'm certain of. That i will continue to praise, even when i cant read the Bible or i cant pray other than say Thank you Jesus. I will continue to praise because that song goes "Praise will confuse the enemy/Devil".

So let's PRAISE.

Trading my sorrows - Darrel Evans - I'm playing this song first to
remind myself, that i need to cast all my burdens onto the Lord and to
leave it right there and Joy will come in the morning.

Donnie McClurkin ft Karen Clark Sheard - This song just says to be
Patient, not to worry and to Trust the Lord. Can you guess just how
often i play this song?

Cece Winans - I surrender all - was going through the songs for autoplay
while i was listening to the song above. And i played this, and lets just say
i needed this.

Every Prayer - Israel Houghton ft Mary Mary
He does hear every Prayer, even the silent ones. I believe he is a God
that answers every prayer.

Israel and New Breed - If Not for your Grace - Just stumbled on this
I am where i am, because of his Grace and i know that this same Grace
is sufficient for everything that i need.

Worthy - Femi Jacobs ft Mike Aremu. BB sent me this song some
weeks back and you don't know how grateful i am for that. I play it
every morning on repeat, while i shower or on my way to work.
07 Worthy (Feat[1]...
And just a reminder of how i loved am in Christ, here's this last one
Israel Houghton - Friend of God

Can i just say i feel, so much more better. I'll be back this weekend i think
otherwise, see you on Monday and have a great July 4th Weekend, will try
not to be depressed or sad and enjoy my time at home resting. Be SAFE.