Monday, July 12, 2010

#MM – Songs about Love, Done Right (R&B Style) - By Miss TayneMent

So, I promise I am not bitter but I am not a huge fan of romantic comedies, I mean I watch some of them but they won’t be my first choice. The same can’t exactly be said for my music, I am definitely not picky when it comes to music and I love me some love songs but once it becomes all sappy and totally dripping with “love”, it’s kinda like ugh..I don’t get the hype of Alicia’s “Unthinkable”, the first few lines to Michael Jackson’s “speechless” had my fingers headed to the stop button and how about that “Hey there Delilah” song? Anyways, it could be argued that it’s because I am not in a Love state of mind right now so that’s why, but I would beg to differ because there are love songs out there that I adore, but it just has to be done right. I can’t say that I can tell you what the formula to a love song done right a la Taynement is but when I hear it I know it. I have also noticed that R&B love songs hit a sweeter note (sometimes) than their other genre counterparts. So today, I decided to share a few R&B songs about love that I like. Hope you enjoy.
When her first single came out, I was like “not feeling it”. I was prompted to listen to her album and this song was the standout for me.

Jennifer Hudson – If this isn’t love
You guys may already know how she is my exception in the world of Neo Soul singers. I think I first heard this song in my sophomore year of college and I just loved the honesty and stripped down-ness of the song . Not too much gragra, simple but awesome song.
India Arie – Ready for Love
When I first heard this song I kept it to myself (stupid, eh?). I heard it for the first time when I watched Maids in Manhattan ( I have watched every JLo movie, sue me!) and instantly loved it. I was determined that it would definitely be in my wedding playlist, that’s still tentative but it is still one of my favorite songs. The song is a remake of Michael Jackson’s version that never got released except in one of his box sets. Listen to both and tell me which one you prefer. I prefer Glenn’s.
Glen Lewis – Fall Again
She was an American Idol winner and he was most teenage(and grown women’s) fantasy (now turned pariah). I always felt this song was underrated, I don’t know why but I just think this song was on point on all levels, the harmony, the vocals, the arrangement. They were robbed of a grammy the year they got nominated.
Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks – No Air
This is not R&B? Well it is, cuz Taynement said so dammit! Lol. I love this song, you can feel it. No pun intended.
Banky W ft MI – Feeling it
I’m feeling all guilty, so let me do some affirmative action here and put an oyibo song. This song comes from my favorite movie soundtrack EVER! I can say verbatim every line including movie lines on this soundtrack – Baz Luhrmann is the man.
Mariah in her prime + Mr Lovesong himself, Bryan Mcknight. You can’t go wrong
Nicole Kidman and Ewan Mcgregor – Come what May

Ok, I don’t want to keep you here all day. These are but a few, if I delved into the oldies, we would be here all day. Maybe you can see a trend in these few songs and let me know what defines a Taynement love song? I’d love to hear what you think so share your own faves and don’t forget to let me know who you prefer for Fall Again – Michael or Glenn? I’ll leave you with a few extras and have a lovely week.

Neyo – Stop this World
Mario – You should let me love you
Bryan mcknight – back at one
Chris Brown and Keri Hilson – Superhuman
Maxwell – This woman’s work

P.S since this was about love, don’t forget that Neefemi loves you J


  1. my favorite is india arie...i love that song!

  2. This ticked all my boxes, Banky and MI not so much. Come what May I actually had on my honeymoon playlist, lol...

    I prefer MJ version of the song.

  3. looks like songs from my playlist! Lves all of them. This woman's worth is one of my fave songs of all time..Nefe I want to do a music Monday.. e-mail or DM me. thanx

  4. *sigh* Lots of ticks!!! Again u hve earned brownie points for having Banky on the list *sigh* that man does me strong ting and I feel it in my

    Hmmm...I'm considering doing #MM too o!

  5. Amazing! Was just listening to Maxwell's this woman's work. Love all the extras and I'm a huge fan of J.Hudson. Maybe I should put up my own list.

    Would be glad if you could visit my blog sometime.

  6. Love, Love ,lOve,it just never ends.
    Nice songs though

  7. did you actually watch that moulin rouge movie?!!!i lovedddddddd it.i like most of ne yo's songs sha, like part of the list, beyonce's flaws and all too cos it sounded heartfelt.

  8. @Eve, lovey song isn't it?
    @Myne, lol that Banky and Mi didnt make it. 1 for MJ and 1 for Glenn abi?
    @Ms O - this womans work is a really solid song
    @Ms Enigma - lol@ Bankys groupie
    @Enyonam - glad you liked it
    @histreasure - yay
    @2cute4u - thank you
    @leggy - yea i did. Beyonce's flaws and all doesn't move me because I dunno most things about Beyonce seem contrived.

  9. @Miss Enigma - whenever you are ready ma


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