Monday, July 26, 2010

#MusicMonday - Mi Madre Dedication and Goodbye for now

Hi y'all. How are you? This is late, i apologize, been a long day, extremely tired but i have work to do. I have a presentation due tomorrow and what do you know, this is my last week at the City. I have no future plans, yep thats it, miss control, crosses her t's and i's, plans even what she says before she says it and even after saying it analyzes what she says, has no future plan. Nothing is going according to plan. With that said imma be off blogger for a while, i'm choked with words and everything sounds like i'm complaining and i'm afraid i might cry every time i speak. I'm not as strong as i once was, somewhere along the line i let down my guard a bit and now what might be another day at the park is me climbing a mountain and to be honest, right this minute I've given up. I feel like I've let every one down, but more importantly i let myself down, especially by not having a 3rd, 4th and 5th plan. I actually told BB we probably shouldn't talk anymore today, thankfully he ignored me, but thats how bad. Nways so i will be commenting on your blogs, still have some catching up to do, but otherwise i will be absent for a bit. In the meantime pls send in your contributions for Music Monday or Praise thursday to Thank you very much.

On to more exciting news, it is, it was my mothers birthday yesterday Nigerian time. She turned 50, i felt really disappointed in myself that i couldn't be there. It was my heart desire to be there for her, but yea. I don't talk about my mum a lot, she is my treasure, my heart beat, the reason i do everything i do, the reason i feel in so many ways like a disappointment in times like this, and extremely proud on good days. My mum is a success, it might be hard to see, after all she is a single woman, infact she has been single more years than she was ever married, but that never stopped her. She never let that be a scar on her, she never let that bury her and she has shown those around her that yes it might look like she failed on that aspect, but she's had love, she still loves, has 4 beautiful children that she can call her own personal success stories, never mind that my mum is a skinny woman. Lol. I love my mum, don't know what i would do without her, i pray i never i have to find out soon. I pray we all never have to go through what she went through and our marriages will be successful and our children will be successful and always make us proud, but most importantly i pray that God grant us the strength and grace he poured on her life to overcome, to always be on top and never below, to rise over every situation and that we will always be celebrated. The songs below are dedicated to my mum and your mothers as well, may they live to see us have kids of our own.

And in the spirit of prayer, especially since i find that i cannot pray for myself, please allow me pray for you. I pray for each and every one of you that reads this. Your joy will be full, the devil will not cut your joy short. The Lord will grant you favor, mercy and grace, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. The Lord will grant you all your heart desires, he will make your crooked path straight and make things easy for you, and struggles will depart from your life. I pray that his will be done continually in your life, that he leads you in the direction for you, and grant you peace. I pray for those looking for spouses, that the flesh of your flesh, the bone of your bone, the one who God put on this earth for you will find you and it will be a thing of joy and not of sorrow. I pray for you concerning your education, your career, that God will open doors for you that seem to be shut, he will make a way for you, where there seems to be no way and he will embarrass you with blessings. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Pictures go down in 24hrs. Enjoy and o, every thing she is wearing in the pics, belong to me, i must be like her when i grow up, or we are going under the knife men, forget story :)

P.P.S Pictures down


  1. Happy birthday to your mum, she looks great. For whatever age.

    And do take care of yourself dear, it will be OK. Love and hugs.

  2. Your mom sure looks hot and doesn't look 50 at all!!!

    under the knife ke? no o, dnt worry u'll b as hot as she is.

    AMEN to your prayers. thanks.

    You are stronger than u think...

  3. Wow,you look even more breathtaking in near pictures!!!
    Oh yeah,happy birthday to Mama!
    And before you disappear anywhere NEEFEMI, LET'S TALK PRONTO!!!!

  4. beautiful, may God bless her and give her life and good health to enjoy the fruits of her labour

  5. wow. ur mum can pass for 30. and ur brother is ........ ehmmmmmm ermmmm emmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  7. Thanx for the prayer babes. You too much!

  8. Sweets, praying for you! Everything would work out for the glory of God(whatever it is) If you need to talk, you know where to find me :D

    You Mum is a cutie.. and Ife..awww! hehe!

  9. ur mom is very hot o... nd ur bro too :D
    so u r going on a break, don't make it a long one pls

  10. Your mom looks beautiful and so do you.
    I hope you come back soon.

  11. I hate it when you're down but at least you've got ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Amen to the prayers for me and you!!!!!!

  12. Omo mehn ,,,ur mum na hot babe o....
    eh eh is ur brother single???**rolleyes**

    Thanks for the prayer.

  13. Your mum is hot!!! like seriously and she wears your clothes! wow! your brother is hot too, pity i'm older I think. lol Happy belated birthday to your mum, mothers are truly awesome!! like words cant even express but u did a good job of trying to. Aww, chin up ohhh, in Jesus name you will give testimonies at the end of this period. I loved the prayer, it was deep. Thanks and God bless!

  14. Ameen to your prayers o!

    Happy Birthday to your mum, she doesnt look 50 at all i could have sworn she's in her mid twenties.

    Hang in there babe.

  15. Nife
    Your mom looks great
    you have a wonderful family
    your pics are the bomb

    Love you too, its been a while.


  16. Wow!!! your mom is H.O.T...she is a rolling stone.

    And girly...whatever u are going thru....its gonna be okay. Its not the end...its only a bend. As for u letting ur guards down, that happens to even the best of us...learn from ur mistakes and keep both head and chin up. Its gonna be fine....u know why? its becos u are a fine young woman...both physically nd inwardly. So u re goona be alright. You hear?


  17. ehm eh....can u put up more pics of your brother?

    With a sleeveless shirt...or none. Thanks babes...

  18. i second nutty J comment really?
    ur brother is fine!!!!!!!!!!

    happy belated bday to mumsie

    i hope we allinherit dis beautiful genes
    she looks wonderful

    thanks for the prayer
    i would say one for u too
    all will be well hun

  19. This almost brought a tear to me eye. You sound so defeated. We will pray for you. Thanks for praying for us. I heard something along these lines in Church once: "Write your plans in pencil because God may have a different plan for you". Just relax, the bet plans aren't always planned ahead of time.
    May God bless your mom with many more years.
    God bless you too Hun.

    Nogo xx

  20. I don't know you Neefemi but you inspire me. You are a beatiful person inside and it's sad you're going through a tough time. May God Almighty order you steps. Amen.

    Congrats to your mom! Mothers are wonderful people. Unfortunately, I'm gonna miss my mom's birthday too :(

    God bless you Neefemi. Stay strong and don't give up! :)

  21. I'm gutted that i didnt get to see the pics Neefemi!! So unfair :-(

    I say a big amen to the prayers u have prayed and i also pray for you. That you know the full measure of God's love for you and u understand that before you were born, while in ur mother's womb God predestinated you for greatness. Therefore alladis that u are feeling now is the material u will use in ur speeches, ur toasts and in writing your life's success story. So my darling hold fast...this too shall pass xoxo

  22. @all - i have tried multiple times to respond individually i'm still so overwhelmed and want to cry everytime i read your kind and loving response to this post. Thank you all so very much, May God Bless you and keep you all. Much love


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