Monday, July 19, 2010

#MusicMonday - New Age Music by Guest Blogger Ms. O

Neefemi's corner: Hi Guys, how are you all doing, hope you had a good weekend? Just a quick Introduction to our guest blogger today. I'm sure most of you all know Ms. O. Funny enough i have known of her and seen her, though i am not aware if she knows me, for a long time. Plus she is cool my with my bro and is besties with (lets leave that private huh Ms O, lol.). Its funny that blogsvile is where we finally meet to talk and esp for me who doesn't have a lot of female friends, to realize that we share the same stories and interests. She is good people and i'm glad she could do this. Show her a warm welcome please. Thanks again ma.

Hello guys. My name is Lohi aka Ms.O (Yes, the same Ms.O from blogger) and I am a huge music lover. I get my love for diverse music from my dad. Growing up there was ALWAYS music in my house. It was not always Nigerian music; well except the Fela's and co but I diverse. My dad introduced me to country, rock, new-age, reggae, and RnB, to name a few. With that much influence I was and still am very open to all kinds of music. I listen to anything and everything, although RnB and country will always be my favorites. This week's Music Monday might come as a shock to the readers of this blog (Mostly Nigerian who always think I am weird when they look through my music library *sad face*) but I do love this kind of music. It makes me happy, makes me think, makes me calm and most importantly it inspires me. I am talking about New-Age music. New-Age music is very different and mostly used as soundtracks for movies and television shows. *Yes i actually look up the score of movies* this way I get introduced to new artists for my collection (YAY!!! always a happy moment). I know a lot of people would not find it as interesting as I do, but here we go! These are some of my favorites.

Enigma - Return To Innocence

I think everyone has heard this song. It has been the soundtrack to many movies, series and even commercials. iLove the song! Reminds me of my childhood too.
Blood Diamond - Solomon Vandy - James Newton Howard

I came across this song on one of my searches for new music. It is one of the soundtracks to "Blood Diamond" the movie. It is by James Newton Howard.I like this song, The original version is called Nangirira by the African Children's Choir.  I guess Howard sampled it... I like this version though.
Enya - Only Time (Original)

Oh Enya, I think I was a little 11 yr old little girl the first time I heard an Enya song and I fell in love! I am still very much in love with this song!  Soundtrack in the movie *Sweet November*
Enya - Caribbean Blue

I listen to this song almost every day. It is the most played song on my iTunes 3 years in a row. I remember first hearing it on an episode of "So you think you can dance"---I love it!
Dante's Prayer

This song just moves me... That really is all I can say.

"Cast your eyes on theocean
 Cast your soul to the sea
 When the dark night seems endless
 Please remember me...."

This was hard for me to pick ONE Yanni song! I love all his work. Like ALL of it! This is one of my favorites though. Yanni is amazing. Please do yourself a favor and get familiar. 

01. Sade - By Your Side

Sade is not really classified as New-age but this song has the same feel as most of the other songs on here. I love Sade. LOVE LOVE LOVE SADE! ohh and this song reminds me of my daddy!

Phewww that was easy! I hope I have/was able to introduce some of you to gooooooood music. Please take your time and listen to them. I swear they are not boring!!!!  Thank you Neefemi for the letting me to do this post. Hugs and Kisses and remember Neefemi Loves you! 


  1. I've just made the newest most-wonderful discovery: YANNI. Wow.

    Definitely, most people have heard "Return to Innocence." I like it too. Beautiful lyrics, if we take the time to listen to the words.

    The blood Diamond song moved me for some reason...

    Dante's prayer...beautiful.

    Errrmmm...I don't like Enya much. But she's alright, I guess.

    I have a weird taste for music today, but I'm not as bad as you. Lol.

  2. I loved every one of these songs! Especially the Enigma one, James Howard and Yannick! Awesome!! Sade, Enya, the Dante they were really good but didnt like them as much. Now I knw another music genre I can boast of loving!

  3. I loveeeeee ur picks!
    Enya,I loveeeeee!
    Sade rocks!!!!
    N Enigma's return to innocence is timeless genius!!!

  4. my dad is a yanni groupie so i was forced to listen to him all the time, the man once flew to italy just to hear him perform-->yes, that much of a groupie.
    i think the reason why i really love enya is that her songs are very therapeutic. i listen to only time when im very depressed and it helps me cry.
    you have my dad's taste in music.nice selection.

  5. I listen widely and use Pandora radio for background noise. I have a new-age channel I created for when I'm sad or want to let it all out. I titled it Enya's radio cos she's my best, followed by Yanni. I have another I call OSM and you're right, both often collide. Scores are so great and one reason I still dey vex with Nollwood. But I digress, this is a great selection...

  6. Aww I'm glad you guys like it. I didnt think anyone would even leave a comment..hehe! Glad I was able to introduce some people to new music!

    @Neefemi..I dont think you know just how connected we are and how similar we are..LOL!

  7. Finally some yanni and enya. You picked the songs right out of my "breathe easy" playlist. They somehow make me calm.
    So. This is nice.

  8. ahn ahn Ms. O, you sabi correct music! Sheybi you be akwa-ibom babe? it makes total sense. i dunno why i thought you were igbo. a certified akwa-ibom babe, I approve this comprehensive list of beautiful music with my STAMP OF APPROVAL! :)

    i liked that tune from blood reminiscent of that fab movie. and enya is just the best! although I notice i listen to her when I'm depressed. Which I was over the past few years. But I'm better now. So much sunshine in my life!

  9. interesting...
    u listen to music i can listen to, but i wont buy...
    btw, whose post is this exactly?

  10. Sade's 'By Your Side' Hmmm, taking me down memory lane..

  11. was Ms O's post on my blog

    Thanks @all for the comments, i appreciate you showing Ms O some love and thanks Ms O for doing this, i really appreciate it


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