Monday, July 5, 2010

#MusicMonday – Young’uns representing

Hello beautiful people….How are you all doing? How was your weekend? I hope well. I went dancing on Saturday night; it was really nice and much needed. Saw Ramsey Noah and Julius Agwu. Ramsey is still as HOT as ever. Julius Agwu picked up the mic and I was afraid dude was going to start rapping or singing or whatever it is he does. Lol. In other Naija music related news, I think Kelly Hansome is delusional and or sick, I can't be neutral about this unfortunately, and the dude makes it hard. Nways read this The laughter I needed this weekend, he gave me.

Thank you so much to Lalah and Miss Natural for recommending chamomile tea to me. Tried some yesterday and I slept uninterrupted from about 11pm to 4am, but then I did wake up every hr & dreamt too, lol. I will try to take it a lil later, cos I have to be up by 6, so if I take it a lil before 12, I can at least get the 6hrs of sleep I need. Hoping it continues to work and is not just a placebo effect.

So I heard of someone (Nigerian) who committed suicide over the weekend, the story is very sad and I don't feel like I can share cos I don't know the family directly. This is the first Nigerian I have ever heard of doing such, but I asked a couple questions and the rational part of me can see why she felt the need to do that to herself. We, I complain all the freaking time about the tiniest things and meanwhile there are people out there going through some very very serious things. My point, don't be afraid to share your problems, tell people, don't bottle things, find a medium to communicate please. What that girl did, is still the most selfish thing ever. She killed herself on the day of her sister's wedding and there is her parents and even her family and friends agony to think of and like I said though I can see why she did it because of the pain she was going through as well as all the emotional issues, it's still very selfish, almost unforgiving. I talked about this a while back, when I was talking about depression, Nigerians are not fond of talking about their problems, and especially people with disabilities. I beg of you, you are not alone and guys please be discerning and observant of those around you, you could make a difference. May God help her family and grant them the strength to deal with this.

There is so much food in this country, so much food and I don't eat. Other than Pasta, there is nothing in this country I like to eat that doesn't involve rice. I'm addicted to naija foods still, 5yrs after living in this country. Somebody help me with this local food mentality ehn. But have I told u guys? I'm a local food champion. It's only sweet if it's from the streets. Bank Olemoh rice, Amala Masha (Saturday mornings like this), Dundun in Aguda, The one place right across my dad's office in Maryland, ewa goin, agege bread but at night when they just get it from the bakery, so freaking hot and sweet, Asun in Ibadan, suya in ikeja. I know I'm too bush. Lol. I am the wrongest person to think u can wine & dine, you will be wasting ur money, the atmosphere will be lost to me and I might embarrass you. Lol. Oki'm not even putting myself in a good light, let's do this music.

I'm a reformed cougar. That is I no longer chase after young boys, lol. Thinking of that inspired my list today. Enjoy.

Mishon - Rock my Chain - I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this song and this boy

Never Say Never - Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith

Up and Down - Audio Push

Keke Palmer - Keep it Moving

Tiffany Evans - Promise ring - still love this song years later, so childish, lol

Corbin Bleu - Moments that matter

Vanessa Hudgens - Vulnerable


Have a blessed week


  1. RIP to the lady that committed sucide..wat a shame!!!

    I agree with u kelly hansome has serious issues!

    and mmmmmm, u just made me hungry!!!

  2. My condolences to the family of the girl...God comfort them.

    I have officially met my food twin. have a great week too!!!

  3. If Justin Bieber wasn't here, who else? And I love that video with him and Jaden, very nice song.

  4. LOL!!!!hi-5 you!!!!Feeling your "commitment to the local kitchen"!
    And "reformed cougar"??U're something else! Most of these young un's, i don't know! And Justin Bieber,i truly never understood the hype--they making that kid grow up too quick!

  5. @kelly whatisname interview!!!This guy clearly has issues! But lol,i like his bigMouth!!!

  6. kelly hansome, the boy is just an attention-seeking ode..
    and that girl that committed suicide, OMG!!! i can imagine what the family is going thru, may God grant them the grace to pull thru it and i agree with u, that was selfish.

  7. damn ..hate hearing that people committed suicide.

  8. that is really sad. Life is so precious, but some people forget that and cant handle their problems. yay it worked! TG...that's great! so you were at the NRC reunion? how was it? lastly lol your food descriptions made me hungry!

  9. Wow, that is so sad. On her sister's wedding day kwa? Na wa o!
    May God grant her family the strength to bear this loss.

    PS:- Yes o, Chamomile tea works wonders.

  10. Too bad, the Nigerian girl chose to commit suicide and on the happiest day of her sister's life. I wonder what must have made her choose that day?
    Well not to speculate but it wasn't nice of her at all. I'm really sorry for her family; the hurt, pain, and yes anger they are going through right now..
    Love the songs..


  12. d naija woman issue na serious 1 o.sad!

    dn't mind d yeye kelly hansome guy.obvious he's looking 4 sm 'by force' publicity to fully enter d naija music industry.

    I like food 2 o!

  13. Suicide is not as rare in our community as we like to think. *sigh*

    May that lady's soul rest in peace and may her family be granted the strength they need to make it without her.


  14. @Blowing Blessings - lol, pele didn't mean to make you hungry.

    @miss Enigma - lol, i don't eat o, i just like specific foods.

    @Myne - yes o, i like him.

    @T.Notes - lol, what i'm telling the truth now. And you see this is why i do this, how do you not know these folks. They are so talented.

    @histreasure - lol, i feel ur pain, he ias annoying and AMEN.

    @eve - tell me about it

    @Miss Natural - I wasnt at the reunion o, haven't been to one in years. Ramsey and Julius came to Houston on sat and i think went back to NY the next day.

    @Original Mgbeke - it is so sad and selfish. AMEN

    @2cute4u - one can only wonder abi....thank you

    @Lou - lol at our psychologist, no im not o. Just someone who talks a lot

    @musco - very sad and as for Kelly waste of breath

    @Solomonsydelle - didn't mean to make you sad ma, AMEN. thanks for stopping by

  15. Oh gosh what a wedding day for that family. That's really sad. A year or two ago we were told that a Nigerian guy killed himself at Oxford Uni. I suppose it happens more than we think but as a culture everything negative is kept hush hush.

    Wanted to comment on the other posts but this laptop is acting up. Can't see the videos :(

    Love, Nogo xx

  16. @journeytoprint - hey ma, how are you? and yes you are totally right, and i hope that attitude can change for our own good. Hope you got a chance to see the videos, muah


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