Thursday, July 8, 2010

Praise Thursday -Of Seasons and Mood Swings By Guest Blogger Miss Glamtings

Neefemi's corner: Hi Guys, let me introduce you to our first ever Praise Thurdsay Guest Blogger. Miss Esther is the writer and i think owner of She is a fantastic writer and my kindred spirit, we are similar in so many ways its scary. This is why i love blogsville, i have been really fortunate to meet true, honest people that i today call friends though we have never met in person. Nways i hope you enjoy it as much as i do, please welcome her and if you want to be a guest blogger, please kindly let me know. Thank you.
Some days I feel like praising, some days I do not. What is fantastic though is that God is amazing and He is awesome. He doesn’t need to make up His mind to bless me; He just goes ahead and does it. He is better than Nike, always rocking my world. However because I am human, sometimes I forget. Here are a couple of songs that remind me of who He is and what He does:

God favours Me-Hezekiah Walker ft. Marvin Sapp & DJ Rogers:
This song talks about God’s favour even though the people around you might not understand it

Surely Goodness-Israel Houghton ft. Chevelle Franklyn
In the same vein this song just gets me in the brap brap mode....I’m sorry guys I can’t help it. Listen and see what I mean

We Must Praise-J.Moss
For the days when I don’t really feel like know those days when you just wish you had more or you were where you want to be...this song says, praise in spite of it

And if you are still worried or still have a heavy burden then this song should help
Let Go, Let God- Bishop Morton and PJ. Morton

Don’t let the devil tell you lies about your past...your past is the past you are moving forward. This song says Lord: ‘You make all things new’
Moving Forward- Israel Houghton

When God has elevated your mood and answered your prayers then its time to just worship Him and love Him for who He is and for what He has done
Give You More-J.Moss

Those are my favourite mood got any more? I hope this helps and remember God loves you and so does Neefemi :-p [jest keeding! Me too :-)]


  1. Let go and let God, that i love, the song and the phrase..

  2. Yeah i knew something was missing this week-i.e ur thurday posts.
    Welcome aboard Miss Esther.
    Lol Good One.
    Liking "Let go n let God."
    Hiii neefemi.

  3. THat Israel Houghton Song, I definitely have to share it. LOL. Sure goodness and mercy shall follow me. Praise God.

    Loved Hezekiah Walker's song.

    I have J. Moss' song already on the playlist on my blog...beautiful.

    I will follow You forward, Lord. I love Israel Houghton.

  4. Hey Neefemi, cool blog you got here. I love Israels's songs. Have you heard 'Say so'?
    Oh and check out my blog too. Thanks

  5. Thank You Miss Neefemi for the chance to guest post! Thank you for all who commented on the post and on my site!
    Thanks for welcoming me. God bless!

  6. Lovely post...

    Good one glamtings

  7. @all - Thanks for showing Miss Glamtings some love, i appreciate that so much.

    love you much Glamtings, thank you so much


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