Thursday, July 1, 2010

Praise Thursday - Wants and Needs.

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? Its the first day of the month and its raining Cats and Dogs in the city of Houston, backlash of tropical storm Alex. Something to be grateful for certainly, the absence of storm and hurricane so far.

Today i will be talking about wants & needs. Let me run the scenario by you. So i got into school right, and i'm thinking they will let me know who the advisor i will be placed with is and where i sign the dotted lines saying tuition is waived and how much i will get for my stipend and hoping it will be able to cover boarding, food and still have some change, you know dreaming high. Its about a month till school starts and so far nothing, school is telling me funds are limited, am i willing to pay fees. Dole out about 12k in fees as per international student, after doing that all thru undergrad and masters, GOD forbid. Plus the girl i had spoken to over there didn't really encourage me, and asked me if i'm sure i wanted to attend the school. (NEED)

Lately i have been feeling lack-luster, bored, just not content and its even affecting work. Anyone that knows me, knows i hate money, hence my bad not saving habit and my tendency to always give, even when i don't have. But this past week, i want everything. I want to travel, i want new clothes, everybody has a life, i don't, because i don't have money, i'm just complaining like no mans business, about how i just can't up and do things like people around me, worrying about how fees, wants & needs will be taken care of as it will now be 3 of us in the states soon. (WANT)

I feel so ungrateful and worthless right about now. I know God is in control, so why cant i just relax, why is it now that i want everything? Why do i feel like i'm not trusting him completely? Why do i feel like my hope has dwindled and that my faith has reduced to less than a mustard seed? Nways with all this in mind, there is one thing i'm certain of. That i will continue to praise, even when i cant read the Bible or i cant pray other than say Thank you Jesus. I will continue to praise because that song goes "Praise will confuse the enemy/Devil".

So let's PRAISE.

Trading my sorrows - Darrel Evans - I'm playing this song first to
remind myself, that i need to cast all my burdens onto the Lord and to
leave it right there and Joy will come in the morning.

Donnie McClurkin ft Karen Clark Sheard - This song just says to be
Patient, not to worry and to Trust the Lord. Can you guess just how
often i play this song?

Cece Winans - I surrender all - was going through the songs for autoplay
while i was listening to the song above. And i played this, and lets just say
i needed this.

Every Prayer - Israel Houghton ft Mary Mary
He does hear every Prayer, even the silent ones. I believe he is a God
that answers every prayer.

Israel and New Breed - If Not for your Grace - Just stumbled on this
I am where i am, because of his Grace and i know that this same Grace
is sufficient for everything that i need.

Worthy - Femi Jacobs ft Mike Aremu. BB sent me this song some
weeks back and you don't know how grateful i am for that. I play it
every morning on repeat, while i shower or on my way to work.
07 Worthy (Feat[1]...
And just a reminder of how i loved am in Christ, here's this last one
Israel Houghton - Friend of God

Can i just say i feel, so much more better. I'll be back this weekend i think
otherwise, see you on Monday and have a great July 4th Weekend, will try
not to be depressed or sad and enjoy my time at home resting. Be SAFE.



  1. yay! i'm the first.

    Going through something similar. But He said I should trust Him so I decided to. And he gave me peace.

    Sometimes its not easy to, no matter how much we want to. I feel you. But I know that u can just trust Him to make everything alright. Just as he has promised you

  2. Will drop u a mail shortly. Hope it helps.
    Take it easy.

  3. Everything's going to be alright!!! Peace, when trouble blows...i'll be praying for you! I love it, continue to praise...even when you do not feel like. You're on the right track.

  4. Is there sth in the air? Cause Ive been feeling the same way.
    Everything just seems to NOT be right, and even though I know I should just praise and worship..even THAT is hard.

    Ok I'll stop now. I'll be praising along with you.

    PS..can you send me the Femi Jacobs song when you get a chance?
    Pweety pweeeeeeeeeeeassssssssseeeeee!
    *insert cute puppy dog grin*

    fabulola at gmail

    Tenz in advance! Lol

  5. Story of my life...Been sulking everytime I log in to FB and I see my friends taking trips to here and there, and all through my years I haven't taken any of such trips...its summer and everybody is doing fun stuff but I have to think thrice about my pocket, my previous job jst sent me a letter saying they over-paid my last pay-check of almost 4months ago so I owe them*sigh* I could go on and on...

    But all I can say is He is in control and He reminded me of that this week...just keep praising and having conversations with Him, even tho its hard to pray just talk to Him. He hears.

    Sorry for the long post! :(

  6. awww
    hugs hun
    ita all round
    we are going thru it
    the few who arent ahve their own issues
    but it gets better with time
    one day u will be in d sun in d bahamas and u would look back on this post and smile

  7. Something is most defo in the air as my status update for this morning is Blearghhh. Yep thats how i feel. Was supposed to go away this weekend with my friends but somehow somehow ees not happening and it looks like our hotel money have go as it is non refundable. So bleargh i say and again i say blearghhh.

    However no matter who or what we are we must praise...thats a line from one of my favorite songs. We must give God praise because He is always in control and Neefemi He hasnt brought you thus far to leave you.

    Have a great weekend and God bless x

  8. I know the feeling of wanting/needing everything and getting nothing. He will surely come meet you at the point of your needs, its just that the waiting can be annoying.

    just hang in there. All the best.

  9. Just don't stop praising, hold on to that faith. All the best dear.

  10. God will see you through dear. (Amen). I think every Christian goes through times when they feel the way you do sometimes, love your spirit though, keep on keeping on, and love your song choices. have a great 4th of July

  11. hold on to the faith sister.God has always been faithful even when people like me have been so unfaithful.

    Thanks 4 d songs!

  12. Oh can I just say I can totally relate with this post, and although it's very hard most times to just let go and keep praising/praying, honestly, that has proven to be the only consistent solution through all my difficult times. Love this post. Wishing you the best and a peace of mind.

    (Yes, yes, I finally made it over here!)

  13. It's ok to want though as long as it doesn't turn into greed; of which you're not that kinda person. God will surely provide. Hasn't He always?

  14. And the praising during the hard times is what keeps us going.

  15. Glad I'm not the only one. It's always nice to get a reminder. I'm waiting on my Postgraduate stuff so I feel your pain.
    You can do it!

  16. @Audeo - I hear you ma and will do and i'm praying for u as well. Thank you so much

    @T.Notes - replied, thanks hon for everything.

    @Miss Natural - Amen, thank you so much ma

    @Fabulola - trust me i know its hard, i don't even mean to make it seem like its easy, thats why we encourage each other always. It is well

    @Miss Enigma - are you serious about your former employee thats just wrong? But its good to know you are doing ok, thats encouraging to me and pls long posts are welcomed all the time. Thanks ma

    @BBB - hugs right back hun and i def hear u on that and screaming a big AMEN to that prayer. lol, we shall be there together

    @Glamtings - Saw ur post, know exactly what u mean. i'm so sorry about that, i hope u were still able to go or at least get your money back. Amen, and he will see you through as well love. God Bless you

    @life around me - Amen, thank you so much ma

    @Myne - will do, thank you so much

    @lalah- Amen, thank you so much and its good to hear, sometimes we feel alone even when we know better. Glad u like the songs. Wishing you a lovely 4th of July

    @musco - He surely is, thank you sir. And you welcome

    @miss.fab - Thank you so much, its really good to know that someone can relate, though that seems selfish too. Wishing you the same and lmao, you are very welcome

    @Oye - Amen, he always does, he always does.

    @Tricia - surely is

    @nogoblogs - that's what i said too,lol. We will do it, in Jesus Name.


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