Friday, July 16, 2010

Praise Thursday

Omygosh, i forgot it was a Thursday you know and then i remembered and i was so tired. Been swamped at work literally. Just woke up from a short nap, with dreams i remember, interesting to say the least.

Note that i don't have a title today, thats because i couldn't think of how what i have to share has to do with the songs i have, so forgive me. I wanted to let you all know that My God is faithful and kind and merciful, i wont go into a long story, but he supplied of my needs according to his riches in glory from an unlikely source. My friend Pearl had said she sent me a book, so i keep checking my mail, no book for more than a week, not knowing she had sent a card and in that card $500. I cried. Fellow student and worker like me, and i have known for just a short amount of time, and for her to do that from the goodness of her heart, i'm not sure words could say thank you enough. Thats the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, she asked me to pay it forward and i plan to do just that. God sees us, and he will take care of us. I always say i have the best friends and i'm loved, i ain't never lied.

God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and all knowing right? So doesn't that mean he knows i'm going to sin, and seeing that he has good plans for me, has already forgiven me. I don't know don't mean to stir up anything, i just realized that i try to be a good girl, try not to sin, i decide on this new path of making sure i walk straight with him, and then that big sin comes and i fall. Why didn't he help me so it didn't happen. Especially because somehow i don't feel bad, but i know its bad, so now i'm afraid to pray and sing when thats all i should be doing since i am expecting from the Lord, and i just wonder if this fast i am on isn't just a waste of time, since i can barely sing or pray and that i won't get what i am hoping i will get. Help me understand if you can.

Nways on to the music shall we

Israel Houghton - Say So

Hezekiah Walker - Souled Out

Kurt Carr - Presence of the Lord

Vickie Winans - Long as i got King Jesus

Donnie McClurkin - Thats what i believe

Cece Winans - Just like that

Cece Winans - I am



  1. "Who am I that you are mindful of meeee, that you hear meee, when I call. Is it true that you are always thinking of you love me, its AMAZING" (I'm sure u knw the song)

    We haven't earned an ounce of his love by our humanly deeds, but by our birth as children of God, we are able to taste and see that the Lord is God and that His GRACE sees us through. *sigh* Yes u've sinned but remember our God is a jealous God and He loves to be praised, it is pleasing unto His ears dnt deny Him that...bcos then the devil wld hve really succeeded. PRAISE HIM!!!! Use ur voice of praise to deafen the devil!

    *E-Hugs* Bless God for ur pocket be doubled and running over!!!

  2. *may her pocket be doubled and running over!

  3. Awww, that was sweet of your friend. I pray she never lacks and God continues to provide for us all. As to your question, Miss Enigma speaks my mind.

    Lovely songs too, Cece Winans is always a favorite.

  4. Awwwwwwww! God is faithful...and a rewarder of good deeds. Bless u, bless her, bless us all!

  5. love the songs...

    Your friend reminds me of a friend i know. may god bless them

  6. aww your friend is amazing, yup just pay it forward. Thats the best thing you can do, make someone feel the same way she made you feel. lol tbh I almost didnt understand it that whole paragraph. Just keep on praying and thanking, its almost like salvation its free but we still dont feel good enuf or worthy enuf to accept it. As for this particular issue, he has forgiven you and he has given you power to resist temptation you cannot handle. Things like having an accountability partner can go a long way in helping you resist if you're not strong enuf to do it on your own. Plus in my mind that extra step is amongst doing all you can do to prevent it, whatever from happening. Dont be sad ps.

  7. may God bless her beyond her expectations!'s funny because i think about that. My explanation is long and i'm not sure i want to go into details here but we need to talk 8D

    MISS YA!

  8. I spent the first year i got saved switching between condemning self and knowing God love me until i learnt that being sin conscious just makes one ineffective and pleases the devil.

    God loves you and His righteousness is a gift. God loves you and nothing you ever do or don't do will ever change that fact.

    Rest in His love and wear your righteousness like a crown. God loves you. I love you too! You are a friend to me. God loves you, loves you, loves you. When you are pleasing Him and when you are not. My goal for the rest of the year is to pursue God the way a man pursues a woman he has given his heart to. He is my first love.

  9. This, I found refreshing! God bless your friend. Nice songs.

  10. Amen oh! I hope God blesses your friend very well, everyone needs blessings lol.

  11. Ur friend is sooooo sweet, God bless her!

    As for your question...we all fall down, we can't avoid is our nature (blame it on Adam and Eve!!!!) The most important thing is that God sees our hearts. He simply tells us to ask for forgiveness and he'll forgive us...but most importantly forgive urself, don't allow the devil to accuse you!


  12. I feel your inner turmoil. All I'll say is sit still. He sees your heart. The fast is not futile.

    p.s. i cant pray after ive sinned

  13. such friendship is to be treasured..may God relenish her poskets a thousand times..nice weekend, dear

  14. God is always faithful!

    no matter what, it's not possible to claim we ve no sin or proudly beat our chest that we won't sin...that's why d bible is complete!

  15. See friendship o. I love that.

    Say so - Isreal Houghton is my man anytime anyday!

    - LDP

  16. God bless your friend...

    And God is love...we cant understand his mercies...I dont think we are supposed to understand his mercies. But he is good

  17. Its nice to know that such friends still exist

  18. God remains awesome and his goodness continues to endure forever. Yay, we should get our praise on for reasons like this and more. Thanks for the music selection. Nice one

  19. God bless her in multiple folds
    even when we sin
    he still loves us
    just go down on ur knees and pray

  20. Cece Winnan's I am,did it for me.
    Hang tight dear...hang tight.

  21. He will try to stop you in many ways you may not understand but He tries. He always does. God is all knowing but He's given us the freedom of choice. I believe for this reason is why He can't "make" us do things. Of course it'll be easier if the "don't do this it's bad for you" sign was very clear.

  22. @Miss Enigma _ thank you so much darling, reading your words again and i sure needed to hear it. Thanks and Amen

    @Myne...Amen and Amen. Thank you ma, glad you liked the songs too

    @Wildboy - yes He is. Amen

    @Doll - glad you do and Amen

    @Miss Natural - Amen and thank you so much darling, what you said about accountability partner is so true. Will do.

    @David... Amen, miss ya too

    @Tisha - thank you so much, needed that and will take heed



    @BlowingBlessings - yes she is, Amen and will do ma, thank you so much

    @Audeo.... iknow right, its the hardest thing. Thanks hon

    @histreasure - Yes it is, Amen

    @musco - true talk

    @LDP - thank you

    @Nutty J - Amen and you speak the truth

    @Harry - thanks

    @Vanity - sure is

    @Geebee - Thank you

    @BBB - Amen and will do ma

    @T.Notes - hanging tight hon

    @Oye - Huh? Lol, iKid. I hear you ma


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