Thursday, July 22, 2010

Praise Thursday

Can't give up now - Mary Mary

Stand Still - Mary Mary

Don't pray and worry - J Moss

That's all i got folks. I wish things were different and i could come here all happy and be sharing my testimony and not telling you that i'm tired of struggles in my life and i had hoped i had seen the last of them, but what will my story be without those huh? I wish things would just be easy, go according to plan (whose plan is the question innit?). Tired of last minute miracles and would love to have a smooth ride. These songs are primarily for me, to remind and reprimand myself. So far not working, but maybe if i repeat them enough, it would sink in and i will remember to hold on to Faith and understand that God has a greater purpose than i can see.

Still grateful for life, for family, for my friends, for a GOOD man (note that i didn't say perfect man in case i come tomorrow and tell you we broke up, lol) and for love. I am fine or at least i will be and please don't be offended when i ask that you do not say "sorry, pele, it is well, hold on" you get my point, could really do without and the worrying too. I apologize i haven't read a single blog post all week, ill be by to visit you all soon and will make sure to respond to the comments on the last two posts. Hope you all had a great week and i hope these songs speak to someone. Have a great weekend.



  1. that was just on the tip of my tongue. Well, I will say that one of leggy's recent post was titled, 'I'm drowning' or something akin to that. I say don't drown, just try to swim

  2. We love you too Neefemi!! E-hugs and e-kisses. Keep you head up and i look forward to reading about your miracle explosion :-)

    Have a great weekend hun.

  3. I was gonna say one of the above....but I won't!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I needed it too..

  5. Hmmm then I will be more creative and say "Can't wait for you to bounce back :)"
    *Major Hugs*

  6. These songs definitely speak to me. Love Mary Mary. I really hope you pull through this phase- we all have them from time to time. Hang in there.

  7. love mary mary, any time anyday, i see where you're coming from though.

  8. off point ... this was the background i was gonna use for my blog.. not sure i'll change it now

    on point ... i feel you on the struggles/las min miracles and all .... LUV d songs

  9. Nice post. Inspiring and encouraging.

  10. She's depressed.
    You're entitled to it every once in a while..
    Hmmm,Take it easy..
    You'd be fine..
    Live Life.

  11. Trials come to make you stronger.

    As you rightly said, where would you be without them.
    I've learnt that the tougher they come, the stronger you get.

    And don't forget...God doesn't put you through situations he knows he hasn't bestowed upon you the grace for!

    This is cliche, but sunshine comes after the rain!


  12. @Miss Natural - learning to do just that, thank you ma

    @Eve - hugs right back, thanks dear

    @Histreasure - love you too ma, thanks

    @Blessing - ehugs right back, thank you

    @Aloofar - hugs right back, thank you

    @journeytoprint - thanks hun :), hugs right back

    @F - i'm glad they did, thank you ma, i hope so too

    @lalah - they r awesome, thanks

    @lani - awww you could have still used it. Thank you though

    @Maid of Heart - thank you :)

    @2cute4u - thank you and trying to do just that

    @disgodkidd - Yes o, thank you

    @Sylvester - Thank you and i know, just was a baby for a min. I appreciate it


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