Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi Guys

Internet isn't working guys, so I can't put up my Praise Thursday. Posting this via my phone. Sowwweeeeee :(. Hope you all doing good though and your week went as planned. Can you Believe its Thursday already? This is the fastest year ever if you ask me.

Just want to encourage you guys to hold on a little while longer, have a spirit of gratitude no matter what the circumstances are, remember to always be a blessing to those around you and never fail to realize the blessings God gives you daily. For me its my family and my friends. Sometimes people want to believe that God is going to come down and bless you, and sometimes he does but for some he has already put all that you need to succeed right here on earth for you. Like I said for me its especially my friends, I'm even tired of saying thank you I can only keep praying for them and asking God to continue to bless them and that includes all of you btw.

Nways in random gist. I have beautiful nails. Lol. Will post up a pic later. There is a wedding this weekend and ur girl has to look good, you know the deal.:-) I always dress so simple though, usually a black dress, but I'm going with a blue and a grey dress and I did orange nails, that's as far as I'm going for color. Lol.

Moving back to michigan to be with the bro and sis next week. I feel like one of them folks you see in movies when things go bad in their lives, they move back to their parents home. lol God please hear my prayers, I desperately need a job. O so I said on twitter, guys have now changed to being crazy about a girls body and no longer care abt the girls face. For me please the face is very important jo, like the bestfriends mum will say, you want someone whose face makes you happy, especially when you mad at him and he smiles, you just forget everything that ever happened. Lol. Trust me it works for BB well. Plus not to say that anybody is ugly but emmm you going to be waking up to this persons face every morning, I'm just saying it should be appealing especially without the makeup and fake lashes and all. My friend called me a hater and that I'm only saying this cos I'm not physically endowed(boobs and ass). This is true. Lol

Ok that's it guys, hope I made u smile :). Thankful for everything, for everyone of you, for family, for friends, and for a Merciful God. Have a great weekend. Be safe.



  1. Don't worry you're going to be employed sooner than you think. Just smile, believe it and receive it.

    On a physical level, "face" should definitely come before "body".

  2. Have fun at the wedding.

    Maybe for some the body is what makes them smile. like as long as you are not hideous in the face with a banging body. Is a beautiful face still that beautiful in a quite unhot body?

    yeah i don't know the answr.

  3. :) Ditto want to see the nails hun. Enjoy the wedding and yep i feel u on the holding on bit. I vote for face and body! hehe for guys o that is. Wanted to comment on the MM post but its gone now lol. Have a great weekend x

  4. You made me more than smile with this post...

    I like the statement "he has already put all that you need to succeed right here on earth for you..."

    God is a prayer hearing and answering God, so you can trust Him for a job.

  5. You have everything you need for life and godliness.
    God has made provision available for you so look out, your job is waiting for you.

    Orange nails, you remind me of my friend. I am a christian but if someone is ugly, i am not afraid to say it.

    ... and yes i will be too worried about having ugly kids to marry a wogly guy. He has got to be fyneeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Love Love you'd be fine okay?
    You'd get a job soonish..
    Get how you feel especially the move to Michigan.. Chin up hear?
    E go sometimes wey fine face dey wowo because of bad character o I tell you.. from experience.. It's the heart that matters, beauty and the others are just emmmm, jara...

  7. lol@ ugly kids ur

    and Neefemi, you! you said you don't have 'frntal assets?' pray do tell, who's that in the profile pic?..

    As for the job,you'll be fine dearie. He is working for your good and that which is best shall come.
    enjoy your trip and try not to worry.

  8. Yeah ditto Histreasure. You have no boobies? *insert confused look* Then who is that in your profile picture? Your twin :)

    You're definitely right. I am so thankful to God for my friends and family. Despite my stupidity, unnecessary gra-gra and selfishness, they still stand by me and love me. Thank you God for them.

  9. @Zel.....AMEN, i receive it in Jesus Name and yes i agree with you

    @Vanity - i hope you like them, its on the new post.

    @TayneMent - lol, i get you. i just think that i could deal with a lil fat there, and whatever other body issues but that face has got to be divine for me to have that

    @glamtings - lol ideally right, face and body will be perfect. and lol@u wanted to comment and its gone. trust me its never gone.

    @Rita - thanks i'm glad and Amen, i believe and receive it.

    @Tisha - Amen. Lmao at i'm xtian but if my friend is ugly i'm not afraid to say it. you are funny and i def hear u on having a fine man

    @2cute4u - Amen, thanks dear. and yes omygosh u r so right some people can be facially ok but u can tell that they r evil.

    @histreasure - lol its me o, but im saying a typical apple in America is bigger than it o. Amen anbd thank you so much ma

    @Shade - lol its me, but its not that big jo. lol. and we thank God :)


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