Monday, August 30, 2010

#MM - Live from M.I

Hi people. How are you doing? In Michigan now, not too settled as most of my stuff are still in the car but thats story for another day. But, i'm with the bro and the sis. She was so surprised she didn't know i was coming and she cried. She is so tall, so pretty, i'm like jealous. My siblings are really fine as in model kind fine and well lets just say i'm fat. ikid, ikid. They have been stressing me sha, they want to eat this and that and they keep fighting each other, Oyinbo(my sis) is such a tomboy, she bounces, she  has a deep voice, so fearless and full of life. I used to be like that and then i grew old. :(. So my bro banned her from receiving calls and texts after 11pm. I nearly died of laughter. I should have known that i raised my bro well and he will do a fine job disciplining her & i never have to worry. :)

Can i just reiterate that applying for jobs has to be the most depressing thing ever. God is in control.

In other news, no more BB talk, no more marriage talk, no more love talk. LOL. Like seriously tho enough jo, i'm happy and all but i don't like emotions and i've been all gushy for a while now so can we get back to normal. Thank you.

O guys Andy Roddick is about to play. So happy, he better win cos that guy likes to dull me seriously. So Soccer is back. #TeamArsenal and in like a week or so American Football Season is fully on (pre-season sucks jo). O plus America is representing well in the worlds so far (only TeamAmerica cos there is no TeamNigeria). I am happy. My life is complete and o tv shows are all coming back. Yaaaay me

So today i read this post in which it gives us data about our country Nigeria that i believe is not exactly accurate and i just had to comment. Had to go comment two more times and i promise the last time was the last time but i think its interesting that people in trying to refute your opinion/comment don't try to understand what the point is you are trying to put across.

As a blogger i notice that people only pick up on things that interest them to comment on, i do it a lot and i guess that was my bad on this post cos i should have said how i agree on everything else but this and maybe i won't be "attacked". Na no fight or anything i like to remain as civil as possible, but i would really like for Nigerians especially when you are reading a post that is informative to not be afraid to question it, call it out on its bullshit if there is bullshit, defend your position while remaining civil. Also i think a lot of people just accept data especially when its from a foreign body and i think thats just wrong. I find that a lot of folks refuse to put things in proper perspective and that right there is Nigeria's downfall.

P.s. Numbers do lie, except you talking money.

Music shall we :)

Monster - I think EVERYONE should have heard this. But maybe you have been busy and you haven't gotten around to it. Here is Monster by Kanye West ft Rick Ross, Jay Z and Nicki Minaj. - Kanye is awesome as usual, Jay is just there and Nicki showed that she is serious about this music thing.

I just love knowing that Lauryn Hill is back

I love Diggy Simmons - and he is for real

And for a taste of something Diff @lumidizzle put me on to this song Swedish House Mafia ft Pharrell - One

O Ms.O posted this on twitter and although i do not think it is mind blowing, ilike. Got to see FELA on broadway this yea

P.P.S I LOVE YOU... have a blessed week


  1. ditto!! lol ill be back to comment fully, eventually! Family is the best! By God's grace you will find a job soonest!! lol from ur bro's pic then your sis must be really hot too, you're not doing so bad yourself haha. I kid, nah you are really pretty I think (nah I'm sure)! Have a great week ok x

  2. That's great you got to Michigan safely. Thank God for beautiful people :). Yup applying for jobs is just arrggghhhh! Like can you just give me the damn job already...

    I cosign your comments on some Nigerians accepting as truth what any foreign body says. I feel like it really has eaten deep into our psyche whereby some of us accept anything Nigerian as useless and anything foreign as better. smcheew *end rant*

    Diggy Simmons...pretty cool stuff. also love the instrumental..(I wonder if pharell laced it...)

  3. Hullos....

    The re-unite def sounds fun.Family def rocks hard.

    J-o-b situation, i mention u in prayers every now n then, something'll come up soon. Hang tight; don't tire.Trust u've got a killer CV and some tight recommendations/reference letters also help push the thing along atimes.

    LOL@No more BB talk. N what if we were enjoying the tiny glimpses of the sensitive neefemi?!

    Lauryn Hill i digg, right next to Dido!

  4. sweetie
    you will get a good job soon.
    I am so glad you have family to help you out.

    Just remember you have the favour of God at work in your life

  5. As fresh as ever...I have missed your blog.

    Glad to see u re keeping well

  6. @Miss Natural - you didn't come back o and yes family is the best. Amen and lol thanks ma.

    @Shade - Thank God o and lol, tell me about it. I Rant about it all the time too, so you are allowed. Yea i think Pharell did, diggy is the truth

    @T.Notes - yea they rock and Amen and Amen. Heheheh sensitive neefe has closed shop. Lauryn Hill is the truth

    @Tisha - AMEN and yes thats been a relief. Thank you so much ma

    @Nutty - i have missed you o, come back soon. Thanks dear

  7. Aww yay!!! hehe..I see my name... #okbye!


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