Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not exactly Music Monday

HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO Good Morning!!!!! Yes o, at 2:17pm I am just finally getting the energy to do anything. I am currently unemployed, what can I say? I could start by telling you that I am sorry though for not doing #MM yesterday. You see what had happened was (heheheh they say starting a sentence/statement like this means you are lying, but I promise I am not. Scouts Honor. Lol) it had been a long day, cleaned the house, packed for my move back to MI, gone to ship some things to Nigeria, got some food and just as  I was about to sit down to write finally it started raining, thunderstorms, lightening the whole nine yards and of course they took the light. It was too funny, I mean all of this sereren took like 20mins and they took off the light for like 3hrs. By the time I left for my send off party there was still no light and I got back at 12.30 and it was straight to my bed. So forgive me guys.
So about the wedding. Hmmmm!!! Not the way I would have mine at all. Before attending this wedding I was so sure that I had no ideas for my wedding, now I’m irritated with myself about how detail oriented I want my wedding to be (can I really not just go to the court? I already know the answer to that btw) e.g. I don’t like flowers but apparently I have to have them so I decided I wanted fresh ones and not that plastic steez. I also don't want to have on makeup. I also decided that my friends cannot change into bathroom slippers in the name of they want to dance and can’t do it in heels, so we are all going to get the same kind of flats. Lol. I also realize that a long bridal train is not my thing, infact I have only 5folks, if BB is the one, he has only 5 too. He earned points. Lol. Somebody said you should marry your best-friend. I wholeheartedly agree. Its very easy to get a boyfriend, but not as easy to find a husband. Parents for all their good intentions fail to realize this. i also think a lot of mothers think you can can turn any man into a husband and i wholeheartedly disagree.
 my orange nails
Nways what I also realized was that I’m secretly afraid, maybe I’ve said it before, but in my mind I “broke up” with BB, cos I started to over think and I thought how I can’t do it, I’m too independent, he’s too this, my family this and his family that, it won’t last and this and that. Like, I literally had a panic attack. You couldn’t tell on my face tho, so freaking calm. I prayed and I’m praying that the spirit of fear will never overtake me like that again and that I won’t use my own hands to sabotage this and any other good thing in my life. But in conclusion I think I was meant to be a boy, I keep saying it. I don’t like sereren, emotions irritate me, I’m too straight forward for my own good, I’m way too practical. I’m exactly like my male friends, which is why we obviously get along so well. I love my female bloggers but again this weekend and just from recent stories, I’m convinced. I don’t “do” girls and that’s ok by me.  My ushers at my wedding will be my numerous male friends’ #fact.
My friend said to me that he cannot do long distance. I told him its cos of his trust issues he said “no it’s not trust but aren’t there really nice and great girls around BB for example”. Yep that’s true and there are great and good nice guys around me as well. I don’t think I gave him a clear answer, for me it comes down to the fact that we are best of friends; we need to hear from each other to sleep and to start the day. If he is doing that with multiple girls then wow, that’s a lot of energy and there are some men and women like that and I can only say more grease to your elbow. Besides even if we live in the same city trust me, someone who wants to do sumn will find a way to do it. When there’s a will there is a way.
So I’ve wanted to address this issue for a while so bear with me. I’m tired of seeing our Nigerian artists get disrespected. I’m going to talk about Banky mostly cos he is the only artist on my timeline, or the only artist that gets this much flap I should say, cos I only follow Beazy and Banky and Beazy doesn’t get any flap at all. I will also touch on Eldee a lil cos I see his tweets a lot on my TL. No I do not know Banky personally, sure he went to my high school, trust me when I say I had nothing for him to rbr me by, lol and yes he follows me on twitter, but that’s beside the point and if you know me, you know that I am not crazy about any Nigerian artist like that, wouldn’t even call myself a fan of anyone. I say all this to say there is no bias here.
My thing is this, why do folks feel the right to insult Banky and them. Banky and Eldee are two of the best artists in Nigeria, somehow MI and Psquare have gotten more recognition and that’s how God works, but those are two artists that I can say do music cos its their life, what they eat and breathe. They respect music and treat it in reverence; they are not doing some soulja boy, eedris shit and just spitting nonsense. So why do folks most of them young enough to be slapped across the mouth feel they can disrespect and insult them. Like seriously just for saying Good morning, they get insults, you complain about them clogging ur timeline, ummm unfollow button much anyone? Like why do you follow these people just so you can insult them? The other day I had had enough and was just going to insult this one girl, swear down she couldn’t be up to 18. I just really hate the disrespect Nigerians are giving to their artists and not even the bad ones, the good ones. Banky for example tries his best to respond to folks, and I feel like these folks would never talk to their American counterparts as such.
Banky caused it by being too nice if u ask me, but then I saw Eldee address some people on what he called “asshole day” and though most of those folks did deserve that, it’s not how you expect an artist to handle such situations. I can’t come up with a solution, believe me I have tried but nothing is forthcoming so guys if you could think of a way those artists and their managements can deal with this situation and btw please don’t say ignore. Like that thing only works for so long. Maybe they should just get off twitter. But they didn’t Chris brown anyone and they are not like our senators stealing money, like seriously why the disrespect? Can anyone explain this to me?
Nways quickly I want to show you this video and insult the artist and I know that in doing what I do in this industry, I’m setting myself up but I really must say something. Like seriously should I even say anything, please listen and watch and tell me what you think. Its freaking 2010 nobody wants ur freaking chicken change and nobody wants you singing abt it either. Olowodow.
Ok in other news please listen to Bad Guys Funky House Remix. Beazy ft Chykay and Kas produced by Playback Genius
Marry Me by Chykay produced by kidknonnect (vote for him a NEA international producer of the year btw). I love this song and Chykay is singing at my wedding. 
P.S I LOVE YOU and o so i got my own column in Allure magazine, Nigeria. Its called Inspired by style btw. On this last Sundays edition i was on the last page. About to send in my next article and find out if i'm getting paid.  hehehehehe. Muaaaaahhhhhh


  1. I dunno if its my comment on your blog but its not something I do so it's a poignant point (ok I'll stop) but yeah the twitter business... **deep breathe** Generally speaking without naming names of course, Nigerian celebs on twitter talk outta their ass! Case in point, the WC situation, everything any of those celebs said in defence or whatever of their friend was bollocks so it's only fair they get told about themselves in situations like that (& they are not few & far between) plus its twitter for Pete's sake. If they're catching feelings because someone dissed em on twitter then maybe they should go be a quiet librarian somewhere. I see half of my TL diss Diddy everyday, diss Rev Run everyday and you don't see these celebs bother with it. There's a reason you're a celeb and it comes with the territory. If you can't handle it and/or let it slide then like I said, the next library is hiring. I can go on & on about this and maybe some of my points weren't eloquently said but I envision I'll be back here to answer a question or to put someone right for trying to call me out.

  2. Long Post Alert! Lol

    @1st video,Rubbish song. If you check his bank account now, the dude probably used his last bucks to make that video. Lmao

    Chykay's song isnt bad@all

    I dont agree with u on M.I though, he's really good and he deserves all of what he gets. P-Square? I agree with u on that (Banky and Eldee are definitely better)

    As for Banky on Twitter, it is not every mosquito's tweet that he has to reply. Those people being rude are plainly just hating if u ask me. Thats the closest they can get to him, so they've got to use it to the max .lol

  3. Btw, in the pix, u and ur friend look alike. Good luck with the article

  4. LOL @ Plastic flowers at weddings??? people still do that??? DAMN!!!! Like I actually LOL-ED....

    On the celebs on twitter stuff...I already told him to stop replying everyone. After all the likes of Diddy,Mr west and even Kim K don't talk to anyone else except their fellow 'celeb' friends...but he is too nice and would not listen so..........meh

    Ehem are you sure there is NO bias here??? *ehem ehem*..*cough cough* *runs and hides*

  5. 1. I LOVE ur nails
    2. you and ur friend look like sisters
    3.@ ms. o, people still have plastic flowers...i went to a wedding and it was plastic flower galore! I'll take the fresh flowers pls!!!

    4. why do some ppl bother tweeting these celebs...half of em dont reply back anyway!

    nice post!

  6. Hi.
    1.Nahh,thats def gotta b u n ur sis,right?!!2much resemblance going on there.

    2.On twitter-2much useless drama-#myopinion.All that following n unfollowing for the daftest reasons just didnt fly with me n too much people feeding silly information,hence my own twitter account def didn't last too long. #irritation.

    3.Further on twitter,people ought to take sensible cues n ignore some useless n unnecessary comments.1st off,twitter is not real world, 2nd off,#pickurquarrels jare. Moreso if u'r a "celeb",i mean, give urself some dignity n ignore some people!!!How hard can that be??

    4.On music,that eedris guy is just a load of junk. M.I n Eldee def rule the industry this side of the secular world. Me not a fan of Banky-he's too soft.#myopinion.N prob d reason for him being brunt of insults.

  7. like im feelin this post on different levels but before i begin...please where are u that they are taking light???
    Secondly please...u love meeee, u love ur bestiee...so u love girls staapp it! Hehe caman girls are not so bad, only in small doses of course.
    Thirdly i feel u on the court wedding ise cos peznali i dont like circus...thankfully my parents agree with the idea of a small weddin now just need to find the man and get him to agree as well hehe
    Fourthly i like the burst of colour ur nails brought to the outfit n finally i get to see a pichshooo fantastimo!
    Fiftly Your still a weirdo for loving long distance :-p but the good kind...u know..hehe
    Sixthly twitter enables a lot of real life liverless 'u dont know me like that' fellows to feel overly familiar and run their mouth...they should be a tweetslap app...im just saying.
    Sixthly part 2...as to the Banky W disrespect i think the ans for now is ignore..its hard but they gotta be the bigger ppl if they are gonna be on twitter most of this familiars are attention seekers anyway they need to be cut off!
    I could continue bet i think ees ok for now

  8. @ayohla - lmao at the 1st sentence. what did u say? lol. I hear you though def, and to be honest i feel the same for every artist, every celeb. There is no need for insults and disrespect all around

    @Zel - lmao, thats what i said. i love chykay. I din't mean to imply that, i think M.I is awesome but banky has been on the scene longer and not gotten as much recognition i think. Lol, i hear u. yes we do, everyone thinks we r sisters and thanks ma.

    @Ms O. - Yes they do o, i was disgusted by that. And lmao, no bias i swear, it had been irritating me for a long time

    @Onose - Thank you ma. yes o, my sister from another mother. lol, ill take fresh flowers too. my sentiment exactly, like why even say hi. Thanks ma

    @T.Notes - lol, yes my sis from another mother. i def hear u and tho i like twitter for me, because like i said i don't follow any celebs so it doesn't even stress me and i hear you sha, its not even worth it. Eedris needs to go jump for real.

    @glamtings - i was in Houston o. lol, i guess not and yes i love u both very much, My parents wont hear it unfortunately, especially my mother and if its BB, it will be a damn circus. Is it bad that i'm dreading my wedding day? Thanks honey :). Lol, i know. Lol, more like a tweetpunch app. And i guess thats all they can do really. Muahhhh thanks honey


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