Friday, September 3, 2010

Its the little things

Its just hair... whats the freaking big deal? except today it meant everything to me. All i wanted to do after all the work this week was to do my hair and feel good about myself. Was also going to do my nails, its all cut off from the moving, i seriously needed need a mani and a pedi but i thought to save all the money i have right now. I also need a freaking massage, i'm so sore and everything hurts.

I get there and after washing the hair she says she doesn't have setting lotion, at this point i should have just left btw but i'm like whatever. I get done from the under the dryer and just the way she is asking me what i want to do to my hair is scaring me and then she goes she can't do anything fancy cos she will burn my hair.

Needless to say right now i'm in tears. This might not make sense to u and if you are male you are probably thinking its not a big deal. Except it just happens to be a freaking big deal. I probably needed to cry more than the situation deserves but when it seems like the whole world is on your shoulders and the simplest thing won't go right for you, then this could be enough to commit suicide.

I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. God please lift this load.