Monday, September 6, 2010

#MM - African Music

Hi guys, how are you doing? i apologize for disabling comments, it was just one of those days. I'm emotionally better now but i'm now feeling sick. Like RocNaija said to me, when it rains it pours. Na its ok, i should be fine by morning hopefully just got the wind knocked out of me a lil.

So as per last post, maybe i am a Drama Queen. I really need to find out what that entails and embrace it maybe. 

We never go to bed mad at each other. Never. Thats a philosophy i intend to stick with for the rest of my life.

I can't be happy when others around me are sad. Its very hard for me to share good news when i know things are not going well someone i care about.

There is long distance and there is long distance if you know what i mean. I am a pro at LDR's but i would never do US to Naija for example. The love no do me reach. Now if for example i'm already in a relationship and he/i have to move then we are speaking a diff language but that would be based upon the strength of the relationship i guess. 

Opposites might attract but i think there is an extent. I have come to realize the more you have in common excluding sex the better for a relationship. I just think relationships are hard enough without external stress (iSwear i have said this before)

i now write like this.. iSwear, iLike, iLove somebody stop me please. iBeg

iCould never be a serious journalist. I shouldn't say that because i'm not supposed to say anything negative about myself but i'm reading my article on allure and wepluggoodmusic and i write them like i'm here(as in my blog) they are always so cheesy. lol. My dream of writing a book is slowly going down the drain i tell u. I could write a book of randoms. Heheheheh

iLove Tennis. I wish i could play better, truth is i haven't tried to play better, whereas my brother has gotten much better since we decided to start playing. I have a fear of things thrown at me actually, like seriously you cant throw a key at me,don't expect me to catch it, i will move.

I don't know the line between being proud and sharing good news (ithink thats bad english). Ok for example my sister in naij is 18, and has just finished her 3rd year exams. Thats HUGE!! but i'm afraid that sharing info like that is me being proud. Basically i am not comfortable sharing successes. 

My siblings are really fun and watching them have fun with each other is just cute. My sister wont call my name die sha, everyday 30 times a day SB this, SB that, kilode?? My bro was helping the sis with her math homework today, so cute. I took the sis for a street fair yday, it was nice. iReally like the arts surprisingly enough.

Na money kill am. Whether you believe it or not, a lot of dreams, opportunities, successes even joys are hindered by the lack of money. its rather unfortunate. 

#Fact. iWill wear my ring around my neck. i'm just too careless.

My brother terrorizes me by tickling me all the time.

iEat poorly, iSleep poorly, i have stopped exercising... God help me

On to the music shall we....

My sister just put me on to this guy... iLike.... iThink i'm a fake Nigerian btw but thats story for another day

 Inspired by BB, will be showing some artists nominated for Channel's O Music Video Awards
 Wyre  - Uprising ... From Kenya and dude is nice, shoutout to BB for putting me on to this

Becca Samini - Fire Remix - From Ghana - Not bad at all

Tkzee - Dikpapa - I remember these guys from when i was still in Nigeria

Octave Couplet ft Hydro - Do your Thang - Love this video and i think it should win for best newcomer. More importantly am i the only knowing that Africans, guys and girls are into skating. Swear down i did not realize people outside yankee knew anything about it (please allow me my ignorant moment, i feel stupid otherwise)

P.S iLove You


  1. i don't think that's being proud, or maybe its just being proud of her, jeez i tell everyone my 17 year old baby bro is a part 2 medical student. there, am i being proud, proud of him or sharing good news? proud of him i think, after all that's not my achievement, its his.

    you r so right about the more 2people have in common being the better for the rel, i've never believed opposites attract, more often that not, my opposites don't understand me and that leads to serious friction. not gud

  2. I think its not being proud its celebrating our successes and the successes of our loved ones. Its too easy to beat ourselves up on our 'failures' but i think talking about our success inspires us to do better.
    I dont think ur a drama queen i think sometimes we have that incident thats just literally the last straw and then we go off on one. I think the hair business was the tipping point. Plus if ur paying for it then you are right to expect the best.
    Please quit with the i-prefixes lol u and We Plug Good Music lawd its only suitable for stuff in the Apple family :-)
    I think not going to bed mad is a super idea, keep it up sweetie.
    Eat better, sleep better or i will come n force feed you hehe
    Take care hunny x

  3. So I'm thinking now, does a fake Nigerian mean you're 'Aba-made'??

    Being proud isn't a bad thing in my books.. Being vain is. The key is to know the difference.

    Isn't Iyanya the dude that won the competition that discovered Omawunmi?? Or am I mixing it up?

  4. Hey hang in there, get well soon and all that yea*

  5. What happened to u yesterday...couldnt find a space to comment on ur blog you ended with:

    ''I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired''

    hope u good now

  6. sweetie
    don't sweat the small stuff
    "lean not on your own understanding..."

    whichever works for you
    The latter works for me.

    God is at work. Just trust Him.

  7. iLike! lol. iAm going to start typing like that too. iThank you!

  8. Hey Hun

    Just got back from Ghana. I'm going through your music. You keep me current!

    Big Hugs

  9. @rayo - wow, thats awesome. You should be proud of him, shooo i'm proud of him. Yes you are so right they never understand.

    @glamtings - iAgree with you. lol, thanks for saying that i was convinced i was a drama queen. and hehehehehe its fun jo e.g iLove u. hahahaha. Will try to keep it up and i'm really trying to eat and sleep better please come and take care of me. :)

    @rocNaija - are you really not on twitter man? lol. no it doesn't mean i'm aba made, will explain on monday. And i hear you on that, vain people kill me. Hmm don't know the answer to that hence my being a fake Nigerian btw. :)

    @blogoratti - thanks a lot hun

    @Nutty J - yes i made it closed. Thank you dear, i'm much better now

    @Tisha - i agree with the latter as well. Thank you so much dear.

    @kate - lol. You are welcome ma. Enjoy :)

    @Ms. O - thank you ma

    @journey - thats so awesome. want to hear all about it. Big Hugs.

  10. Nice blog you have here. just take it easy dear.


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