Monday, September 20, 2010

#MM - Case of the Ex by Miss TayneMent

Hello people, it’s been a while since I featured on #MM, life has been kinda busy. I took a kinda sorta roadtrip this weekend and y’all know what road trips entail. That’s right, hours of good music, loud off key singing and ofcourse lots of thinking. So many songs that came up had to do with lost loves or at least what we thought was loves and I was thinking how an experience with an ex is not always terrible, sometimes it ends up okay but there are soooo many scenarios and of course there is a song for each type of scenario, so I had to share. We’ve all been there and we will probably relate to one or more of these songs.

This one is for the relationship, where ur boo’s ex still wants to be best friends and stays calling your boo all day everyday like she/he still has ownership rights.
Case of the Ex – Mya

This one is for the relationship where you just didn’t get any closure. You both have different accounts of what went wrong. You eventually reach that point where you admit that you are never going to get the answers you need BUT all you want is an apology – which you will never get. I couldn’t decide what song to use so I will use both.
Taylor Swift – You’re not sorry
Justin Timberlake – Never Again

This one is the ex that you never ever thought would be an ex and you were totally blindsided. In hindsight, you finally realize that maybe it was for the best afterall and you’ve picked yourself up and realized that life goes on.
Daughtry – Over you

This is for the ex that you just feel rage and resentment and just wish him or her plenty evil and don’t feel bad afterwards. The title says it all
Ceelo – Fuck you

This is for the ex where you were hurt by the breakup but you know enough to know that breakups are part of life and even though you are hurt, you don’t regret any of the good times you had.
Sheryl Crow – Favorite Mistake

Finally this is for the ex where you realize that you are settling by being with this person and you know you deserve better.
Deuces – Chris Brown

I was gonna do some bonus songs but I will be here all night if I try. Songs in this subject matter are plenty. Please share some songs that come to mind for you or scenarios that I did not mention. Hope you have a wonderful Monday and rest of the week

PS Neefemi loves you


  1. ''Now you're my favorite mistake
    Yeah you're my favorite mistake
    You're my favorite mistake'

    I love this song girl....

  2. :-) Over You chris daughtry got me over my first ex. Lovely song. Just listening to i'm sorry by taylor swift. Didn't even know i had it in my library. :p

  3. yes! break up music!

    make me wanna say bye bye..Chris Brown is back in my good graces!

  4. I just love "Deuces". I think it's such a raw song. Chris definitely kept it real. "Moving on to something better. No more trying to make it work". Enough said! By the way, have you seen Affion Crocketts's spoof? Dude is so silly.

    Can Ceelo be any less direct? Haha. Dang. Back in high school, I used to love "Case of the ex". Mya is the ish. Plus the dance moves in the video are killer. I used to almost sprain my knees practicing the moves. Haha. high school memories. Fun times.

  5. @24yrold - They are such great songs

    @Reverence - lol, why are u happy about that?

    @Lucidlilith - lol, thank you

    @Shade - Yes i saw that it was hilarious. Lol at almost spraining your knees, i know what you mean

  6. Great sense of humour in these compilations...i like the creativity :-)


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