Monday, September 13, 2010

#MM – VMA Edition

Hi Guys. How are you all doing? I hope your week started well. Busy day and I still have more to do and I feel like I'm already behind not like I couldn't space it all out but I just want to keep my mind so busy so I don't have a minute to feel or think. O well lets random a bit shall we….

Did I say I like long Distance? I must have been smoking something, like I was obviously high on something because I hate it. I HATE Long distance, yes you can quote me glamtings. L Sigh. It's not easy that much I can tell you. The good thing is that it's not trust/insecurities related, not about fights or whatever bad comes with long distance. It just gets so freaking lonely some days. The worst part, I feel like its him specific and I never really had this longing in the previous LDR's plus it makes me feel very vulnerable which is so anti everything I believe in.

Which reminds me, I'm not sure why babes are so eager to be married or even be in a relationship. This thing is hard and the way I feel now makes me wish I was single, at least that way I won't feel the way I feel. Single girls you better enjoy yourself and you get no sympathy from me jo.

My best friend asked me the other day if I had gotten "tired". Isn't that very sad? Like I'm known for getting tired of guys real quick. I guess that's why I have not been in too many relationships and why they never last.

My friend came over the other day and we were talking about the past and he mentioned my ex. He was really mad at me for dating him and for giving myself to him and he goes but I warned you. Dude never said anything all he said was "be careful" and I called him out on that and he said he didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to hurt me. I still got hurt. Don't you think I would have been better off being hurt before anything ever happened than afterwards when I was made a laughingstock of? I have never gotten this argument is my point, prevention is better than cure they say, they also say a stitch in time saves nine. You don't have to be my best friend, infact if you are his/her best friend you still should tell the innocent party. It's just the right thing to do.

I haven't told anyone in Michigan I'm around. The only people who know are mutual friends with my brother. All 4 of them. Not sure why I'm hiding.

I paraphrase (don't kill me ma) but it appears that I might come off as either a goody two shoes or a wannabe goody two shoes (not sure which is worse btw). I understand that but I can't really apologize because that is exactly how I want to be "a good girl" not a perfect girl just someone who has tried to make the best decisions and to have done good and one you remember for good. I'm not one of those girls who wants to be having sex conversations (I'm hella prudish), I am however not a virgin and will say my numbers if asked. I don't see the need in putting up scary/nude pictures (I always say you reduce your bride price by doing such), I don't think it's ok to fart, belch, pick your nose, announce the need to use the toilet in front of anyone. (Never mind that I do like to pick my nose, it's the only way to clean the nose if you ask me, just not in front of anyone, even family). I don't know how to explain it without coming off as a goody two shoes, lol, but I really hope that has not scared some of my readers, it will be such a shame.

People say I'm obsessed with my weight. My friend Olisa said I wanted to be a broom badly and I did and that I look healthy now. I never realized. I do talk about my weight a lot, I think America did that to me. I do want to let you know that I have never and will never do anything extreme about my weight and I don't want anyone to ever feel insecure about their body image or type. Everyone is beautiful, cliché but true. I always say that bigger women have the prettiest faces ever. So I hope that is not the picture I have created, my body fluctuates a lot it's why I complain for me, but the most important thing is that you are healthy. It's very important, eat right, sleep well, drink lots of fluids, and get your vitamins.

I think that because of my bad eating habits my tummy has now shrunk in size (not the outer appearance o) but I eat a couple bites and I'm full. I think I have done damage to myself inadvertently

I steadily have conversations in my head, long conversations too. This is becoming scary for me.

I am grateful for God sending me words and confirmations that it's all going to be ok. Today a friend told me of his cousin who buried his mum last month and whose dad died today. I shed a tear on his behalf and I have never met him. He is 21. My life is damn good. I regret ever complaining. Please remind me of this if I complain again.

I think what Taylor Swift did was tasteless. They definitely didn't advice her right. Plus I get the message in the song "you are not what you did" but coming from a 19year old who has been blessed I think that's crazy. I pray she never makes a mistake, you know, drugs, not wearing parties, shaving one side of your hair cause I really think people will not be as forgiving as they have been to Eminem, Britney and Lindsay.

I need your help, if you could please send me a link to your favorite fashion blogs, stores, magazines including those who are vintage geared, I will greatly appreciate it.

I miss my man #thatisall

Now to my 4 fav songs from the VMA's. I think you will be surprised.

Have a great week guys. Have a blast



  1. I don't think you come of as goody two shoes..holla at me for the exact word. I don't know if its okay to say here.


  2. Lol at picking your nose.

    I think its ok that Taylor Swift got a chance to respond to Kanye. She is the only one who knows how hurt she felt by his antics.

  3. feels like i hvnt been here in ages!!! ive been busy, forgive me lol hmm LDRs arent that bad, atleast u get to miss each other and when u finally see each other u dont get bored lol...i get the good two shoes all the time...but its really just called having me atleast!!

  4. Sorry about the LDR situation. Hopefully you get to see each other soon. I don't know, i think what you're feeling shows you like the person in question a lot. And that's a good thing. Just my 5 cents.

    The goody two shoes saga is the story of my life. People get shocked when they actually talk to me. "But i thought wrong sucker..." lol. Appearances can be so deceiving.

    Didn't watch the VMA's...I also like "The only exception". Need to get back into Linkin Park, i used to love them in high school.

    Yup, your life is damn good:) Thank God for that.

  5. LDR's are a pain but they can be worth it if you can see them through.

    My heart goes out to that person who has to bury both parents at such a tender age.

    Why are you hiding from pple anyway?

  6. Hahahhahaha hehe loll oya sorrry please im sorry i shouldnt laugh. Aww sorry hun i feel u on the loneliness bit like u just wish the person was in front of u, by u, with u....

    My darling theres nothing wrong with being a good girl...most of the things u highlighted are even just simply about good manners and reflecting good home training. Only somebody without purpose will be so short sighted as to esteem short lived popularity for long term posterity [i know i like big words].
    In simple english people dont think far enough.
    You're going somewhere great babe there's nothing wrong with that.

    Having said that im glad u dont pick ur nose in public...i would have had to disown u lolll.
    Life is so short on thursday the funeral of a 19 yr old i know will be held. He died from cancer. We are blessed to be alive, we are blessed to be alive and well.

    Fashion blog links:

    sorry my comment is almost as long as ur post :-(

  7. I suffer from ur disease darling...most of them. of all the things i luv abt the post, i luv that you're real!!

  8. lol this post had so much to laugh along with! lool at all the things you would never do in front of anyone even family...but family, not even your parents or siblings? haha sha. as for BB awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...we both know you'll be fine eventually. Try keep the fire burning in other ways even if you're not physically as close as you would like to be. P.S back at you


    Did I OD on this???? my bad!!! LOL! have a good week....err let me know if want more..:)

    LongDISTANCE SUX!!! pele dear

  10. The past week has been horrible becos I'm tired of my LDR situation but not tired of the man...*sigh* LDR Sucks!!!!

    I guess u r just being you dear.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I don't know about goody two shoes being a bad word. Like you I want to be good too. In my case I know it's cos I can be very bad.

    LDRs are hard work but you know that when you really care for the other person.

    Be healthy and that includes mental as you know. Come out of the shell OK?


    ps, Ms O has listed the links for both of us. :)

  12. You are no Goody two re real and that is what I've always liked about you and ur comments and posts....u keep things real!!! sound like you really are in love with this one.

  13. @Taynement - Lol

    @Prism - lol, i only speak the truth. True abt Taylor swift. Thanks for stopping by

    @Onose - Nothing to forgive ma, i understand. lol at u never get bored, this is true. I think so to. Thanks ma

    @Shade - Thank you, i hope so too. i do like him a lot *shy face* lol at appearances can be so deceiving, sounds like you have been hearing this for a while now.

    Yes o thats my fav song and you should, Linkin Park is awesome. We thank God o, very grateful

    @Parakeet - yes o, i hear that. And isn't it so sad, May God be with him. I have no idea o, will try to be better. Thanks for stopping by

    @glamtings - lol, you are allowed to laugh jor, plus u get my feelings.

    lol you do like big words, but i agree with you and Amen on the growing somewhere part. I pray so.

    lol, never in public o, wouldn't want u disowning me.

    Wow that is so sad, sorry for your loss honey. We are surely blessed to be alive and well.

    Thank you so much honey, you are the best. Plus i already follow your blog, lol

    @Anyan - you are far too kind honey and lol at you suffer from my disease.

    @Miss natural -heheheh, glad i made you laugh. Yes o not even my parents & siblings, trust me they thin im weird.

    Thank you ma, we are trying to do just that, i know it will get easier with time.

    P.S back at you

    @Ms O. - YOU ROCK!!!!!!! like seriously thank you so much. i couldn't even say it enough. Thanks

    @Miss Enigma - pele dear, big hugs. I know how you feel, just take it easy.

    Trying to be me o and you welcome, thanks for stopping by mines as well

    @Myne - lol at you can be very bad. You don't appear that way.

    Yes it is and i do care for him so i know it will be fine.

    I promise to be healthier, including mentally. Hugs right back

    @Nutty J - awww i really appreciate that, thank you so much.

    Yes i am *shy face*


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