Monday, September 27, 2010

#MusicMonday – No Gist :)

Why am I not doing anything for Independence Day? I can't be happy with the situation of Nigeria and instead of Nigerians setting up conferences where we talk about the situation of our country at the very least considering the abject poverty that at least 80% of the country is in we are throwing some of the most lavish parties the world has ever seen. The way of Nigerians innit?? Happy people still. O well. I'm not in abject poverty but I don't have money either so my butt is sitting at home contemplating my future.

I can feel myself withdrawing into a shell and I can't stop myself. I'm grateful I have God really, I don't want to think about where depression could have lead me to

In BB news, I don't get to see him anytime soon. Ko easy men. Wahala wo ni mo wa ko ra mi si nsi? Oro Ife yi lagbara men. Lol I apologize if u do not understand Yoruba, some things are just better said in your language, whatever it is. Language is extremely sexy to me.

Not sure what my life would be without music, again I'm grateful for artists and everybody involved in some way in the music industry

My brother has the greatest sense of humor I ever met. Kinda like BB, I don't know about you but that's the greatest requirement in a man ever. My sister is equally hilarious and I'm always shocked when people say I'm funny. I think they are messing with me.

It appears I'm the only female who doesn't think every guy she meets, talks to is remotely interested in me. Have I said this before?

I have a prayer for u, especially ladies. May you never be desperate for love & attention. May insecurities and fears never drive u to do embarrassingly crazy things. May love come easy for u

In other news I'm bothered by the fact that I'm completely and absolutely trusting it's actually quite disconcerting. I'm not curious, I'm not bothered, and I don't ask questions. May this not bite me in the butt can I hear an Amen? Amen.

I don't want him to see my wedding gown till he sees me walking down the aisle. I thought that was normal but apparently not.

Ok on to my gist. Its nothing o, so don't be disappointed just an account of my trip. It also involves some name dropping. It's quite unavoidable if u want me to be honest. So please bear with me or get over it.

First off I killed some kind of animal on my way there. I didn't see it. So sorrry. Then I saw a rat for the first time since I have been in yankee. I thought i was going to die. I am deathly scared of rats (blame my mother, long story). My friends, my sis and I stayed at my friends X.O's place. If you don't know X.O Senavoe and u haven't heard Power u r a dullard (Jesse Jagz twitter reference, lol. Nigerians take things too seriously tho, rme). He is Ghanian/Nigerian/American. Dude is HILARIOUS! You need to hear him speak. The great thing about it is that though we knew of each other way before, we only spoke 3 days before I was at his place(i make friends really easy though)and he was such a great host, cooked breakfast for us, performed for us, took us to the city and he knows how to do the dougie. It was fun.

I was kidkonnect's (NEA Award Winning Producer) date. This is important to note because it came with its privileges. Lol. E. g I got to see the whole redcarpet thing. The rule was he was not to introduce me to anybody and so sometimes he would say my twitter name but I was anonymous for the most part. Kinda cool. So I sat behind M.I and Jesse Jagz, beauty queen, Lara George, Modele infront of them. I realized, I don't think any Nigerian artist has reached celebrity status. I mean duh they are all human beings so nothing to it but yea they still have a long ways to go. M.I and Jesse were funny and nice and very accommodating, and girls are trips men, it was fun to watch. The ceremony was shit, see my post on glamtings for that. 

The after party wasn't great either, got my sis in which considering her age is a rare feat in itself. You could tell she was young cos she was the only one dancing with energy. I told her by the time u get to my age(birthday is coming up o) u will be sitting ur behind down or grinding on some She was the life of the party the whole weekend, everyone she met loved her. She is M.I's biggest fan(groupie sturvs men) and would not let me introduce her tho she has met him before, she saw him and turned red when he smiled at her. I recognized some twitter folks, met up with Miss Enigma(she is tiny :-))and saw a friend from high skool I hadn't seen in eight years, she looked beautiful.

Which reminds me omo this makeup business is such a long thing, like iCannot. My friend spent an hour on makeup and my friend (male) goes really???? Ok plus he told me I was the only female he knows who doesn't take time to dress up, wears no makeup and still looks beautiful. This is my attempt at being vain. Lol. I'm just saying tho ladies what is the obsession with makeup, am I missing something? I would do pictures but no space, plus I didn't take a pic of myself meanwhile I was camera woman all day o. I really need a great camera tho. Sigh!!!

This whole NEA thing made me consider event planning, seeing that i am very detail oriented, but my friends say i'm not mean enough, lol. Do i really need to be mean to do it though? I really feel like i should look into it? what say you? There are many obstacles, i couldn't even start today, but sometime soon maybe.

I think I might let my mum walk me down the aisle. Is that disrespectful towards my dad as per being Nigerian? And o if on the wedding day, he has cold feet and it requires somebody talking to him before he decides he wants again, i say call it off. Is this just me?

Nwayz that's it. I have only two songs for u, they are the songs that speak to my heart right now. And o to answer your question Doll, I lost all the songs on my IPod. iCried. Especially because the computer I synced it with it is no more, over 2000 songs I don't have anymore. Some classics too.

I think I want an iPad (can't believe I'm saying this) but I updated my iPod and I'm playing around it and I love it. TBH I wouldn't have a phone except I have to speak to people no?

#shoutout to RocNaija :)

#shoutout to Miss TayneMent for last weeks Music Monday...Thanks Ma :)

Hope you are all good? Have a good week ahead

P.S I Love You


  1. heya, sorry bout the loss of your songs

    your mum walk you down the aisle...sounds different in an innovative way

  2. lol this was a full post! I really dont know what to comment on plus I'm pretty tired. One thing for sure, I sure as heck enjoyed reading this. Ok here goes, will try...hate using makeup too (you spoke to me) lol do you speak yoruba well? If so I am so jealous! From your pics u are really pretty and sorry about your songs :( that sucks!

  3. Awwww... I got a shout out. :)
    That's so very thoughtful..
    As my moms will say "won maa ranti e si rere oh.." (Apologies to non speakers.)

    You do of course know you can't be walking down the aisle with momsy without make up on your wedding day? Right?
    Somethings gotta give..

  4. Hallurr!
    Amen, Amen Amiin.
    Aww pele as per BB love will conquer all. Yay u had fun in NY hehe. Nice post on the blog. Think u shud go into events management forgot to say earlier.
    As to ur mum walking u down..its diff bet ur fada may not like it u know #shrug

    Erm tink thats it really...bye for now...see u soon hehe

  5. The same thing happened with my iPod...pele

  6. @doll - Thank you so much and yea i just might do that

    @Miss Natural - lol, :( sorry i cant seem to write a short piece ever...Yes i do speak yoruba pretty well and thank you dear

    @Taynement - muuuahhh

    @RocNaija - Ami o, and thank you :). Lol, i will see about that, if im going to cry it all away whats the point, def lots of lip gloss sha.

    @unwritten - You have been missed :)

    @glamtings - lol, even this one was too long for you abi :(. I'm thinking about it o, we should talk. lol @ bet u know, i know. see u soon

    @Chic Therapy - pele dear, now i can actually relate


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