Thursday, September 23, 2010

Praise Thursday - Support

Hello Darlings,

How are you all doing? How was your weekend and your week? No comment on my last post, i am burnt o (yes i have no problems saying this).

Today was one of those, life just has in it for me days. I think why it bothers me so much is that i don't want to complain or cry or be mad and then i feel like everybody thinks i'm ugly now that they can see me exposed and broken. I'm so sure BB is going to get tired of me now and leave and the same with my friends and family.

But i know they won't, well one they are pretty special people and two they know what i know but sometimes just can't reconcile with that this is only a temporary thing and things will change and soon in life i may never even remember this stage of my life.

Thankful for support and encouragement and random smiles from strangers. Thankful for unconditional love. I have only two songs for you today. The first is a song from Cece Winans called You Will dedicating it to Audeo and anyone experiencing any kind of hurt, just a reminder that IT IS WELL. The Second is a song about strength, my prayer everyday really Standing in your Will by Men of Standard.

Happy Birthday Audeo, wishing you all the very best. The Lord Bless you and Keep you and Grant you all your heart desires, and meet you at your point of need. Your testimony is going to be great, believe it.

Have a good weekend guys, see you on Monday, God willing. Plus i have gist for you guys

P.S I LOVE YOU and Thank you so very much.... all of you


  1. 1st off,i'm 1st!That established, i will now read/listen!

  2. Lovely songs, I'm looking forward to the gist, lol..

  3. Thanks, for the music..and as Nutty J. said, its well.

  4. Love the songs, hehe see mee ooo im commenting hehe. Lol please kindly dont make me wait for this gist tenks...i expect it fest tin monday moring...tenks in advance. Have a great weekend sweets x

  5. Always been a fan of cece,never disappointed! As as per the gist,come on,its getting cold here-in bloggsville!Spill Spill.
    Trust u well today. Take it easy,one day at a time--the best'll come.

  6. hi love.
    Thanking God for a good friday!
    hang in there.
    God is for you.

  7. Gist ke? *Shade's ears have perked up*. Nice. Looking forward to it on Monday.

    Eya, take it easy. God is your strength :). I like "Standing in your will". May we always do that. God dey.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. @T.Notes - Lol, hi darling. How u been? Ce-Ce is awesome. Lol my gist is not that serious o. I'm good dear, hanging in there. Amen dear, thanks

    @Myne - Thanks ma, i won't fail

    @Doll - I lost all the songs on my I-Pod :(

    @Nutty J - Amen

    @Ka'espeaks - My pleasure and Amen

    @glamtings - Lol, i see u ma. I will have it up first thing in the morning, i promise. Thanks ma, have a great weekend as well

    @Tisha - Hi hon, we Thank God. Hanging in there and Amen

    @Shade - Lol...hope u like. Amen, thanks ma. Have a good weekend as well.

  9. Great songs - if i say so.. We all feel blue from time to time i guess..

  10. Monday has come oh...awaiting ur gist...

  11. @baggucci - Thank you and yes we do. Thanks for stopping by sir

    @Rita - lol, it has been posted o


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