Thursday, September 2, 2010

Praise Thursday

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Evening People. Its 9am over here and i'm running late. You see we are moving apartments, more like my siblings are moving apartments (hoping that i'm only a guest here for a short while) and i'm doing all the work. Lol. Don't know what they would have done without me btw, but i'm glad i could help. Plus i like that i can implement my system of how things should be and how things should look and all they have to do is maintain it. iknow, iknow, i'm never going to let them grow up. But i'm teaching by example i hope, so they can always have that in the back of my their minds for future references. Nways i realize i'm a hard worker.

But we are here to Praise God and i have to say that i'm getting better in my relationship with God, so clap for me. :). Thank you for all the prayers i really appreciate it. God is a Good God and he will do just what he said he will do in my life and yours in Jesus Name. Have a blessed day guys and enjoy the music.

He's Able - Darwin Hobbs

Healing - Richard Smallwood

Darius Brook - Your will

Lara George - Ko ma si

Cece Winans - Comforter

P.S I LOVE YOU. Really. Have a blessed weekend and be safe


  1. Have a great day and week, and all the best!

  2. I'm glad to here you are grwoing in your relationship with God.
    Have a great day!

  3. i can identify with that big sister ideal, i call my younger ones "my babies".

    Its well with you neefemi, use this as an opportunity for God to teach you something new and still bring you out victorious.

  4. Absolutely love Lara George Ko ma si!!!!I've overplayed it so much that particular song is scratched off the cd!!!!

  5. I'm equally trying to be better with my relationship with God. I feel so far away from him. It is well. Thanks for the encouraging songs. It's such a blessing right now.

  6. Yay. Keep working on that relationship bebe. I'm looking forward to my brother coming to stay but i have a feeling he will only tolerate my mothering for so long hehe...ah well..Have a great weekend hun x

  7. Disabled comments on your new post then?!

    If I could call your local radio station, I'd dedicate this to you..

  8. Neefemi.
    You have disabled the comments.

    But i love enough to tell you that you will get through this time.
    Hold on and keep trusting God.
    He's faithful!

  9. @blogoratti - thanks a lot hun

    @Tricia - thanks a lot ma.

    @Tisha - lol, me too. Amen and thats what i'm trying to do o.

    @T.Notes - heheh i understand the feeling

    @Shade - awww i'm glad they help you and it is well in Jesus Name. Don't give up

    @Glamtings -will do and yea boys are harder than girls, lol.

    @RocNaija - Thank you so much, I really really appreciate you.

    @Tisha - Thank you so much Tisha, God Bless you so much for your support encouragement and love. Will do


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