Wednesday, September 29, 2010


        I wanna start by introducing myself because I’m hoping that there are some new folks reading this. My name is Neefemi and I write. Primarily music reviews and I have been fortunate to “critique” songs and albums from artists all over the world. What I am is somebody whose love for music drove me to do something I am passionate about. However, I do not claim to be in the music industry. I am neither, a singer, a producer, A & R, publicist, you name it. The closest I have come is writing lyrics, I don’t think I’m so good at it, but practice makes perfect huh. That is beside the point. This is not why you are here.
        You are here because the release of DBanj’s new song shit “I do this” created some kind of uproar on twitter and what I got, what killed me was the statement “There is nothing like a Universal Definition of Good Music” That right there killed me.
       Now I will tell you why there is such a thing. Let me say this GOOD music is different from one’s personal taste in music. You do not have to understand the language in which the song is sang; you do not as a rule have to like the genre of music. It is GOOD because, you who speak only French are floored by this song being sang in Italian/Spanish/English/Yoruba. It is GOOD because, you who as a rule hates Country Music is waving your hands, moving your body, screaming at the top of your lungs to this song.
      Often you have heard it been said that MUSIC is UNIVERSAL. The one thing that brings nations together, bring people together. Something Religion has not been able to do. Something LOVE (is there anything more universal than love?) has not been able to do. Something a unified idea, money, sharing the same blood has not been able to do. The only thing remotely close to being able to do this is SPORTS and if you know much about sports (read Arsenal – Man U) people have been known to kill for this.
      There was a reason millions/billions all over the world mourned Micheal Jackson’s death. There is a reason BOB Marley is pretty much enshrined. I dare say FELA and TUPAC are also considered artists who have produced such GOOD music. Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Sade, Phil Collins also come regularly to mind. YOU CANNOT ARGUE THIS!!! YOU CANNOT. YOU WILL ONLY BE LYING TO PROVE YOUR POINT.    
        I believe the reason we have so much argument(s) about this is because our generation has not known what Good Music is. I really think we have been bombarded by so much rubbish, our discernment is somewhat lacking. I also think having a GOOD RECORD is different from the true definition of GOOD MUSIC. I happily move to most of Lady Gaga’s song, she makes GOOD RECORDS she is yet to make GOOD MUSIC.
        After all is said and done we are all entitled to our own opinions, mine is deep rooted in the fact that my parents raised me on GOOD MUSIC, music passed on from their generations to my generation to that of my siblings. That’s the UNIVERSAL DEFINITION OF GOOD MUSIC



  1. Hahahahahahaha!!!! So true. I also think the definition of Good music should never be personalised cos then it'd be an unending argument but to say there is no definition for Good music is just criminal. My two cents. N yea that Dbanj's new thing called a song is an all time low from him in my honest opinion. They shouldn't have released it. #thatisall

  2. AWESOME! SPEAK UR MIND! there is a different betw mediocre and SUPERB! some music r LEGEND n some r jst WACK.

  3. Neefemi I actually don't agree with you about that oh. I do not think there is anything like a universal definition of good music. I feel that you have given too little weight to personal taste. The idea is that you would call it universal because the majority like it. I agree with you that there is a lot of music out there that people across cultures, time, race and countries like. However you will still find a lot of people who don't like it. Also for you to say that some people don't understand or appreciate 'good music' that sounds like they dont understand your definition of good music. You're right at the end of the the sense that I believe everything is relative. Oh yeah I personally dont like D'banj's new song that much.

  4. There's something deep about music, yes. It unifies the world, yes. Nevertheless, LOVE is deeper and unifies the world more.

    PS: I love GOOD music that takes my breath away. I love GOOD lyrics that defines the breath of my existence. :)

    PSS: I heard so much about this D'Banj failure that I might never listen/watch the video. Lol.

  5. AHA! This is what I was trying so hard to explain! GOD BLESS YOU Neefemi!

  6. was about to come and say i see we have some mutual friends on our timelines, then i saw comments from the two culprits already.
    i swear, that argument was annoying, how the heck can any body argue that there is no universal standard for good music? mscheeew. i hope you posted the link to this and tagged all them strange people saying that on twitter!

  7. Good music...hmmmm....

    Good music is inspiring... lovely and puts a smile on your face

  8. Bet please wait fest...why shoutest thou miss Neef? hehe :p

    I hear u on our generation being fed crap....Soulja Boi and his fellows are typical examples. Unfortunately it seems that people are buying into the aforementioned crap. #Sigh

    Erm meanwhile i wanna believe that u meant to say 'Dbanj's latest hit'??...please correct that typo tenks :p

  9. Haven't heard the song yet, sadly. So I'm at a loss as to what brought this on... :/

  10. Haha. Heard about the uproar on twitter. I just jejely avoided it. Some "twitterers" can be vicious!

    But i agree with you, there is a universal definition of good music. Music that, like you said, cuts across generations, music taste, ethnicity and what not. Artists like Fela, Bob Marley, U2, KSA, Enya, Osita Osadebe, Lagbaja, Lisa Gerrard, Yanni, to name a few (including the artists you already listed) embody what good music is. Like someone said on twitter, over time, people in naija have been made to compromise their music taste in order to accommodate some of the rubbish that is being churned out by some naija artists. It's quite depressing.

    Someone, i believe it was on, argued that if we classify D'Banj's "I do this" as wack, what would we call 2face's "Implication"? Me i don't know o. The difference with "Implication" is that at least it made sense and the lyrics were not bad. "I do this" is just...That said, although I'm not a D'Banj fan, the song is "not tres horrible". Don Jazzy saves it with the top-notch beat. It's just sad that D'Banj fails to deliver, yet again (he needs to dig into that creative mind of his and deliver GOOD MUSIC. Enough with the kokolette crap). However, i do appreciate his effort at trying something new. Quite commendable.


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