Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Nights

Hi guys, i hope your weekend went well. I had some kids knock on my door and i felt bad because i did not have candy ;-(. In all my years of living alone (read: apartments) i've never had kids come trick or treat tho, i thought they only went to houses. I will be ready for next year, God willing i'm alive till then.

So not really in the mood for music, plus my mind is just going all kinds of haywire, so lets random shall we.

So as per my intro, why do we make plans and worry about the future? when we could easily not be alive tomorrow. Is it really just the assurance in God that we will live long? and if you don't believe in God, why do you?

My pastor is a joker. So he goes how our praise and worship is our intimate time with God, like foreplay before the real deal. He goes let me school you on the slow cooker deal. You give your wife a kiss in the morning and send her like 5 texts during the day just saying hi so by the time you come home, she is all willing. Like when you put meat in the slow cooker all day and when you come home, the meat is falling off the bones. Lol, i was cringing in church. You gotta love African American Pastors.

Speaking of cringing, obvious lies make me physically cringe. You can always tell i'm lying cos ill straight up cringe. But if you ask my best friend and prolly Miss Taynement the trait i hate the most, they will tell you its INSECURITY. I cannot stand, cannot tolerate it, it makes me mad, as in shaking mad. Sigh. I think you thinking a tweet is a subliminal at you or anybody else btw is a form of insecurity. Was so bad i said it to BB
without being cautious, knowing that he has actually thought i subliminaled him one too many times. Still pissed

If you are a friend to someone i love, you are given automatic Carte -Blanche. I automatically love you until proven otherwise. I may not be friendly with you, but i might vouch for you on account of the person i love. Am i wrong in believing this is the way it should be?

I just don't get why females are fighting this whole double standard thing when it comes to sexuality. I get the part where women fought and thats why we can vote now, but is it really the same thing? The argument that a woman with two d***s in her mouth at the same time is not a ho, is pretty lame don't you think? I'm all for ladies who are liberated and all that, but can i just say do that shit in private, if not don't cry bullocks otherwise.

I think he is mad at me. Shrugs. I pray my feeling inadequate won't have me sabotage this. My friend Yoms, says its a male trait to feel inadequate in a relationship. I've been telling you all i was meant to be a man.

Its easy to agree to something when you are not in said position, our opinions all change ever slightly if we had to walk a mile in said shoes. This is true of almost everything in this life i believe. Something i gleamed while watching another one of my many TV shows. I watch a lot of them.

I'm jealous of successful young people, especially if they are younger than me. I start to think of how i've been wasting my life.

It is highly possible that the reason i'm going through all this is because God wants me to stop being a control, independent, overly ambitious freak. God help me because that seems highly impossible. Lol.

My best friend said my posts have been sad, i really do apologize for that. I'm not necessarily always sad when i post things up, i just say it as it is, but please let me know, if i'm rather too despondent, i need to stop.

I have never approached a guy. Never. :-) it bad that i don't see how a girl does it too? Like i don't know what a guy will have just by looking at him, that will make me say hi. Or like in the movies when you see the dashingly handsome guy and then your friend whispers to you that he is rich too and he is endowed so you go talk to him. Lol, nways if you have approached a guy, ladies, tell me about it.

Cos i can't say this out loud, permit me to say it on here that i'm crazy in love. This is bad real bad Micheal Jackson. :-)

Babes got skinny :-) No ass, no boobs, but its all good in the hood.

T.I ft Chris Brown "Get back up" has now replaced Deuces as my best song of the year.

I might have my bb in my boobs on my wedding day. lol. i'm just saying

I watched Invictus today and i cried. The most inspiring movies to me seem to be sport movies (The Blind side). There is just something about the spirit of team work, dedication, focus and commitment in sports and how it inspires communities and nations. God willing i do hope to promote sports in Nigeria and hope we can regain great standards like we did for the African cup of nations 1994.

I want to do everything sha, write, music, movies, sports, health, entertainment, politics. Itk toooohhhh baaaadddd. Lol

Ok i'm done for now, might be back before Thursday cos trust me when i say my brain is running a mile a dozen, but somehow i can't seem to write a serious post. I have 2 politics post, 2 music post and the book on my mind but nada. O well. I told you all my problem in life is discipline, if i cant discipline myself to do what i love, then how am i ever going to succeed?

Ok just heard this on tv, so decided to share

P.S I Love You :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Things left unsaid: Part 1

Yes, i want to go out...
I want to go for drinks with my oyinbo friends even if i don't drink
I wouldn't even mind hanging out with the people i know that i don't consider friends
I want to go to basketball games & hockey games & if i can afford it soccer games all the way in England
I want to go to concerts of my favorite artists, not only in my city but in other cities
I want to go to the theaters and watch Lion King and Fela
I want to go to Vegas
I want to go the beach in a city with beaches
I want to try different locale foods
I want to learn salsa and tap dancing
I want to go to museums and learn how to paint
I want to go deep sea diving and para sailing
I want to go bungee jumping
I want to go watch a movie
I want to go skating
I want to go bowling
I want to go explore hidden areas in different cities
I want to go on a private flight
I want to go Disney world, cos i haven't been
I could go on and on

I want to do so many things but i can't
I don't want to sit down alone every weekend for week on ends.
I learnt early to make sacrifices tho and to not cry over spilt milk

Nways BB said he was was worried that i don't do ANYTHING.
And i played it off as i always do.
I don't tell him a lot of things, i don't like people worrying about me.
Or maybe i'm ashamed, i don't know.
I figure ill share on here things i can't say out loud.
Thank God i can come here to just write. It helps.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Praise Thursday

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? I hope your week went great. Again,Thank you so very much for the birthday prayers and wishes, God Bless you all tremendously, his face will continue to shine upon you. Thank you :)

On that day, one of my closest friends called and he said "you might not know this but you are favored and i pray that the Lords favor never depart from you". I had tears in my eyes, because i forgot, i can't lie, i did. I think its fair to say that you can't blame me, but its still not an excuse and the fact that people can still see this on me, especially from afar cos said friend now lives in Nigeria. This was just a reminder that God hasn't forgotten me yet.

Well yesterday my mum calls and the conversation came back to this whole situation and by the time we said goodbyes rather than be lifted up, you could tell on both ends that we were sad. I then check my blogs and Bagucci aka @dhjax put up Josh Wilson's "Before the Morning" and the song gave me back all the reassurance i needed. Imma let these two songs speak to you, i pray for those out there waiting for their seasons to change, that the Lord will uphold you and strengthen you and your season will change for the better.

Josh Wilson - Before the Morning

Kutless - What faith can do


Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Memorable Days

Hello my lovelies, how are you doing? How was your weekend, i hope good. Mine was chilled as per usual, it was just me and the sis at home and she refused to sleep on the bed alone and i don't like beds, so she slept on the couch with me Thurs - Sun, lets just say i need a massage.

Miss Taynement and I often accuse people of not reading entries and just scanning through. U ARE ALL GUILTY, lol. Well apart from Miss Shade and Miss Natural. My birthday is tomorrow, well a couple hours Naija time, it also happens to be the same as Miss Myne, so don't forget to show her some love. Thank you guys tho, for the prayers and love, i don't take it for granted. :-)

I had my very first virtual date with BB yesterday, i will never forget yday no matter what life throws at me, its prolly going to be my happy place. Can i just say, Thank God for skype again. Its the little things guys, well at least for me sha. I'm a gestures kind of girl, nothing you buy me is ever going to mean more than what you say and what you do. Cherish the time spent together with your family, friends, loved ones, even if its virtual. Stories of death all over this weekend reminded us of how important this is. For shared passions, for mutual understanding and for lasting memories, i'm grateful.

So as to my question post, i won't lie i was surprised at the responses, dare i say you are all a bunch of romantics, lol. If you haven't read "roc naija's" comment,you should, i swooned a lil myself ;-). "A teen" was the only one who got where i was coming from. I did not mean a significant other necessarily, what i described for example was me and my best friend and i guess it was my fault cos i kept saying "and then", i didn't mean it was a process, like u had to have one after the other. My point was just that feelings aside, these things in a human being, bring about Love. But i did hear you though, can i just say that i have to see an actual example for me to totally believe. Shout out to "Sugarking" for his comment, lol, too funny. O plus i reckon that all i have to do to get everybody to comment is do shorter posts, i got the memo. lol

#random i don't think i could ever use a sex toy. Please don't judge me.

Celibacy is hard sha, can i really hold out till marriage? I reckon this is an excuse to marry early, if i have to wait 2 -3yrs, i don't know o. God is in control, lol.

My bf went to the strip club for her bday, i missed out. Knowing me i probably won't have gone lol, but i don't mind a private show sha. Ideas tohhhhh baaaaddddd.

I want a professionally done nude picture, taken in France or Italy or somewhere exotic like that, before i have babies and get fat :-)

I swear i had more to say, but ehmm i can't rbr. Lol. Let's do the music shall we
Kanye with 35mins video tho...ilove the dude but no can do
Introducing Nigerian artist Joy Ike...

Peter Gabriel - In your eyes

Backstreet boys - Incomplete

Sade Adu - King of Sorrow

Olo mi - Tosin Martins

I know that list just didn't make sense, lol... lets just say these songs will forever make me smile
The next time you hear from me i shall  be 24 ;-)

P.S I Love You

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praise Thursday - 24 things

Helloooooooooo...... 3 posts in one week, this is good, i thinking i'm getting better :) ... Hi Guys, how are you doing? (Nobody answers this question tho), i hope well, and i'm sure looking forward to the weekend.

Last week when i was at my most depressed stage, my extraordinary young-un, Kayode, came on bbm to encourage me. I was complaining about how i want this birthday to just pass, and that it was not worth celebrating and bla bla he decided we should compile a list, 24 reasons why i should be happy i am about to be 24... we did not end up finishing the list cos he lives in Jand and had to go bed, lol, but i continued the list.

Surprisingly enough, it was relatively easy to come up with 24 things, infact i had more and tho i'm still not excited about this birthday and can't wait for it to be over, i know that everyday of my life is worth celebrating, so on Tuesday when i go on my knees thanking God for another year in my life, i know it will be with all the sincerity i possess.

Shoutout to Miss Natural, for my first birthday message, heheheh... Love you... Plus i want to encourage everyone to do this, kind of like a meme, whatever your age is, write down all the things that comprise your awesomeness, what you are thankful for, anything you would like to share i guess, it should be fun. Let's Go...

 1. Family - I am just really grateful for my family, even tho the dynamic is not ideal, there is love amongst us...especially grateful for my siblings, i'm uberproud.. For extended family as well
 2. Friends - I couldn't say this enough i have the greatest friends, people that would literally kill for me, who pray for me, encourage me and accept me for who i am... God will never forget you all, and will continue to Bless you, its just guaranteed
 3. Being alive - What more can i say, like Miss TM said its better to be alive, than dead
 4. Good health - Good health is paramount to having a good life, for this i am very grateful
 5. BB - This man may not be the one God has destined for me, though i pray that is not the case, but at this time in my life, for sticking around and being there and caring, i can't thank God enough. "I pray for you, more than i pray for myself"
 6. Music - Music is my opium and i don't know if this is blasphemous to say, my air...
 7. Writing - My escape and because a lot of times i can't say what i want to but instead write, i'm grateful
 8. Technology - You wouldn't expect this on the list, but if u r in a LDR or have family far and wide, and because i can communicate with you via here, since i am antisocial. I'm grateful for Blackberry, skype, phones, Tv and the internet
 9. Degrees - Upon all my shouts, i have two degrees yo and going for a 3rd, grateful for that opportunity. I can't even rbr how we paid for it all. Thats why God is good.
10. Lessons learnt - Mistakes made, through trials and tribulations, learnt a lot, its made me a better person. Though i would rather have not had him as an ex sha (cringe-worthy) lol.
11. Strangers kindness - I've been lucky with this, i can't even explain it, for random acts of kindness i'm grateful
12. Every teacher/professor/ Every man/ woman of God - Instruments in my life
13. For my numerous projects - Weplug, Conversationsabouther, Angonemi, Allure, DUI, Management, The Bridge - i'm immensely grateful14. Love of God - What can i say, where will i be without it
15. Knowing how to cook - lol this is essential, cos i think we would have starved by now, ability to make something with lil or nothing is something men
16. Clothes & shoes I own - because i understand that some people don't own as much as i do
17. A roof over my head -i'm not living in a shelter or half way home
18. One car - in a city where the public transportation system sucks, i cant complain that the other car is not working, one is better than none
19. Bills paid so far20. Strength
21. Protection
22. Favor
23. Grace  & mercy
24. For a future HE himself designed for me.

For this and many more, I am grateful. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hellooooo guys... How are you doing? Hope your week has been going fine so far. I have a quick question cos a friend and i are talking and something just came up and we have opposing views so i want to hear what you think.

A lil background first... this is because i can never just write a short brain just doesn't work like that, lol.... You all know me pretty well except you are new to my blog (Shout-out to my new followers tho, i appreciate you and please if u would comment i can get a direct link to your blogs/site, the follower thing doesn't always allow me do that. Thanks)... 

Anywhoo, i was saying you know me well enough to know that i don't think Love is enough. In-fact i dont think love is the beginning. I think it starts with like, then you find that you can trust said person, then you find that you respect said person, then you find that this persons opinion matters to you, said person is accountable, honest and communicative, has the same dreams as you or is at least supportive of yours, is great with your family and friends, and in some cases said person is good in bed, lol. Only then after putting all of this together can you honestly and truly say you are in Love. Do you agree? Its ok if you disagree, but i want to know why?

The main question tho is this. Can you say you have all those things that is trust, understanding, honesty, respect, good communication, good sex and still not be in Love with the person? Is it possible? 

Personally, i do not think it is, i can't even expatiate on that, i just think its highly impossible. I want to know what you think. Thanks

P.S I Love you

Monday, October 18, 2010

#MM - Young love

I can't seem to come up with suitable titles, so please bear with me.....HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Hi guys, how are you doing? Have i told you how much i love you all, i can't even reply comments on the last two posts cos i want to cry all the time. Thank you for accepting me as i am, for seeing me as i am and for being there...

In other news, social networks cause a lot of paranoia. I know this because everybody thinks every tweet is about them on my TL, subliminal this, subliminal that e.g. BB thinking my tweets were at him yesterday and going "i actually went to my TL to see what i wrote" lol. His has a lil bit of guilty conscience added to it but it was the funniest thing ever. I have never thot a tweet was to me, even if its BB, well at least until yday when Miss Taynement subliminal-ed me for ruining Mad Men, lol. But i realize i'm very slow, i always say this, everything is literal to me.

I tend to take general points from a conversation and i often will elaborate on it, in public when i may not have said much when we talked. Let me give you an example, say me and you were talking about cheating, and you had said something like "as long as you love the person, cheating can be overlooked". I may not expatiate on that with you, but then come on my blog to give a whole sermon on it or talk about it on twitter. Or i see you tweet something or mention something on your blog, and not comment on it but come talk about it via either medium. I need to tell you now, that i don't do this to hurt or insult anyone, or subliminal anyone...said topic has just become a topic of interest to me and i chose to address said issue in a medium that is comfortable for me, cos sometimes i don't feel like talking and i especially hate to argue.... Does any of this make sense? My point, please don't take anything you see on here, on twitter personally especially if you think its about you.It might be from something you said, wrote or did or something we discussed but its never directed to you.

People always berate me for not hanging out, not having friends bla bla bla.... its ok, i'm ok with it. Because people are so fake, i'm sorry icant. And then with backstabbing and gossiping. Yes, to an extent maybe we all gossip so i should stop acting holier than thou but backstabbing really, sharing your friends most kept secret to  a random person, icant understand it. I'm telling you men, you all should be like me and live your life as an open book, so nobody will come and think they have something on you. Just heard something that broke my heart for a friend, and i'm glad i don't have besties, bestos, bf, bff, close friends, special friends, friends for clubbing & shopping, as innnnn i'm sorry thats too much for me, BB says its not for everybody, lol.

That's all i got for today, not much going on mentally or otherwise...thinking about actually starting a book.. it will be based on my life but as fictitious as ever, you know all those dreams i have not attained will be attained, all the bad things i would never do, i will do, things like that, ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. Also for the fashion piece in Vanguard pls send all material to

Music shall we?

Loved B2k - they had awesome songs if you ask me... Omarion sang all the songs sha, lol... some of my favs

Team Bowwow still - He just has that flow, like diggy simmons has now

Where is Jojo? - This girl has got a voice on her, where is she?

Thats it... P.S I LOVE YOU

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Of all things

Prayer: So i seen someone asking why Nigerians always say Prayer is the solution and i just laugh... You must not ever have been at your wits end. Because only then will your first ever solution to everything, even the dumbest thing, be going down on your knees and Praying. I've said this before, first off you did not broach a solution to said problem, so why even knock anybody's advise. 2. In America for example, you could always use the law to solve a problem albeit temporarily and sometimes even that might fail you. In Nigeria, this is not an option. 3. Prayer is more than just you waiting on God for rescue, but because it brings with it the peace & clarity one needs to see the solution thats right in front of one's eyes.

Opinion: Had to come next, cos what i did above is berate someone's opinion. No one died and made me king of anything, but i strongly believe that not all opinions are to be voiced. Take a minute to reflect, put yourself in someone's else's shoe's. Think(its hard) but try imagine what you would do, what brought said person to that point. I can say this comfortably because trust me when i say i am the most judgmental person you will ever meet, but even i know better than to think that i have the solution to everything or i could do it better or i know better.

Down and Out: I realize that i understand why one will take his/her life. I never really understood it before cos i had never had any reason to want to kill myself. Most will say i don't have any now, you might be right, but you are also wrong. Let me tell you a lil about being down and out.
Down & out is the inability to see beyond the now, you are so engrossed in your current state, the future seems embedded with more problems. No victory in sight, every step you take to make your future better, comes with it its own added set of problems e.g.
Down & out is when you think that even if i got a job right now, i may not be able to take it because there is only one car and how will your siblings go to school.
Down & out is you doing laundry wondering when you will be able to buy soap to do laundry again.
Down & out is when somehow you manage to pay this bill and instead of relief to come with that you think of the fact that you can't pay the next thousand bills.
No i won't be taking my own life or anything like that, i put my feet in someone else's shoes and it wasn't a pretty sight and i pray for the lost and troubles souls out there, may you find PEACE.

Dancing: I danced the whole day yesterday, a far cry from how i wept the day before. I danced at the laundromat, i danced at home. No epiphanies, no solutions to my problem, it wasn't even because i prayed, but somehow i think God was happy with that.

Hatred: I hate my parents for making me go through this. What were/are they thinking? Why do they think i'm strong enough to handle this? I hate myself for not being strong enough, i am a Leader, always been, right now failure is all i seem. I hate that i am not a boy, because in my mind somehow this would have been easier, because i would have been born with a hustler spirit and done some yahoo yahoo to solve my problems. I hate that i'm a "good" girl, with not enough courage to say i want to be a stripper or a prostitute or have a sugar daddy who will pay my bills? I hate that i didn't think of marrying to get papers, cos that would have made my life easier. I hate myself for not having any obvious talent, well one that pays immediately. I hate that luck did not decide to overflow on me, like it seems to do for others. I hate that i cant bear to think of myself doing anything illegal because i think, more like i know that i'm going to get caught, when others live this way for years.

Money: If you still think my problem is my negative bank account, then i'm not sure how else to explain. Its not the money, it sure will be good and will solve the obvious problems, but its more the responsibility of it all, the fact it seems like this is all on my head and it lasts for more years than i care to imagine. Its the feeling like i carry the weight of the world and i would never be free from it all.

LDR's: It's hard not to think of all the bad things he could be doing. Its hard not to think you guys had something together cos well i see the tweets and the messages and you are closer and i'm far away. Its hard not to worry. But its a greater feeling knowing someone has your back and you trust someone completely and they care for you even more than you do yourself or they. There will always be insecurities and fears, except the person is not worth it, you just have to not let them ruin a good thing and sometimes there might be cause to voice it out, never be afraid to do so. Don't push things under the rug, cos you are afraid that he might think you insecure, only God's love covers a multitude of sins. But what do i know, i'm single. Lol

Thank you for your love, support, prayers. You have been awesome instruments in my life, i can't tell you all that enough. Have a good weekend and i'm good really, i promise you, just sharing my thoughts.

Monday, October 4, 2010

#Music Monday - Good Music

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen…. How are you? How was your weekend? I hope great.

I saw The Town this weekend and I’m so happy for Ben Affleck really, no one can call him names now. I came out of the theatres and my boobs were icicles. Michigan is FREEZING...Jeez!!! I decided then and there I wasn’t going to church the next day. Let me tell you this is a very legitimate excuse only if u live in Alaska, MI, Chicago, Canada and some parts of NY, anywhere else is a lie jo.  Nways I went to church, I was reminded that I went out in the cold to watch a movie so I must go, if I did not go to the movies sha, I would not have gone.

Saw The Blind Side yesterday, which was an excellent movie btw. The first game Michael Oher played the one guy from the other team kept heckling him, talking to him, insulting him and dude was so calm. God knows you could not talk to me like that; I will beat you upside your head. Nways at some point the ref does not call a foul on this same boy when he kicks Michael on the head right in front of him, Michael’s coach goes berserk and then the ref pulls out a flag so the scrawny looking guy is about to have a fit. Michael holds him back and tells him “Don’t worry coach I got your back” and on the very next play he grabs the guy all the way across the field and dumps him on the outside. His coach asked him “where were you taking him to?” and Michael goes “To the Bus coach, it was time for him to go home”. 

Why the entire story? Well truth is some of you know that some things, some people in your lives GOT TO GO… some things/people have to be on the first speedy train out of your lives. There is no reason you are still messing with that foolery, no reason at all. Usually at this point I will say something like I don’t mean to be preaching cos I really don’t want u to think I’m a goody two shoes, except well today I can’t honestly say that. There are some friends you know you should not be hanging with; that boyfriend that is not supportive, can’t pick up the phone to call, makes you cry more times than he makes you laugh; that girl who is all about your money and what you will do for her and her friends but doesn’t push you to become anything in the future. It’s time for them to get on that bus/train/plane the fastest exit outta your life.

In other news I said skipping rope today and Miss Taynement laughed at me and said Jump Rope. Please who is with me? Its Skipping rope jo. Together with the Wii, I have gotten my exercise mojo back.

Do you know who Kathy Bates is? I’m sure a lot of people don’t and before this week I never knew her by name. This woman is the definition of a hard worker, this week alone she was in every single movie I saw and trust me I have watched more movies than I can dare tell u about (I’m jobless what can I say). No role too small or big, she stayed working. She realized that it might take time but eventually her name will resonate with you in almost the same way Betty Whites name is known even though they went through different paths.

It resonated with me only because I wonder sometimes why I do a lot of what I do, and I think that though I might not be getting the money, recognition, accolades whatever it really does not matter. It sounds pretentious saying it aloud, even to me, but it should be all about your resume, it should be about your personal success. The awards will be nice, don’t get me wrong, I’m the most humbled anytime someone says thank you /says I did a good job on something. Again I’m preaching, ai forgive me.

Its Breast Cancer Month, I hope you guys are getting checked and making sure your Mothers, Aunties, Grand Mothers and friends are getting checked too. Don’t forget the men in your lives as well, yes Men get Breast Cancer, I can give you all the statistics if you like, so encourage them to do so as well.

Deuces has to be the one song I will remember from 2010. I can’t even understand why cos usually I love songs that speak to the place I am in life and this song isn’t one of those, I don’t know sha I loved it from listening to the mix tape before every one heard it on the radio. Lol

This is IT… AMEN!!!!

I guess I don’t have much else to say. I hope you have a fabulous week…. The songs this week are inspired from my GOOD MUSIC post + a Beazy Monday track I like…. Music is not done like it used to be men, such a shame. Nways enjoy

Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
Sade - Sweetest Taboo
Bob Marley - One Love
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands in the Stream

Beazy ft Mystkay - Colours

P.S I Love You

Friday, October 1, 2010

Late Praise Thursday

You might not believe me, but i forgot yesterday was Thursday and when i did remember i was too lazy and in pain (Ulcer) so forgive me. I like that i get to do this today because today is the beginning of the best month in the world. Yes i am biased, its October and its my month. The birthday is a couple weeks from now, not excited. I am never excited about these things once October hits just all the months prior. Happy Birthday in Advance to any Blogger born this month, wishing you all the very best and may God grant you all your heart desires in Jesus Name. For everybody i hope this is a great month for us all, with great blessings, more than we can think and even ask in Jesus Name.

I had planned to talk about trials and tribulations and how one can overcome this. You see the truth is I could write a book on this issue, i know all the bible verses and the seemingly wise words. I do, never mind that i never remember them on days when i am depressed and down. But my Pastor said something that made all the sense in the world to me. He said that if you have been through something like this before and God brought you out of it, you ought to be rejoicing knowing that the miracle is about to be bigger. If you all remember i was in the exact same position last year, i had just graduated, no job for months, bills due left and right and at the time i had just my brother to worry about. Guess what its 3 of us now, and again no job, same exact period and yet i am happier, more settled, in love(ok just had to say that, lol) difference being i just believe. I just believe in Gods promises that he has a greater plan for me.

I am not saying i'm perfect. TBH i know that one reason why this is happening is that God is trying to grow me spiritually and if you ask me i"m failing so each day i ask for Wisdom (James 1: 5-7). My pastor also said that my request determines my test and you already know my requests are a LOT. The Bible says (James 1:2-7) and i paraphrase that we go through this test to produce patience and to develop perseverance. This is what i have learnt and i hope it spoke to someone today. I have been through some things in life, and i can say for a fact that Jesus is the way, the only way and my miracle is abound, i just know it. I hope you believe it for yourself to no matter what you are going through. COUNT IT ALL JOY.

My only song for you is a song that i sing as a prayer. Enjoy

O i think i'm supposed to say Happy Independence to my fellow Nigerians. There you go