Friday, October 1, 2010

Late Praise Thursday

You might not believe me, but i forgot yesterday was Thursday and when i did remember i was too lazy and in pain (Ulcer) so forgive me. I like that i get to do this today because today is the beginning of the best month in the world. Yes i am biased, its October and its my month. The birthday is a couple weeks from now, not excited. I am never excited about these things once October hits just all the months prior. Happy Birthday in Advance to any Blogger born this month, wishing you all the very best and may God grant you all your heart desires in Jesus Name. For everybody i hope this is a great month for us all, with great blessings, more than we can think and even ask in Jesus Name.

I had planned to talk about trials and tribulations and how one can overcome this. You see the truth is I could write a book on this issue, i know all the bible verses and the seemingly wise words. I do, never mind that i never remember them on days when i am depressed and down. But my Pastor said something that made all the sense in the world to me. He said that if you have been through something like this before and God brought you out of it, you ought to be rejoicing knowing that the miracle is about to be bigger. If you all remember i was in the exact same position last year, i had just graduated, no job for months, bills due left and right and at the time i had just my brother to worry about. Guess what its 3 of us now, and again no job, same exact period and yet i am happier, more settled, in love(ok just had to say that, lol) difference being i just believe. I just believe in Gods promises that he has a greater plan for me.

I am not saying i'm perfect. TBH i know that one reason why this is happening is that God is trying to grow me spiritually and if you ask me i"m failing so each day i ask for Wisdom (James 1: 5-7). My pastor also said that my request determines my test and you already know my requests are a LOT. The Bible says (James 1:2-7) and i paraphrase that we go through this test to produce patience and to develop perseverance. This is what i have learnt and i hope it spoke to someone today. I have been through some things in life, and i can say for a fact that Jesus is the way, the only way and my miracle is abound, i just know it. I hope you believe it for yourself to no matter what you are going through. COUNT IT ALL JOY.

My only song for you is a song that i sing as a prayer. Enjoy

O i think i'm supposed to say Happy Independence to my fellow Nigerians. There you go


  1. Aww, that's great to hear Neefemi. Thanks for sharing. Glad you're happy and in love:) You have honestly encouraged me yet again. I'm learning to count it all joy regardless of the situation i find myself. Thanks.

    I love love this song from P,C,&D. It really is a reminder of God's awesomeness and faithfulness. I just love it. Happy independence to you too, although it has been marred by the bomb blast and loss of lives in Abuja. Smcheww.

  2. Wait, ur in love? With who? since when? what happened to us???!!!!

  3. For some reason, just reading your posts always lifts my spirit.
    Im praying for you Neefemi (When I do remember that is. Do forgive me. Lol)
    Cause the good lord knows if im going through a hard time, you are one of the people i think about and I just imagine what you would say.
    You would soothe with bible verses, and Tisha will scold.

    I still love u Tisha!

    Anyways, hope you are good?

  4. Thanks for this post I needed it.. Have a great week ...xx

  5. @Shade - Thank you so much honey, i really appreciate it. I'm really glad that God is doing great things in your life as well. Sad about the lives lost, may their souls RIP.

    @Sugarking - lol, hi dear...been a minute... you have been missed

    @Fabulol-la - Thank you so much hon, for the prayers and for your encouraging words (nothing to forgive). It means a lot to me. Lol, we love you Tisha... i'm good tho hon, just chilling still and you? again Thank you really

    @Bonnie - You welcome Bonnie, you too and God Bless

  6. God will def see u thru! He is too faithful to leave u hanging! And like u said, if he did it once...he'll do it again! Praise him in advance!

  7. I love your blog and your posts. they are really inspirational. We are lucky to have a God who is by us at all times. i remember just a few months ago i was also sad and depressed, but now God has totally turned my situation around! He is a good God

  8. @Blessing..... Amen, thanks a lot

    @Jobs for naija ..... Thank you so much and yes we are, glad you have a testimony and HE is surely Good


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