Monday, October 18, 2010

#MM - Young love

I can't seem to come up with suitable titles, so please bear with me.....HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Hi guys, how are you doing? Have i told you how much i love you all, i can't even reply comments on the last two posts cos i want to cry all the time. Thank you for accepting me as i am, for seeing me as i am and for being there...

In other news, social networks cause a lot of paranoia. I know this because everybody thinks every tweet is about them on my TL, subliminal this, subliminal that e.g. BB thinking my tweets were at him yesterday and going "i actually went to my TL to see what i wrote" lol. His has a lil bit of guilty conscience added to it but it was the funniest thing ever. I have never thot a tweet was to me, even if its BB, well at least until yday when Miss Taynement subliminal-ed me for ruining Mad Men, lol. But i realize i'm very slow, i always say this, everything is literal to me.

I tend to take general points from a conversation and i often will elaborate on it, in public when i may not have said much when we talked. Let me give you an example, say me and you were talking about cheating, and you had said something like "as long as you love the person, cheating can be overlooked". I may not expatiate on that with you, but then come on my blog to give a whole sermon on it or talk about it on twitter. Or i see you tweet something or mention something on your blog, and not comment on it but come talk about it via either medium. I need to tell you now, that i don't do this to hurt or insult anyone, or subliminal anyone...said topic has just become a topic of interest to me and i chose to address said issue in a medium that is comfortable for me, cos sometimes i don't feel like talking and i especially hate to argue.... Does any of this make sense? My point, please don't take anything you see on here, on twitter personally especially if you think its about you.It might be from something you said, wrote or did or something we discussed but its never directed to you.

People always berate me for not hanging out, not having friends bla bla bla.... its ok, i'm ok with it. Because people are so fake, i'm sorry icant. And then with backstabbing and gossiping. Yes, to an extent maybe we all gossip so i should stop acting holier than thou but backstabbing really, sharing your friends most kept secret to  a random person, icant understand it. I'm telling you men, you all should be like me and live your life as an open book, so nobody will come and think they have something on you. Just heard something that broke my heart for a friend, and i'm glad i don't have besties, bestos, bf, bff, close friends, special friends, friends for clubbing & shopping, as innnnn i'm sorry thats too much for me, BB says its not for everybody, lol.

That's all i got for today, not much going on mentally or otherwise...thinking about actually starting a book.. it will be based on my life but as fictitious as ever, you know all those dreams i have not attained will be attained, all the bad things i would never do, i will do, things like that, ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. Also for the fashion piece in Vanguard pls send all material to

Music shall we?

Loved B2k - they had awesome songs if you ask me... Omarion sang all the songs sha, lol... some of my favs

Team Bowwow still - He just has that flow, like diggy simmons has now

Where is Jojo? - This girl has got a voice on her, where is she?

Thats it... P.S I LOVE YOU


  1. Haha! You are hilarious. Feel you on the "elaborate on the topic via a medium that is comfortable for you." Sometimes you just don't feel like discussing the topic at that particular point in time and that's okay. That said, I'm at the point whereby even if the comment was directed at me, I learn to take it in stride.

    I never used to have best friends or close friends, but i am so thankful that I've been blessed to meet amazing people that have become very close friends of mine. It's a beautiful thing. Don't totally disregard it. (I do agree that having friends for every occasion is so bleh!) But girl you ain't never lied about living life as an open book. It's a beautiful freeing thing. No need for pretense. It is what it is. Good luck on the book. I kinda used to like "Let me hold you". I'm glad someone else agrees that Omarion used to sing all the B2K songs. The same goes for all the delusional DC fans who argue that "B" never sang all DC's songs. Rubbish.

  2. I have never quite understood when people say they have friends for certain occasions. That's quite arrogant to me (actually human beings say a lot of shit that they really believe in anyways) but sha I have friends that are all around friends. Everyone is not meant to have a best friend or bff but I get annoyed by those who berate those that do.


  3. In other news, social networks cause a lot of paranoia. I know this because everybody thinks every tweet is about them on my TL, subliminal this, subliminal that


    So true. I try to make and keep friends but it beats me down when some people become so petty!

    I'm glad you're looking up and forward. That book will be sensational.

  4. Have a blessed week my dear.. I enjoyed the songs.. Took me back a bit..

  5. Hi neefemi
    I understand how it is with gossiping and back stabbing, can't stand it!
    I don't hang with everyone too because i am being the real me. How do i know if i'll be meeting your evil twin.

    I accused my bff of being a secret agent because she was prying too much and i needed to draw the boundaries.

  6. i tell people my closest friends are people i've known almost all my life..friends from way back and they have stayed true..still, i am careful with friends, some people don't know the meaning of the word!!

  7. @histreasure - Same here o, friendship needs to grow men

    @Tisha - hi love, lol at secret agent, but i hear u on that

    @2cute4u - thanks hon and i'm glad

    @Myne - i know right, like why do they always get petty. Thanks ma, i really need to work on it

    @TM - lol at quite arrogant. I wasn't trying to berate anyone o

    @Shade - lol, no i'm not totally disregarding it, but i do think one really ought to be careful and make wise decisions. Thank you ma and lol yes o, u just wonder why people argue about such

  8. Have I ever told you that I love the way you write like you think and talk, like you said like an open book! lol havent noticed anything about ur tweets but now that you mention it hmm lol. BB is very wise, it is not for everyone and no one should berate you. honestly each to his own o.

  9. @Miss Natural - Blushing, thanks love. I really do write how i think and talk, my friends laugh at me all the time and yes o, to each his own


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