Monday, October 25, 2010

Of Memorable Days

Hello my lovelies, how are you doing? How was your weekend, i hope good. Mine was chilled as per usual, it was just me and the sis at home and she refused to sleep on the bed alone and i don't like beds, so she slept on the couch with me Thurs - Sun, lets just say i need a massage.

Miss Taynement and I often accuse people of not reading entries and just scanning through. U ARE ALL GUILTY, lol. Well apart from Miss Shade and Miss Natural. My birthday is tomorrow, well a couple hours Naija time, it also happens to be the same as Miss Myne, so don't forget to show her some love. Thank you guys tho, for the prayers and love, i don't take it for granted. :-)

I had my very first virtual date with BB yesterday, i will never forget yday no matter what life throws at me, its prolly going to be my happy place. Can i just say, Thank God for skype again. Its the little things guys, well at least for me sha. I'm a gestures kind of girl, nothing you buy me is ever going to mean more than what you say and what you do. Cherish the time spent together with your family, friends, loved ones, even if its virtual. Stories of death all over this weekend reminded us of how important this is. For shared passions, for mutual understanding and for lasting memories, i'm grateful.

So as to my question post, i won't lie i was surprised at the responses, dare i say you are all a bunch of romantics, lol. If you haven't read "roc naija's" comment,you should, i swooned a lil myself ;-). "A teen" was the only one who got where i was coming from. I did not mean a significant other necessarily, what i described for example was me and my best friend and i guess it was my fault cos i kept saying "and then", i didn't mean it was a process, like u had to have one after the other. My point was just that feelings aside, these things in a human being, bring about Love. But i did hear you though, can i just say that i have to see an actual example for me to totally believe. Shout out to "Sugarking" for his comment, lol, too funny. O plus i reckon that all i have to do to get everybody to comment is do shorter posts, i got the memo. lol

#random i don't think i could ever use a sex toy. Please don't judge me.

Celibacy is hard sha, can i really hold out till marriage? I reckon this is an excuse to marry early, if i have to wait 2 -3yrs, i don't know o. God is in control, lol.

My bf went to the strip club for her bday, i missed out. Knowing me i probably won't have gone lol, but i don't mind a private show sha. Ideas tohhhhh baaaaddddd.

I want a professionally done nude picture, taken in France or Italy or somewhere exotic like that, before i have babies and get fat :-)

I swear i had more to say, but ehmm i can't rbr. Lol. Let's do the music shall we
Kanye with 35mins video tho...ilove the dude but no can do
Introducing Nigerian artist Joy Ike...

Peter Gabriel - In your eyes

Backstreet boys - Incomplete

Sade Adu - King of Sorrow

Olo mi - Tosin Martins

I know that list just didn't make sense, lol... lets just say these songs will forever make me smile
The next time you hear from me i shall  be 24 ;-)

P.S I Love You


  1. Happy Birthday mate! May this coming year bring with it plenty memorable days and blessings in all spheres! I love you too.

  2. Happy Birthday in advance lol. You too Myne!! LOL your not the first person I know to have a date via BB, and at first I thought it was sort of strange but I guess everyone's doing it! lol my pin:22ACC95B

  3. Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day..xx

  4. LOL just as we talked about people just scanning through, Onose comes through and proves it right. Have a wonderful birthday, you already know I am jealous :D


  5. Happy Birthday sugar...glad u are in higher spirits.

    Have fun on ur for celibacy being hard...I believe. Oya do and marry quick

  6. Happy birthday....have a day of fun and love

  7. professional nude picture. hmm

    Happy birthday girl, may God grant u ur desires as you enter this new phase of your life

  8. Happy birthday dear! God bless you.

    I love Peter Gabriel's voice. You should hear this song he did with Angelique Kidjo - Pearls. Beautiful!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEEFEMI!!!!! God's blessings upon you this year shall be immeasurable!! enjoy

  10. So I wished you a happy Birthday before o.. I did.. I also read everything you write on your post
    But today, Miss 24, Happy birthday and may the good things of life come to you baby!

  11. Happy Birthday, may all your dreams come true. Have fun!!

  12. Happy Birthday Hun!!!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Do you have a twitter account so I can announce to the world its your birthday? May God bless and keep you and cause His face to shine on you and give you peace. *cyber hug*

  14. @Myne... AMEN!!!! wishing you the same and more, God Bless you, thanks dear. I appreciate it.

    @Bonnie... Thank you so much, God bless, thank you so much Miss Pearl. U know u rock entirely. Muahhhhh

    @Nutty J- Thank you dear, yea i feel much better. Lol, i will pray about it

    @Lara - Thank you so much dear, will do just that

    @Doll - lol, yes o. AMEN!!! Thank you so much ma, God Bless

    @Isha - Thank you dear, Amen and you too. I couldn't find the song, will look again. Thanks

    @Histreasure - Thank you so much ma,AMEN!!!. God bless you

    @2cute - i hope you are not mad at me ma, was really just joking. Thank you so much, you know i appreciate it.AMEN!!!! God Bless you

    @Shorty -AMEN!!! Thank you so much, God Bless you

    @Glamtings - Thanks again darling, u rock. God Bless

    @Temiville - Lol, thank you so much. Amen and Amen. God Bless you. I appreciate it. Hugs right back.

    @Funms - Thank you so much :-)God Bless

  15. Happy Birthday MISS AMAZING YOU!!!!!
    lol@...professionally done nude picture in France or Italy....

  16. Happy birthday!!!! nude photo? and lol @nude photos.

  17. Happy birthday and as you know I'm always in support of nude pictures

  18. @T.Notes - Thank you so much dear, God Bless you. heheheh can't wait

    @Lahlah - Thank you so much :)

    @Ms O - Thanks again ma, appreciate it :)

    @Vanity - Thank you dear, lol, hopefully i can do it

  19. Happy birthday Neefemi!!! I hope you've had a great day today.

    Aww. Thanks for the acknowledgment.

    I'm glad i wasn't the only one who thought Roc's comment on your last post was just so sigh.....sweet

    I'm exactly the same way: words and actions mean more to me than gifts. Yeah thank God for life. Ditto the sex toy comment. May God give you the grace to remain celibate:) I've tried twice to sit down and watch Kanyeezy's video but i always get distracted and never watch it. I guess that's saying something. I'll still try..

    You totally made me smile with the choice of songs.

  20. @Shade: Thank you Shade, i had a great day :)

    You welcome and yes o it was tooo sweet

    Lol, AMEN!!!! i need it. If you watch it let me know, lol

    Glad i did, honey. Have a great week

  21. Happy Birthday dear. Wishing you many more happy birthdays ahead...

  22. @Rita.... Thank you so much Rita, Amen and God Bless

  23. Happy birthday...
    just discovered your blog... nice one.
    I do so want a nude portrait of me too!
    wonder if i'll ever do it tho..

  24. @Fearless - thank you so much, i appreciate it... I hope we can, it will be nice i think

  25. Happy Birthday! Wishing you many more happy birthdays ahead

  26. Thank you so much Reverence...God bless you

  27. I cant believe I didnt leave a happy birthday comment! so happy birthday!! I know you felt the love! hugs and kisses! lol i thought you were going to describe the virtual date....but we understand. lol about the celibacy thing lol I cant even say for sure but time will tell us. I cant believe you wudnt have gone to the strip club, I wanted to do that for my birthday but I couldnt find any :(

  28. Thanks again sweety :-). hugs and kisses right back
    lol, i'm shy ;) and lol, Amen
    Awwww pele, you should come to these parts they are everywhere


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