Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praise Thursday - 24 things

Helloooooooooo...... 3 posts in one week, this is good, i thinking i'm getting better :) ... Hi Guys, how are you doing? (Nobody answers this question tho), i hope well, and i'm sure looking forward to the weekend.

Last week when i was at my most depressed stage, my extraordinary young-un, Kayode, came on bbm to encourage me. I was complaining about how i want this birthday to just pass, and that it was not worth celebrating and bla bla he decided we should compile a list, 24 reasons why i should be happy i am about to be 24... we did not end up finishing the list cos he lives in Jand and had to go bed, lol, but i continued the list.

Surprisingly enough, it was relatively easy to come up with 24 things, infact i had more and tho i'm still not excited about this birthday and can't wait for it to be over, i know that everyday of my life is worth celebrating, so on Tuesday when i go on my knees thanking God for another year in my life, i know it will be with all the sincerity i possess.

Shoutout to Miss Natural, for my first birthday message, heheheh... Love you... Plus i want to encourage everyone to do this, kind of like a meme, whatever your age is, write down all the things that comprise your awesomeness, what you are thankful for, anything you would like to share i guess, it should be fun. Let's Go...

 1. Family - I am just really grateful for my family, even tho the dynamic is not ideal, there is love amongst us...especially grateful for my siblings, i'm uberproud.. For extended family as well
 2. Friends - I couldn't say this enough i have the greatest friends, people that would literally kill for me, who pray for me, encourage me and accept me for who i am... God will never forget you all, and will continue to Bless you, its just guaranteed
 3. Being alive - What more can i say, like Miss TM said its better to be alive, than dead
 4. Good health - Good health is paramount to having a good life, for this i am very grateful
 5. BB - This man may not be the one God has destined for me, though i pray that is not the case, but at this time in my life, for sticking around and being there and caring, i can't thank God enough. "I pray for you, more than i pray for myself"
 6. Music - Music is my opium and i don't know if this is blasphemous to say, my air...
 7. Writing - My escape and because a lot of times i can't say what i want to but instead write, i'm grateful
 8. Technology - You wouldn't expect this on the list, but if u r in a LDR or have family far and wide, and because i can communicate with you via here, since i am antisocial. I'm grateful for Blackberry, skype, phones, Tv and the internet
 9. Degrees - Upon all my shouts, i have two degrees yo and going for a 3rd, grateful for that opportunity. I can't even rbr how we paid for it all. Thats why God is good.
10. Lessons learnt - Mistakes made, through trials and tribulations, learnt a lot, its made me a better person. Though i would rather have not had him as an ex sha (cringe-worthy) lol.
11. Strangers kindness - I've been lucky with this, i can't even explain it, for random acts of kindness i'm grateful
12. Every teacher/professor/ Every man/ woman of God - Instruments in my life
13. For my numerous projects - Weplug, Conversationsabouther, Angonemi, Allure, DUI, Management, The Bridge - i'm immensely grateful14. Love of God - What can i say, where will i be without it
15. Knowing how to cook - lol this is essential, cos i think we would have starved by now, ability to make something with lil or nothing is something men
16. Clothes & shoes I own - because i understand that some people don't own as much as i do
17. A roof over my head -i'm not living in a shelter or half way home
18. One car - in a city where the public transportation system sucks, i cant complain that the other car is not working, one is better than none
19. Bills paid so far20. Strength
21. Protection
22. Favor
23. Grace  & mercy
24. For a future HE himself designed for me.

For this and many more, I am grateful. 



  1. Happy Birthday neefemi
    Stay conscious of the presence of God.

  2. Awww...I join in thanking the good Lord for His hand upon ur life. May He continue to guide and order ur step...and give you strength to pull through each day. (((Hugs)))

    And I totally thank God for technology too chai!! BBM has made my life so much easier *sigh*

  3. Awww....Happy Bday...God has been good to ya! Wish many more!!!

  4. Happy Birthday dearie. May you ever find numerous reasons to be thankful on this day and all your years. HUGS...

  5. happy birthday, i did a similar thing on my blog for my 24th birthday in may this year, i was in a horrible place but at the moment i am in a great place and i am sure that would be your testimony soonest


  6. Happy birthday dearest..
    You share same birthday with someone dear to me.. Wishing you the very best..

  7. Happy birthday in advance Neefemi! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with lots of love, hugs, kisses and great gifts.

    Though we may forget, there's always stuff to be thankful to God for. Very nice list.

    Oh and I'm fine thanks (in response to your how are you doing message).

  8. Woohoo! Happy birthday in advance!!! lol it was my pleasure. lmao actually you do have a lot to be thankful for oya...I loved everything on your list and I laughed at most of them!! Ok my prayer for you apart from that you see another year is that you receive surprises from the throne of mercy and grace which will make you smile and fill you with actual joy and happiness on your bday! AMENNN!

  9. You are blessed beyond measure... be forever grateful

  10. I can't believe I missed your bday :( Forgive me!
    As for your list I was going to pick out things I liked, but the whole list is great. We thank God
    God bless Hun!

  11. @Tisha - Thanks love :-)

    @Miss Enigma - Amen dear, thank you so much :-)

    @Blessing - Yes he has, thank you so much :-)

    @Myne - Thank you so much, Amen :-)

    @Doll - Thank you so much, Amen ;-)

    @2cute - Thank you so much, wishing him or her a happy birthday as well

    @Shade - Thank you so much darling, Amen and so very true....yaaayyyy i'm glad to hear that

    @Miss Natural -Thank you again so much dear, i really appreciate it. Amen and Amen

    @Harry - Amen, Thank you, i will.

    @Journeytoprint - You did not love, its on tuesday, lol. Thanks dear, Amen

  12. know u r such a breath of fresh air-even in ur melanchony/introspective days!

  13. @T.Notes - awwww u r far too kind my dear, i miss you...muaaaahhhhhhhhh

  14. Such a beautiful post, happy birthday to you, loving this post.

  15. @YNB - Thank you very much dear and welcome ;-)

    @Chic Therapy - Thank you, you haven't missed it tho ;-)


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