Thursday, October 28, 2010

Praise Thursday

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? I hope your week went great. Again,Thank you so very much for the birthday prayers and wishes, God Bless you all tremendously, his face will continue to shine upon you. Thank you :)

On that day, one of my closest friends called and he said "you might not know this but you are favored and i pray that the Lords favor never depart from you". I had tears in my eyes, because i forgot, i can't lie, i did. I think its fair to say that you can't blame me, but its still not an excuse and the fact that people can still see this on me, especially from afar cos said friend now lives in Nigeria. This was just a reminder that God hasn't forgotten me yet.

Well yesterday my mum calls and the conversation came back to this whole situation and by the time we said goodbyes rather than be lifted up, you could tell on both ends that we were sad. I then check my blogs and Bagucci aka @dhjax put up Josh Wilson's "Before the Morning" and the song gave me back all the reassurance i needed. Imma let these two songs speak to you, i pray for those out there waiting for their seasons to change, that the Lord will uphold you and strengthen you and your season will change for the better.

Josh Wilson - Before the Morning

Kutless - What faith can do



  1. I love that song by Josh Wilson, I actually listened to it today on the radio, as I drove back home from work. Dearie, yes, you're highly favored. In fact, do you know that you're the apple of God's eyes. Don't ever let anyone or any circumstance tell you otherwise or lie to you.

    Glad you had wonderful birthday messages that lifted you's mine: Happy birthday!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the songs!
    Ur indeed highly favored! God has not forgotten about you...ur joy is right around the corner! Everything will make sense soon luv!

    Take care of yourself!

  3. I like Kutless - What faith can do?

    I know how fear can erase faith. I also know that it does not change the mind of God or His love.
    He still loves you; you can trust Him.
    I love you!
    Trust Him...

  4. Have a splendid weekend..
    You'd be okay,
    It's all gonna workout..

  5. Amen to your prayer for us:)

    Yes Neefemi you are a favored child. Never forget that regardless of the situation.

    May all our seasons change by the grace, strength, and divine favor of God. I'm glad you are feeling better and reassured of God's favor upon your life.

    I really love "Before the Morning". (It really captures the pain and struggle that people go through as they wait upon the Lord. I just love the honesty of the lyrics). The choir at my church made me love "what faith can do" by Kutless. It's another reassuring song that speaks of God's love and undeserving grace that will come to fruition in our lives in spite of who we are.

    Thanks for sharing them again.

    I hope you have a blessed uplifting favored weekend. God bless.

  6. Thanks for this song...this one i like!
    Neeeeeeeefemi!!!!Dunno,just feel like smacking u a mushy mwuahhhhhh!!!!
    Hang tight Girl!

  7. Neefemi, i totally feel you on your things left unsaid post. I swear, you took the words right out of my mouth on what i am also currently going through/feeling. But it is well. There's a time and season for everything.

    I'll keep you in my prayers. Sending super tight e-hugs your way...

  8. On your most recent post, remember that when there is a will, there is a way. You will get to do the things on the list, as far as they are good and will help you in your walk towards your purpose...or just for plain old relaxation.

    PS: Yeah, I know...some of us sneaked here to comment by force. Lol.

  9. I'm sorry I have been a bit AWOL
    You seem down lately.
    I don't even recall if I've wished you Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
    God love you always
    Even in your darkest hour
    He is always there
    He waits for you even in those times you forget him

    God bless you Hun

    I hope things look up.

    & Love
    Nogo xx

  10. @Nogo - its ok love, i know you are busy. Not so sad honey, its just whats happening in my life right now and i know things will change. Thanks again love and Amen. Muaahhhhh

    @Jaycee - awwwwww thank you so much, i just felt bad cos i did not want everyone to say sorry cos i wasn't sad, i was just saying it as it is. Thanks a lot ma and AMEN!!!

    @Shade - indeed it is well, and i'm putting you in my prayers as well, may you also live out all your dreams. Hugs and kisses right back

    @T.Notes - glad you enjoyed hon, loads of kisses right back at you. will do

    @Shade - lol at us, it is well. Amen and Amen and for you as well dear. You welcome, glad you liked them. I had a good weekend, hope you did the same.

    @2cute4u - Amen, thanks ma. Hope you had a good weekend as well.

    @Tisha - love you too darling, thank you. I'm trusting him.

    @Blessing - glad you enjoyed them, i pray so dear. Thanks a lot

    @Jaycee - will do to remember that ma. Thank you so much :)


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