Friday, October 29, 2010

Things left unsaid: Part 1

Yes, i want to go out...
I want to go for drinks with my oyinbo friends even if i don't drink
I wouldn't even mind hanging out with the people i know that i don't consider friends
I want to go to basketball games & hockey games & if i can afford it soccer games all the way in England
I want to go to concerts of my favorite artists, not only in my city but in other cities
I want to go to the theaters and watch Lion King and Fela
I want to go to Vegas
I want to go the beach in a city with beaches
I want to try different locale foods
I want to learn salsa and tap dancing
I want to go to museums and learn how to paint
I want to go deep sea diving and para sailing
I want to go bungee jumping
I want to go watch a movie
I want to go skating
I want to go bowling
I want to go explore hidden areas in different cities
I want to go on a private flight
I want to go Disney world, cos i haven't been
I could go on and on

I want to do so many things but i can't
I don't want to sit down alone every weekend for week on ends.
I learnt early to make sacrifices tho and to not cry over spilt milk

Nways BB said he was was worried that i don't do ANYTHING.
And i played it off as i always do.
I don't tell him a lot of things, i don't like people worrying about me.
Or maybe i'm ashamed, i don't know.
I figure ill share on here things i can't say out loud.
Thank God i can come here to just write. It helps.


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