Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello Ladies and Gents, whatitdooooooooooo? Hope you all had a great weekend? If you live in the states, how many of you partied the extra hour away?

I'm really not sure if my not going clubbing is a new sort of spiritual commitment (my pastor's wife said she never went clubbing) or i just have not being totally inspired to go out. I reckon i will as soon as i can get primped like i want to. I can't remember when last i've been out, its at least 3months.

Nways i'm watching StepMom and i realize that they have got it extremely hard. Now i will tell you off the bat i can't stand mine, she is a conniving, ok shutting up now. But really is there ever any good story of one? i heaven't heard of it. And can i just add, that except the mother is dead, there is no reason a single woman is looking for anything in a man with kids, in my case 4 kids, house. Why do they have to be so mean, like shouldn't your sole responsibility be that you love the children first? But nways as you can tell i'm highly prejudiced on this issue. What say you?

"For two people to really love each other, to really commit to each other, it has to be an act of will, a decision. And i think two people have to live that decision everyday, even when things are hard and they feel like giving up. You have to hang on to that decision, that choice to love each other, even if its only by a thread." ~ Luke Harrison (Step-mom)...Best marriage proposal i have ever heard, infact i am ok with my man using this exact same words on me. 

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability" ~ John Wooden.... Maybe this explains why i feel the way i do

Current state of mind: Detached and Withdrawn.... sorry in advance to my friends.

I hope the tears i cried today will be the last of it and i hope my renewed faith is permanent.

Yesterday it occurred to me "Where is this going"? Very potent question, no simple/easy answers.

Decided to start walking up and down the stairs daily as my exercise. Remember when i was a fiend for exercising?

Did you know: Mr Sheffield in the show The Nanny is a Baron? How cool? Things i learn from my brother.

I hate reality shows vehemently. 

I'm jealous of funny people like BB and my brother. The other day my brother and i were watching something and i can't remember what it was but he said "need a moment, chew it over with twix" i died of laughter, like seriously died. Now if you have never seen the advert you might not get but the ability to use that line appropriately in a setting is something i will describe as genius. Laughter is the quickest way to my soul. I'm so not funny.

I hate when people try to tell you, you don't have problems and that there are bigger problems in the world. Really!!!!! like i didn't know that? Two, that shit don't change the fact that right now i feel like i'm going through hell.

I don't know how people find things on the internet. Like seriously i come on here for specific things, but people just browsing i don't get it. As in BB finds everything on the internet and the man barely gets enough sleep. If its not on yahoo or CNN's Page, i sure as heck don't know about it.

I love that i can completely be off twitter and not itch. I didn't think i could. But same way i left facebook, i find that i don't need social networks. Now knowing that i don't have real life friends, and most of my friends are virtual this is kinda troubling (well for BB) nways. But do i really need to share my every thought (i talk about my boobs all the time on there) and lyrics? I'll keep it for a while tho, its a great source of news, for me sha.

I'm very mean, i just don't show it. I like it when people think they are smarter than you and try to play silly games. I'm very good at it, i just don't believe in it. O p.s. u messed with the wrong girl. Hehehehehehehe

Comedy - Courtesy BB

Some songs i think can be about God or a significant other.....
not exactly of course, what say you?

Have a great week ahead


  1. ahhh neefemi i just skimmed it but i'm going to read it proper in a sec. Just wanted to let u know that you are awesome! i just love how ur thoughts flow hahahaha

  2. Ok here I go...

    I dont know your current religious state so cant say for sure its a spiritual thing. It sounds like and it'd probably be good if it was but cant say for sure. See how it goes sha.

    As for stepmum's I dont also know much about them but I agree with you wholeheartedly...'what should a single woman be doing with a man with 4 kids...'. However, that depends on where the mum is. I and my aunt were having this discussion and she was basically like that irrespective of where the other spouse is one should stay away from individuals with kids. I agree but would also look at the merits of the case.
    Stepmom is soo cute. cant remember the line but I love the proposal and they summed up marriage (or how marriage shud be perfectly).
    Nice quote buttttttt if we all used that to measure our life success then a lot of us wud never move forward. Circumstances beyond your control (I think) would sometimes prevent your ability from coming forth at particular times. They might set you back and they might come out later but you will still get there.
    Your advanced apology is accepted and we forgive you lol. Hope you can forgive us for refusing to let you be alone (as much as possible) and always being there (as much as possible).
    Amen, amen and amen.
    Anywhere your ability, your desire and your prayers are willing to to take it.
    LOL keep up the exercise even though you look fit to me. but then again looking fit isnt the same thing as being or feeling fit.
    Cos this is already an epistle, I also hate it when people advise me especially knowing that they went thru the same thing and handled it badly, or if they did go thru the same thing they wudnt be so calm.

  3. Have a blessed week my dear and may the blessings Of God never cease from you.

  4. i belong to the team love is a choice and marriage is a decision

  5. Take care hun and do what ever it takes to make yoursel feel better!

    The bible says that those that sow in tears will reap in joy, and I'm a living testimony of that! This too shall pass *e-hugs*

  6. That your last paragraph made me laugh so much! LOL..

    ps, I love Monica's Everything...

  7. I like mean! #thatisall

  8. lol @ you being why dont I believe that

    We cant all be funny dear...if we all were funny, then there will be no funny person.

    Have a good week sweets

  9. hahaha mean that commitment quote..
    Be still, dear.

  10. I know two people whose mothers deserted their marital homes when they were young. Their step-mum's are their worlds. To have a stepmum u can whole-heartedly call mum and mean it with all ur heart is rare but they are out there.

  11. "Cameraman dey resist anointing...Call me back i dey under anointing...The thing wey take me 3years to see my wife just dey advertise..." Lol. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh..

    Loving the tunes. But i prefer Tri-i-tee 5:7's version of "Love" compared to Musiq's. You should get primped asap and let you hair down a little. I love the movie Stepmom. Julia & Susan Sarandon are just awesome in it..Eya, pele o. I thank God I've actually been fortunate to have an amazing step-mom, granted she's now my ex-stepmom. But even my mum loves her. She's that nice and supportive. Yeah the marriage proposal was pretty and heartfelt *tear tear*.. I hope the current state of mind has improved (e-hugs your way)...I pray your renewed hope is permanent but you know that those tears may still come but at least you'll be stronger and well armed to rely on God. Just saying.. It is going somewhere. Yup no easy answers, but God is taking you somewhere..Good luck with the exercise...I totally heart funny people. It's an added plus when they're hella smart. I'm always green with envy..Pele about the "other things are more important" comment from people. People will always say stuff that rubs one the wrong way, knowingly or unknowingly, you just have to know when to tune them out..High five to being secretly mean...Loves it. It's like a snake that's just waiting to pounce on you when you step on it..Lol.

    PS: I'm about to watch the video for TI's "Get back up song". Hopefully it's good.

  12. It is well. I do hope so too that those tears will be the last. The rest will be for joy...

  13. never had a step mother ..but if i did comment ..
    a break is always needed from social networks...its so refreshing
    dont u just love playing the fool for people..haha .and they think they're smart ..awon ode!

    & hang on to your faith :)

  14. Ahn Ahn! Neefemi love. No Thursday post? Why now?

  15. From previous post:
    Comments are disabled.

    When i'm absolutely sure i'm about to be ripped apart one way or the other...

    For me i go quiet cos i am either thinking or waiting to hear from God.

    All i can tell you is that: All things work together for good. Trust Him!

  16. OMG Musiq and Hamilton!
    Those songs are close to my heart I LOVE them so much!
    How are you lovely?
    I know you will be successful in your plans in God's name.
    I just read your most recent post you disabled comments - I know how that friend stuff feels. I just try to go to all the orientation stuff. Once you meet 1 or 2 people it all seems to fall into place
    You can do it!

  17. Neefemi love i wanted to send you a private e-mail but i couldn't find your e-mail on your profile page. I also wanted to holla/DM you via twitter but i just wanted to make sure the angonemi on twitter is you. So i had to settle for this. It's all good sha.

    Anyhoo i just want to say thank you so much for making my comment a 2nd review of MI2. I swear i'm in tears. I guess it's cuz my "review" was totally on a whim a la your comments on my blog and i checked it out. That's just crazy how ish happens. You're amazing!! See why i said in one of my "reply comments" to you on my blog post that i really admire you. You reveal your selflessness and passion in so many ways. God bless you ma.

  18. @Miss Natural - Blushing!! You are far too kind, thank you ma and i love epistles o, no complains here

    @2cute4u - Amen, have a good weekend dear

    @doll - ditto, my friend

    @Myne - LOl :))

    @Oye - of course you would, lol

    @Nutty J - lol, but its true tho. and thanks for breaking my heart o, lol.

    @histresure - Thank you ma, will do...miss you

    @Etiole Oye - That's good to hear, their stories should be told

    @Shade - awww thats great and bittersweet since she's now ex. And did you like the song?

    @qawsedr5567 - Thank you

    @temiville - Amen, thanks dear

    @Eve - lol, that cracked me up. Thanks dear

    @Shade - Was feeling down, pele. I promise to be better

    @Tisha - learning to much more, thanks a lot dear

    @Journey to print - they are awesome. Amen and thanks a lot dear

    @Shade - Not even necessary, you are the best. God bless you too. MMuaahhhhhhh


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