Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New Month

As December approaches, my expectations are higher, my dreams are bigger, my hope is risen again and i'm excited and i'm SCARED. But today i read in "Open Heavens"

....Another indicator of the arrival of your time of divine favor is that God overlooks your shortcomings. Doubt, fear and unbelief - three major terminators of destiny will suddenly be set aside when your time to receive God’s favor has come. 

I hope this is true because God Knows i gave up, and i have doubted and like i said right now i'm scared. I laughed like Sarah did when i got good news, laughing that God won't complete that which he started. I don't know whats worse you know, not having any hope or having your hopes raised and then crushed. So i pray that the above is true and this is my time and that in 9days from now i will come back here to share my testimony.


I Love sports.... i mean its a madness as my friend Ayo would say, and i have the crazy feeling that if i were a guy i wouldn't like me, well on Saturdays, Sundays, Thursdays and, all of this madness will inevitably stop i reckon. I thought the other day that i'm not ready to marry cos i don't want any man to cook for him or a child to change diapers for on Saturday when all i want to do is watch sports all day and not shower or anything.

I love my friends really. I especially love the friends who i don't have to talk to everyday who just get me. Big shoutout to Maestro, he doesn't read this nways but he will never understand how much his love and friendship for me gives me joy.

I find that i always have to explain myself, my thoughts, motives and words to people. It gives me a headache,  i wish people would just learn to accept me for who i am. You see why i don't have friends. Friendship is more than just understanding you know, its more about acceptance.

I hate thank you's, omgosh it grates on my nerves. What other word can one use to show appreciation? I feel it lacks in sincerity, unfortunately i still have to use it.

Social media is allowing people to not have sense. The things that should be kept private are blasted on twitter and facebook, showing a side of you or giving people info they should not necessarily see/have.

I delete my original tweets. Don't ask me why. Plus they have to be at an even number. I hate odd numbers. I will never in my power do anything significant on an odd numbered day.

Haven't continued my stories. Funny because i have about 4 posts, written for weplug and angonemi and glamtings this week but i can't find my stories in my head to write.

Whats the big deal about kneeling down for your husband? How will this reduce your self worth or value or make you any less of a woman? I think women forget the powers they possess sha. Nigerians are funny, the things that you shouldn't fight about is what you will fight about. Meanwhile you will allow him cheat as long as he is taking care of you and the kids. Or are you going to divorce him immediately he does something bad?

I saw this picture of a woman in her beautiful wedding dress, her mode of transportation? Keke Maruwa, you know that three legged thing in Nigeria? And i don't know what to say to that, cos that dress looked mighty expensive too and i'm just thinking why can't you rent a car for the day? This thing for a big wedding day in Nigeria is just mad. I want a honeymoon, for like a month in an exotic location, can i use the money for that and not a large ceremony?

Excerpt from something i wrote out of boredom:

What I do not like, are girls like me that is “best friends” insulting “wifey”. You see them say things like “why so insecure? “Or “please stop hating on your man's female friends just because they are pretty”. I almost instantly want to say to that last sentence “if you are so pretty, why ain’t he dating you?” But that’s just me being mean. I do not profess to have a solution to this phenomenon, I reckon as long as there are humans on earth these things will occur, I’m just sharing my own perspective.
I think and this is my own personal opinion, I think the issue is people forgetting to play their positions. Let me explain.
It’s wifey forgetting that her man had friends before she came into the picture and she will never be the only female in his life or the most important person in his life really, though she might like to think so.
Its female best friend forgetting that yes though he tells you everything, even things that he wouldn’t tell wifey you are still just friends.
 It’s mother in law not wanting to let go of her son, who she still sees as a child.
Its male best friend not realizing that his friend can’t spend 24hours with him like he could and can’t be his wing man taking home or talking to the friend of the girl he wants to be with.
Maybe i will put up the full post later, its kinda long.

Anyways, just thought to check in guys. I hope all is well with you, i miss you and i'm grateful for you all in my life. Have a great week ahead guys. Shoutout to the new followers, danka. Muaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh



  1. Mehn that whole wifey and best friend ish is not easy I tell ya especially if the best friend has feelings for the guy. But you're right. Once people know their place it should make things easier. Not easy though. Just easier especially when you wanna cuss a mofo you catch my drift. Hahahaha!!!!!!

  2. I pray that you'll have a testimony way before nine days! Hold on hun, change is coming!!!
    I read open heavens today also and it def hit a nerve.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with kneeling for ur husband...i'm not sure about doing so on a daily basis tho...but ur right...we women are so'll be great if only more women knew how to use their power effective...

    And I agree with you about everyone knowing their places in'll save a lot of stress...ppl should also understand that relationships change ova time...would love to read the entire thing!

    Have a blessed week! Can't wait to read that testimony!!!!

  3. Yay to a new post and a new month..

    I love that Open Heavens quote. That's deep. The things God turns his face from just because of his grace. Sigh. It is so amazing and we are so unworthy. Amen to your testimony in 9 days. Double Amen in fact. Ditto your sentiments on sports. Me love my friends too. Most of them are amazing. I feel you on the explaining yourself ish. I mean ugh people!! Yup social media just unleashes the inner foolishness in some of us. Okay that's just too random about you deleting your original tweets & hating odd numbers. Lol. Hopefully the stories in your head have the chance to come out this week:)

    For me, it's not a big deal kneeling down for anyone. My own issue/beef occurs when people develop a false sense of entitlement. It irks me. I mean even God that we ought to kneel before everyday doesn't demand it from me. How much more my husband or random people. If i kneel, it's because i respect you or I'm in a "kneeling mood", which is like once in a blue moon. Plus if i don't, big freaking deal. Mtcheew. High five to the sensible wedding & spending money on the awesome vacay. I always say it's not the wedding that matters, it's the marriage. Some people tend to forget that. Digging the excerpt & lol @ expectation from male best friend.

    Have a blessed week too ma. Again, looking forward to the testimony.

  4. Neefemi, I didn't get the e-mail o. I would have responded. I'm so sorry about that. You can try sending it to

    Ma binu:) I'll double check when I get off work.

  5. lol at loving sports...dunno about not cooking for the hubby the kids will also hunt u down lol..nice post...waiting for the post regarding bestfriends etc

  6. i can't believe i did not comment
    interesting post!

  7. @Oye - lol, olowdow girl, but i hear you

    @Blessing - Amen, thank you so much ma. Lol @ doing it everyday, yea i'm not even saying i will do it gan, but why folks chose to argue about it baffles me. Thank you again, will post it soon. Have a blessed weekend ma

    @Shade - Thank you so much dear. Yes i am with you a 100%, its not a right that i have to kneel for you and those are things you ought to know about your man before you get married really cos thats how fight starts. Have a great weekend darling, will come testify next week i promise

    @Doll - ditto :))

    @Barefeet - lol, i know right, thanks a lot dear, will put it up soon

    @Tisha - Thanks a lot ma :)

  8. I get the feeling there's more to this 'kneeling down' bit than what you wrote.. So I'll pass.

    I wonder if the woman getting married was trying to make a point with her mode of transport? Seems a bit odd choosing 'that'?!

    I read somewhere, 'Google before you tweet' is today, what 'Think before you speak' meant in the old days.

    PS. Speaking of social networks.. Got a tumblr account yet?

  9. @Roc - no o, just people fighting about it on twitter. It's quite possible, but what could be the point? i"m curious. Lol i agree with that quote. And no, no tumblr for me please.


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