Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Not so perfect man

I told you i'll be back but didn't think it will be so soon. I appreciate you guys for not getting tired of me yet :)

So yesterday i'm watching Frasier and Daphne asked Niles "How will i ever be sure that there won't be another somebody?,after all you had two wives all the while saying you always loved me" (largely paraphrased by the way). So i say out loud "You can never be sure that there won't be another somebody you just have to be the best at all times and hope for the best"... My point you are never sure, i don't even know if u can let yourself believe that you are special enough (don't crucify me o, i'm just saying) but you hope and you give it all you have at every point, except you know there is no future in said relationship, but if you do i believe in giving a 100% effort. There are just no guarantees in life, i think the only reassurance is in knowing that you have loved as you will like to be loved.

Watching "Something New" and is it really a preference not a prejudice to date only people of your color? I think prejudice is the underlying reason not to date from another color/race/ethnicity whatever you say, and the burden of proof that love is the same lies with the opposing color/race/ ethnicity. Did i just make sense there, i tend not to make sense so forgive me.

Nways i came here to share a post by my best-friend called "My not so perfect man" edited by yours truly :)

I want my man. No I don't have a man. But I want MY man. 
He must have a degree. 
He must have a job, or have good potential to get a job. 
He must believe in God. Not necessarily a church goer. 
He must have a good family.
Physically, no exact requirements except, he must be taller than me. I'm 5'6" w/o heels. 
I want passionate sex.
He has to let me be me. I don't want him to change me.
I don't want him to call my life boring because I LOVE staying home and just, chillin'. 
I want that man that doesn't care for how scandalous I can dress sometimes and just let’s me be me. 
I want that man that can tell me to be quiet and I know not to dare say anything back. (If you know me, then you'll know this is almost impossible).
I want that man that can live his life independent of me but cannot do without me. 
I want that man that I can talk to about nothing and everything. 
I want that man that I can apologize to without thinking twice about it. 
I want that man that can rock my world. 
I want that man that'll make me want to move the world for him. 
I want that man that knows he's flawed and does not apologize for it. He just lives. 
I want that man that will love my mother like his own, or close enough. 
I want that man that will make me laugh!
I want that man that I can be random with.
I want that man that I'll feel secure with. 
I want that man that I can share all my insecurities with and not feel judged.
I want that man that I will love with his flaws and all. 
I want that man that will love me in spite of my flaws. 
He's not perfect, you just think he is. 
I want that man that will let me be me.
I want MY man.
My not-so-perfect man.

So what do you think? Is she asking for too much? Is it unreasonable to  have a list. I want to hear what you think? 

To Oye: All your heart desires and more, the Lord will grant unto you,and when you least expect it you will find a man that sweeps you off your feet, who will love you for all you are & all you are not. Love you mama.

P.s. I'm sick :-(. I want my baby and i want to be kissed dammit. Is Long distance a good enough reason to break up?



  1. That list is long o, but I always think that if you are who you're supposed to be to match your list, then you'll sure find and have the man you want.

    And no LD is not good enough, :)

    Hugs and kisses.

  2. Its okay to have a check list...but lets not forget that beautiful flowers grow from the dirtiest soils

    So all the packaging we look for sometimes, may not be what would produce the man for us.

    Just saying

  3. The list is human and Normal.. I like it... Kinda keeps you in check, like not too much to ask of any man..
    A list any man can meet up to..

  4. erm first i think ur 'special' and i think u can find/or have found somebody who agrees with me. Such that u may not be perfect, but u are perfect for him and he, you. I dont think prejudice is a reason people shy away from interacial dating i think its more a question of 'will they get me?'. There are some things that are peculiar to individual cultures and its a rare find to find somebody who can embrace ur culture as his own and u, his.
    I feel ur besto on her list, however i have found that a person may tick all the buttons on ur list and still not be the one? Yea so i have 4 fundamentals and that and every other desire i leave in God's able hands.
    Lastly ma fren u better hol urself...when i was tellin u about LDR's o fe gbo. Lol im sorry girl, i hope u get to see him soon n dont u dare break up :p!


  5. Interesting List. But I don't reckon the check-list applies to "the man." After all we can't always have what we desire.
    LDR's= not good. You're always worried and insecure. If you're up for it then why not? But nah, I won't advise it.

  6. I like the list a lot (but for me, he has to be a churchgoer and believe in God).

    Ditto loving someone like you would want to be loved (100% all the way).

    I honestly didn't get your question about dating from another ethnicity. I am still yet to watch "Something New". I do want to watch it though. I like Sanaa.

    Pele don't be sick. Nope a LDR is not a good enough reason to break up.

  7. honey this is the wake up call you have been dreading..snap out of it ok..wake up. you're probably gona get only half or less of the things on that list and thats not the worst part, some of it wont last.like the "passionate sex". im only telling you this so you will celebrate when i turn out to be wrong. for mo crazy stuff check me out on http://mbabaziannet.blogspot.com/

  8. Nice List.

    Amen to your prayer.


  9. Your friend has my name!!! I don't think the list is over ambitious... There are such men around! Sometimes, though, what we want isn't what will make us happy. You can have a man with all this and be bored within a year.

    Perhaps it's cos as we grow, we change and what we need/want/desire and can tolerate changes too. The list I made when I wan 15 was diff frm the one I made in Uni and very different from the one I have now.

    You will find such a man if that's what you really want but hey, his being all this isn't a guarantee you'll be happy with him forever and ever. You will both evolve. And you will have to continuously adapt to stay happy and with him, for the only constant in life is change.

  10. all these things we want, i pray God gives us the best. how have u been?

  11. @Myne - I agree totally and lol ok ma.

    @Nutty J - i also agree with that

    @2cute4u - I thought so too

    @glamtings - awww you are too sweet jo. I definitely hear that, i just think that one might be limiting themself because they overthink it. But yea i agree, i always say relationships are hard enough nways so its better to come from a similar background. And lol, thank you ma. Muaaahh

    @Juanita - can we really not have all that we desire? I don't see why not. And lol, i hear not advising LDR's

    @Shade - same here, its a must. and lol, ok o not breaking up

    @Cerberus - Absolutely

    @Mbabazi - Lol, i am yet to make up my mind as to if you are jaded or just being funny. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Taynement - Thanks ma, Amen

    @etiole Oye - Yes she does :)) and i agree especially with continuing to adapt to stay happy

    @Fragilelooks - AMEN. Been good dear and you


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