Thursday, November 4, 2010

Praise Thursday

Hi guys, how you doing? Hope all is well with you? Finally ate for the first time in days, think i'm getting better Thank God.

Speaking of Thank God, Today i"m thankful for Esther, i cannot repay you and i pray God repays you a thousand times over. I'm thankful for Miss Pearl, i also cannot repay you, may God fill your life in bountiful immeasurable ways now and forevermore. I'm thankful for friends that i made and i kept, who are so ever reliable (Oye and Angonemi) God bless you. I'm thankful for new seasons, so happy for you Ayo, nothing will cut short your joy in Jesus Name. Thankful for my siblings, really glad that i'm not here alone, they are clowns and they keep me going. Thankful for BB, because trust me you guys see the good part, and he gets the mess that i am. Thankful for you all, it goes without saying that you are all a part of my life in one way or the other and i wouldn't have it any other way( i promise to reply to the comments on the last two posts). I'm thankful that i am alive and even tho i may not always be happy, i am filled with joy (two different things i promise you).

So BB told me to watch this and i thought to share, its too funny.

Mighty to save - Hillsong

Don Moen - Our Father... Meditate on this song, it says a lot

That's all i got. I'm going back to bed, its all i can seem to do :-)



  1. Wait what happened and where were you? I noticed you werent active on twitter but neither was I...doing one job like this so dont have much time. Was going to do a blog post with you in mind well as my inspiration but have been soooooo lazy and tired. Ok what's up. Family and true friends are so important. I know hapinness and joy are two different things, I just dont know in what way :( I'll check it out sha. What else, BB is a jewel...savour it, taste it, feel it, enjoy it, munch it slowly and let it (it being him haha) fill you. Ok AMEN AMEN AND AMEN. As they say your tomorrow and 2011 will be a million times better than 2010. Nothing will cut short your joy IJN.Plus I love Hillsong and mighty. to save! Havent watched the vid but will do so later

  2. Pele o. I do hope you feel much better. Yup thank God for wonderful, understanding friends and family.

    Thank God for your understanding, caring boyfriend:) Always great to have that. Thank God for your joy and i hope and pray happiness follows (although i think they are very similar). Love love "mighty to save" and "our father". Great songs. Lol at the Igbo comedy (labalaba, babalawo, ese o babu.. funny stuff). Thanks for sharing.

    Do get well soon Neefemi. Have a blessed restful weekend.

  3. I happy that you're feeling better! I beg eat more often o

    LMBO at that video!!! Too funny

    Take care neefemi!

  4. lol cant believe u put me on blast hehe :p. Love u babes...God loves u more. As youtube is persona non grata in my office, will watch the videos when i get home.
    I totally get the difference between joy and happiness cos i think im joyful now but not necessarily happy? hehe

    ees not easy being as deep as we are u know? :p

    Have a fantastical weekend!

  5. Hi dear,
    From the previous comments,i figure you were sick,am glad you are much better. Been away but came to say hi.
    Lots of love

  6. @Miss Natural - i am still waiting on this post o, heheheh. and lol, you are not well.

    @Shade - Thank you so much darling, we thank God for it all.

    @Blessing - glad you liked ma. Muaahh

    @glamtings - heheheh, get used to it. Lol, its not easy at all o

    @Tricia - Hi darling, hope you are good


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