Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year + Bye

From the depths of my soul, I wish you a Happy New Year. May it be all that you hope and desire, prosperous and blessed.

The year doesn't look so good for me already, isn't that sad? I won't be here a lot if ever again. But who knows what the future holds. But I'm tired of sharing sad stories and that's all I've got right now.

Please continue to read my work in Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria. Every Sunday's Allure publication. My column is called Inspired by Style. Also at and for music reviews. Also please check out my baby's blog...'s a weird but interesting writer, do encourage her.

Will be checking out your blogs as per usual, wishing you all the very best.

Neefemi signing out


  1. Don't leave pretty please...We are here for you come rain, come shine.

    Moods good or bad...Wishing you a blessed start to the decade ahead lovie...When you hit rock-bottom there's nowhere to go but up.

    Take it easy

  2. Good luck in your next endeavours..... and happy new year..

  3. Whenever you want to pop by, NakedSha will read.

  4. happy new year neefemi. prepare to dance

  5. I have bookmarked her solely because of you - will be interesting to hear more about her though - haven't read yet.
    As for you it will turn around! New century love. Wish I could read your section though :( I'm guessing no online version? Apologies If I'm wrong. Tweet me at @nwadiqn because I can never tell when I've got responses on blogger
    Stay positive. xoxox

  6. Checked out lastborn. cool cool.

    Will definitely keep up with your work.

    Hugs girl.


  7. then share hope
    Don't focus on the bad.
    Someone told me recently that 'Hope' is the substance that God works with.

    Don't give up hope because then you would never move from hope to faith. Your future is worth fighting for. I think so even if you don't.

    Stay full of hope in God
    Neefemi, love you...
    I don't give up on you so stay strong


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