Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Music and I

It's 3:30 am in the morning as I type this and I'm yet to get a wink of sleep but that's normal at this rate. Been listening to music nonstop since about 12:30 and I'm amazed at how much I love music.

It is fair to say I love music more than any human being.
It is fair to say that If you left me alone in the world as long as I had music and my feet to dance, I will be alright
I'm still trying to reconcile my love for music with my relationship with God. Is he ok with it? Is he not? Something about you can worship no other god before me and he is a jealous God. Not like I worship music, but if you ask me to describe myself in one word, I would say music.

Music is the essence of me. It conveys words I cannot speak, describing emotions I don't understand of myself and don't know I feel, drives and fuels my passion. On nights like this, music makes love to me from the tip of my toes to my very brain, I feel it down there too. Like a lovers touch, so loving, so caring, sensitive to my need and desires, taking it's sweet time, causing the butterfly feelings in my tummy and making me shiver like I just had the windows open and a blast of cold air came rushing in.

Music is my opium/my ectasy my addiction. My true love, always giving requiring nothing from me but my ears. Perfect Bliss!!!!!

NP- Joe - We need to roll

P.s I Love You


  1. hmmm...considering that Lucifer was a choir master...I think God would be frowning at you

    Bruhahhahahaa....joke, I'm joking. You love music girl and its a good thing. Not everyone has found what they are passionate about

    What would life be like without music in go girl...keep stepping

    PS:I'm I first?

  2. interesting...u sound like ure making love to music easy ooo...we still waiting for the update on sunshine from lastweek....

  3. lol ignore the last line about sunshine..typo

  4. Nice blog, i am following you now

  5. Unfortunately, I am not a music person. I listen once in a while but I'm not really that into it. I like the songs I like and that's it. But I totally understand all of you music crazy folks though.


    Sugabelly 2.0

  6. @Nutty J - lol, you scared me jo. Thank you darling. How have you been? Merry Christmas or is it too early

    @Barefeet - lol, abi its making love to me hehehehe. I will next week in Jesus Name

    @Seshe James - Thank you ma and vice versa

    @Sugabelly - lol @ music crazy folks, meanwhile i will die to have your art skills. Thanks for stopping by ma

  7. Music..


    No more words necessary..

  8. @Roc - lol, tell me about it

    @Azazel - why thank you sir? :))

  9. This is why I rate you

  10. Of which you said "It's 3:30 am in the morning". When else does 3:30am appear? #okbye

  11. @Fhantom - Thanks dear

    @Oye - lol, i know right

  12. Thank you God for music.

    And that is all.

  13. You not alone. Music is my drug.

  14. music is the food to my soul.........i'm telling you.. I went to see an opera last night and I was in friend's don't understand!


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