Thursday, December 16, 2010

On a lighter note

OMG GUYS!!!! I'm so sorry. I mean i know i have a right to share anything i want here, but i feel so bad unloading on you guys like this. This is why i don't talk you know. I haven't spoken to anyone except my siblings/family in 24 hours because i can't explain this to people. I tend to come on here and just offload.... i'm sure my best-friend is mad at me by now, second time in a row, well maybe more times than i can remember, i come here to write and she has to see what i'm going through on here....i apologize love, forgive me.

So Nutty Jay is mad at me for removing comments and i'm sure she is not alone - I really am sorry, as you well know i am very open and i put it all out there, but i couldn't really take another "i'm praying for you" and "God loves you". I promise to never do it again. I promise i am not overly -dramatic cc:Honey Dame, lol. Life has been hard, yesterday was one of those everything that could go wrong, went wrong and it seemed unnecessary and unfair kinda day. But i'm fine and to prove it imma show you...heheheheheh + tell you about my week in NY.

So after the cancelled appointment, i went back to NY to stay at my friends. He wasn't home for the first three days so it was kinda cool, walking around the house naked, plus feeling like i was a New Yorker going out on my own and stuff. So i have noticed that houses in NY/NJ can be very spacious/big but the bathroom is so freaking tiny, i hate that. O that first night i got drunk solo, i will never ever drink again in my life, plus vodka sucks. The next day i met up with my friends Jums and Amy for soul food (i don't like soul food). The next day i saw Fela on Broadway, imma leave my opinions on this out. I think everyone should see it tho, giving the opportunity. O so i'm very comfortable staying at a guys place alone with him as long as i'm not interested in/attracted to him, the only way something is happening is if he rapes me. I like that BB trusts me sha, or at least i hope he does. I heard no complaints and does he have a right to nways as per the nature of our "relationship"?

The next day we went to the Bronx to party, never seen anything like it before. This is not like the NY you see in the movies o, lol, some grimy "Lawd have Mercy". I was protected by my two guy friends sha plus i was envious of all the big booty girls out there. The next day we finally did it NY style, kinda cool. I realized then why i don't go out a lot though, when i like someone its hard for me to grind on another and thats a major part of my dancing, lol, plus i am usually the third wheel, so my two friends danced the night away together and i was just kinda there.

Went back to NJ for schools orientation, i really want to go and i pray i can. My Dean was very cool, said she had heard about the interview i was to have and told me the woman was nuts and she will look out for something for me. Omo, houses in NJ cost twice the 2bedroom place we live in Michigan, lol. Found a place like 20mins far out from school that seems decent though. Moving to NJ will be a commitment for 3yrs though, in the past two years i have lived in 3 different cities. So if some miracle happens i will be leaving Michigan first week of January, you can like to start sending house warming presents guys. Thank you in advance. :))

Speaking of which my fun in Ny was courtesy friends. I did not spend a dime of my own (not like i had, lol). Big shout out to Shade and Roc and TayneMent, you are all life savers. Josh + Jumy + Yomi + Oge as well, can't thank you enough. I also met up with a new friend Kev (so fine) but we will be working together so no go area :(. Met my lil nephew (what is the child of your cousin to you?) so tiny and so cute, he's going to be a fine and great man.

My Boobs grew this past week guys, first i thought it was def PMS but it looks like its here to stay... Let me show you :)... At the school they thought i was a teenager (someone even said 16) until i told them i was 24 and doing a PhD :)).. Only two of us were accepted, also a girl and she's Ghanaian, so kinda cool too.

In other news i need "some" *coughs* its true jo, even though its never happening :(.
My friend Yoms will be here for Christmas, should be fun.
Met an army woman at the airport, felt really sad for her, she should be home for the holidays. I hope she's safe.
Met a Ghanaian guy (met a couple this weekend sha, some fine boys) who went into the Army because after 3years as a graduate, he couldn't find a job. I couldn't blame him at all, i wish that option were open to me too. I also pray he's safe.
I think thats all sha, i can't think of anything else right now... O guys i lost my IPod, who is getting me one for Christmas??? Pretty Please *bats eyelashes* What will i do without music o?
I'm fine, i promise *wet sloppy kisses, Muuuahhhhhhhh*

Pics have been removed :))


  1. hmmm, nice, good to know you the cloud has lifted...keep your head up...nice smile

  2. *dodges* 'wet sloppy kisses', ewwwwwww:)
    lvly pics', gud to kno u r smiling

  3. did a lil something for you on my blog yesterday before Nutty J did something. guess you now know people love u. you could check it out

  4. nice update. What exactly do you need. I could only comprehend "some." It just leaves me wondering what that means.

  5. First, you are very pretty.

    And I am very glad you are feeling great. I had to say a prayer for you 'cos you did not want to receive anything else. And I totally understood and respected that.

    So, so glad you're sounding much better. Bless.

  6. I'm so glad you feel so much better. I know you don't want to hear this, but after I read the post yesterday, I started praying for you. It can be hard to get through those cloudy days when the sun doesn't look like it would ever rise above the horizon, and only darkness is all that blankets the end of the tunnel.

    True talk, getting "some" might Sounds like you had a great time in NY.

  7. Hehehe .. Welcome back! Can see u did some magic on facebook ... lol ... well, I'm happy the reversal was so soon.

    Wont preach today ... lol. gud that u can see something gud added to you, your b**bs ... ENjoy

  8. u doing a PHD ... wow...*salute*

    been a minute... hows u?

  9. oh thank God!!! I was soooooooooooo scared!

    Congrats on doing a PhD at 24!!! woooohoooooo...proud of u girl!!!

    And you'll to NJ nice!!! I pray that everything works our luvvvvv

  10. VERY NICE..happy to see u back give us some more jists about bb jor!...all the best and yeh jealous im not part of the list that helped u out...wish i was there to sponsor ur care

  11. Awwwww comeON, put back the boob pics!!!!!
    Cheers girl!

  12. oh, I know about those boobs sha. lol

  13. Only God knows why I'm late on this post..Oh well..

    I do feel you on "the praying for you" & "God loves you comment" redundancy. Which i am such a culprit of:)

    Well I'm glad you're feeling better. Yay for having fun in NY (partying, walking around naked, and seeing Fela)..I haven't been there in 3 years:( Yup, the bathrooms in NY can be quite wack..

    Emm, *step into my office young lady*. Is grinding a new form of dancing? Since when? Lol.

    Congrats on finding the new place. By God's grace it'll all work out for you in Jesus name. Ditto your sentiments on needing "some" and being comfortable staying at a guys place alone with him...Also glad all is going well with school. Yay to being 24 and doing a PhD!! Very nice...Eyin Efiko's...So i obviously missed the boobies picture:( Yeah may the Lord God continue to protect all the women & men in the military. Sigh. Pele at losing your I-pod.

    In sum, welcome back ma:)

  14. I was here..
    Have a blast this Holidays!

  15. Someone has to teach me about this Google reader because I canot keep missing your updates like this
    Congrats on the PHD!!!
    I missed the pic though :( Not interested in the boobs lets not get it twisted though im happy for you on their growth lol
    Ur going to be like an hour away from my hometown yeaaahhh!!!

  16. @Wild Boy - Hi!!! Hope all is well with you?

    @disgodkidd - Thank you :)), will do

    @Harry - Thank you sir

    @LG - Lol, thanks a lot

    @Beautiful - read it. Thank you so much, i appreciate it

    @Anonymous - lol, for me to know and for you to find out :)

    @Naked Sha - awww thank you. and Thank you for the prayer, God Bless you

    @Prism - Thanks a lot, i really appreciate it and lol, glad someone agrees with me

    @Kunle - hehehehe thank you :))

    @lani - Thank you so much sir. I'm hanging in there thanks, hope you are good

    @Blessing - awww sorry, didnt mean to make you scared. Thanks a whole bunch, i pray so too.

    @Barefeet - awww, its ok, your prayers and love are all part of it. Thanks a lot dear

    @T.Notes -lol, hehehhehe

    @Sugarking - Lol, joker.

    @Shade - hehehehe, you are fine. And lol, it is o, i'm very good at it :))...AMEN and Amen. Thanks a lot darling

    @2cute4u - Same to you dear, thanks

    @Journey - awwww no problem love and thats great. Hopefully i see you when you are home for the holidays.


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