Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tell God

Someone needs to tell God....I AM NOT JOB
so if he is the one doing this to me or allowing the devil do this to me, then i am done
this things look upward and then goes right down the drain thing is enough
he can like to take my life, cos i'm done, i have no strength
all i ever wanted to do in life is take care of my family and others(even to my detriment) and be happy
so i don't know what i did to make him mad that he has decided to make my life a living hell
i thought the whole point was that i will have a story to tell that will magnify his name
but i'm not even interested anymore, cos we are all here together when people that don't know him are doing abundantly well, no cares in this world
if i were courageous enough i would kill myself, but i''m not
so someone needs to tell him that i'm done and he can do with me what he pleases

please don't call, don't email, don't comment, don't preach, don't pray, don't worry - its all pointless

P.S I Love You .... this is true always