Monday, November 28, 2011

Blithed Roses - Degrees of Seperation

To say he was shocked would have been an understatement, but it also wasn't so left-field, he knew he deserved that and so he knocked again

"I know you are there Blythe, please let me in"
It took her a few minutes, she headed to the kitchen first, put the flowers in a vase, but then she did
"I missed you"
"you have a good way of showing it" Blythe replied
"I'm here ain't i?
"you can leave if you want to"
" I don't want to"
"I'm sorry"
" for what exactly just so we are clear"
" will you let me come in? please"

She opened the door for him and moved out of his way and as he passed her he grabbed her hand, and shut the door with his leg, walked to the couch, sat, drew her down and held her tight.
"I'm sorry" he said while yawning
"You could have sent a text Nick, I mean I wasn't worried or anything and it's not like we know each other or are friends or nothing, it's just the right thing to do you know?"
He was fast asleep.
Smiling, she tried to draw away from him so she could go to bed and get him a blanket, but he held her tighter so she cuddled in. It felt nice, and it felt right. She felt so warm and safe, a feeling she craved for quite some time ago.

Blythe woke up to a snoring man besides her on the bed. She vaguely remembered them leaving the living room, to go to her bedroom. She would have been petrified if she had slept with him. He was fully dressed thankfully, she barely knew the man and would have loved to be able to remember her first time with him. He looked good enough to eat and still smelt so damn sexy, that must be why looking at him made her wet all of a sudden.
"For goodness sake, Blythe get a hold of yourself", she admonished herself.

Standing up she went into the bathroom, to take a shower. Leaving him to sleep. She turned on the radio, making sure not to blare it, so it didn't awaken him and sang along with Whitney Houston.
She hadn't closed the door to the bathroom however because ten minutes later, she heard Nick say
"May I join you?"
Shrieking, Blythe replied with "Nick, get out, Now!!!!"
"But, I really need to pee."
"I will be done in two seconds, just go away"
"Ok, ok I'm out, just saying that I might have to pee in your kitchen sink if you don't hurry out"
"You wouldn't dare"
"wouldn't I? Lovely body by the way"
"you are so incorrigible, get out" Blythe replied, laughing

Not wanting to test him though, Blythe quickly rinsed off and got off the shower. She slipped into her purple cashmere robe, a recent super expensive lavish purchase on her part, she absolutely loved it. She went into the bed room, and found Nick laying down on top of the bed, he had made the bed, she noted, his eyes closed but instinctively open as soon as she walked in and just stare at her watching her.
"you are beautiful"
"thank you"
"Let me let you get dressed then, you wouldn't happen to have a spare toothbrush would you?"
"the closet in the bathroom, there are extra towels in there if you want to take a shower as well"
"Thank you"

Blythe then proceeded to get dressed in her work out clothes. She had made plans to go to a yoga class with Tina, after which they were going to go baby shopping for Simi's baby. They had just found out that it was going to be a girl, and blythe was excited, she hated to shop, but she loved babies so much much more. She had toyed with the idea of calling Tina  to change the plans with Nicks arrival, but she will be damned if she was going to change her plans because of a man who probably had no intentions of being with her.

Just then the phone rang, thinking it was hers, blythe looked around to try locate it, finding it under the pillows. What she saw, had her frozen, a sickening feeling in her stomach.
Lisa - PR. Except, it was no random Lisa. This was Lisa, Drake's Lisa, her beautiful face on the screen of the phone, she now knew to be Nick's.
She dropped it quickly, like it had burnt. Head reeling she headed out of the room, bumping into Nick as he came out of the bathroom.

"Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost"

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P.S I Love You

Monday, November 21, 2011

Two weeks worth of randoms

"Don't erase tomorrow, just because of yesterday."

I don't know that I believe that and i'm not one for second chances once I cut you off, before I do though, I believe in many chances until I can't deal anymore.

I had a proper "Vegas" experience in Houston this weekend. Some mad some things men. I tell you, I have the best set of friends and as long as you are ready to go with the flow, you are sure to have a good time, with most of the people I know. I also haven't partied enough with girls to know, but being the only girl/or one of the few girls with a bunch of boys is just the best way to have fun. Confirmed utunu.

O so this one girl wanted to take me home, my first time getting a come on from a girl. She was quite pretty too. I like boys. Lol.

I believe in karma, I can't do a married man. Fortunately or unfortunately as the case might be.

I will continue to have cause to dance all the days of my life. Amen.
I pray that as i continue to celebrate with others around me, so will others celebrate with me, soon come. Amen

Boys, boys, boys. Men, men, men. You are a special breed I tell you, and you definitely don't fear God, may God have mercy on y'all. I continue to say, that I'm not getting married. It's not a curse, I cannot deal.

Nigeria 2011. It shall be messy. But with that said though, Nigeria is big men. All this one people are saying "we will hook up" I just keep laughing, cos trust me not to see anybody, except we bump into each other. Like my friend says about me "you just don't like people, except you are with your person" my person being my best friend.

I'm more a part of my best friends family than she is mine, as in I know at least one person from every side of the family, all the cousins and inlaws and the church family, the whole nine yards. My family is pretty just me and my siblings. Lol. Her (the best friend) mums, got my cousin to make me cupcakes for my birthday, she is the cutest.

Some guy who had been trying to talk to me while I was in Houston (I told you about him) came over and was asking all these questions, why we didn't work, what he needs to change about himself etc. He said what he likes about me is what he doesn't like about me - my independence- its a good and bad thing he said. He said he likes that I know myself, and he didn't need me to validate him, or even give me attention, but it could be very unnerving. I am very much like that, and people often say maybe that's what happened with the ex because men like to be "in charge and feel needed". Lol, omo again I've told you 'single l'omo'.

I'm single in every continent. Lmao.

If I did get married though, that wedding will be toooooooo messy. Have you met my friends? Omo, i will tell every girl to just hold her flats and be prepared to dance. My guy friends will cause a complete ruckus. My hubby, will have to really be cool, otherwise he might be sitting down, watching us dance. Lol. And then each of my siblings friends and most of the best friends family. Again I say tooooooo messy.

I'm buying myself a ring. It's really pretty for $90. I don't know why. I just am.

I have great legs :)

I'll be right here. That's just the truth.

I love flying. I haven't even gone to the places I want to go to.

I hate that stupid febreze advert. It annoys me that they think we must be that stupid to believe, their product can mask smells so strong. Rubbish.

I hate failing, and I sucked on my first airing of our new radio show. Sigh, I would tell you guys where to listen if I hadn't sucked so much, so imma try to hide and not even promote it, just In case. I also failed my bio stats homework. More than half of the class did, so I can't be arsed. But like I said I hate to fail, so I'm bothered, will be making sure to really ace the final. It's on the same day I'm leaving for naij tho.

I've always wanted to know what my ex's tell others when they ask why we broke up. Of all that I've heard "we drifted apart" really annoys me, especially when it's not true. Can you just say you don't know. What is with the bitchass answer? O well.

I miss my siblings, gotta go see them in Detroit before I go home and then I get to see my baby (the third child) in Nigeria, I'm excited, I haven't seen her since 2009.

I think God is quite funny, the best of them is the one who is now different. Or maybe if he weren't like that, he wouldn't be who he is now, with so much talent and knowledge.

When I click with girls, it's usually very instant. Otherwise we will never be more than folks who nod at each other when we see each other.

O so my guy friend said I'm a trouble maker, cos of the way I look at a guy in the eyes. He thinks I'm the biggest flirt ever. My partner rightly told him that I don't even know that I do it. I really don't and I look everyone in the eyes so, soooooo. Lol.

I'm just happy to be here.

P.s I Love You

Monday, November 7, 2011

Its been too long

..... and i miss you so much and i am sorry.

I apologize a lot don't i? I do apologize though, and all i can say is that this girl has gotten mad lazy, i mean extremely lazy. I mean that has to be the only reason why i don't come on here to write as much as i want to. Honestly i am busy, i am trying to manage different somewhat conflicting projects - the entertainment industry and the professional/school of my life is strongly on opposite sides and most days i don't know what i want to do. I want to finish school, i want to be the minister of health, i want to have all the doctors in Nigeria take a freaking exam, so they stop killing folks in Nigeria (I know, i know, its harsh). I want to go to different countries each year for six months and start health care interventions that will run successful for years to come. On the other hand i want to be a media/entertainment mogul (very well behind the scenes btw) but in ways that will create jobs and make us comparable to the US and better. O add that to wanting to be a mother to ten kids (note that i didn't mention wife, God help me). Anyways, God is in control right? His will and only his will is what i want for my life.

On a lighter note, HI EVERYONE :). How you doing? What's the koko, like my mama will say. So the other day, i was mad at something my brother did and then my mum is trying to calm me down and all of a sudden she goes "How is *insert ex's name*" and i guess i smiled and laughed in reply and she goes "It still works".... This is a SHAME. Absolute shame.  :(

I was in DC this weekend and it was relaxing and just pretty chilled. I needed it, even though the drive to and fro nearly killed my back. Met up with old friends, made new friends (folks are mad talented men) and danced a little. So i met some of my younger friends, some of them my brothers friends who are just barely 21 and i think its just hilarious that they can now think to dance with me. Before now they wouldn't have dared to come near me to try dance, talk less grind on me. Hilarious.

So my cousin came over for the week and disrupted my life, i love her but i wanted to kill her as well. I spent a lot of time driving as well last week. My body hurts. But shout-out to accommodating friends. Spent the entire week at my friends house cos it was close to New York where she needed to be and he and his roommates were all kinds of awesome. Men that can cook yo. This my friend can cook and bake, o he baked me a birthday cake. Like it gives him so much pleasure to cook and he made drinks, the whole nine yards. In another life and time and maybe if i had met him before the ex, i will take him to my mom men.

So this setting P via DM on twitter. Hilarious stuff. I don't get it. But its fun seeing guys try.
Which reminds me, i am trying really hard to keep my circles seperate and its getting harder to do. Can we all just stay on our own lane? Why do we have to know each other?
Which reminds me, boys are devious, throw rocks at them. Ladies, i beg you please don't share the goodies with just any man o, please don't go and sleep with another woman's man and bring a curse on your head o, but what do i know? - Single and very Celibate.
But on another related tip, divorce is not a good look, however you want to look at it. I pray and hope we remember that, cos way too many people getting divorced at very young ages #NoKimKardashian

Difference between me and folks - I have never tried to be more than i am. I don't have any thing to use to even 'show/front' so when i hear that someone said this or said that, i wonder why. My best friend goes she is going to write a book about the real "Neefemi". Lol, i am looking forward to it.

I love TV shows. Which is not a good thing, because i spend too much time trying to catch up on shows, while i am studying.

So my friend asked me on Saturday if i was pregnant because i ate two times that day, Can you imagine people?
I was told that i was the "richest broke girl" they knew. I Love it. I am a very rich girl, because of the people around me and i am not talking monetary gifts. Let me give you an example, so i have been trying to get this wikipedia page done yea and at some point i got swamped and couldn't get it done and my friend has spent hours on end trying to get it done for me. If i were paying him, well let's just say i cannot afford it. So of course i am rich, i can never be poor as long as i have the friends i have and i mean even i don't have a dollar in my account.

Looking forward to Christmas. Looking forward to Nigeria.

Nways i think that's it, let me get back to the books. Will definitely be up all night :(

I miss you guys. I will put up the next part of the story on Friday. I hope you are all ok. Stay blessed.

P.S I Love You

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blithed Roses - 2 weeks later

Nick got to the hotel that night and stopped at the lobby, asking to speak with the manager. On his way back his mind had been reeling with the new idea for his book. It was totally different from what he had originally come here to write and he was sure that his editor, Vienna, would have his head, but he was sure she would be very pleased with the result, at least he hoped. He gave specific instructions to the strict looking manager, fellow by the name Jack Little - he made a mental note to use a variation of that name in his book- to not receive any calls, infact anyone who called for him was to be told that he had checked out and "no he did not leave a forwarding number or address". They were also to deliver his meals to him, breakfast and dinner - whatever the Chef's special was that day, but never to knock the door. He also wanted no house cleaning until he called for one. The manager seemed quite used to these kinds of demands and expertly listened and wrote down the instructions, assuring him his privacy and quiet for as long as he needed it.

He got into his room, pulled open the window curtains, unbuttoned his shirt, unplugged the phone in the room and sat down infront of his computer and remained that way for most of the next two weeks. He only took breaks to eat and sleep, showering only twice the entire week. He typed fast and furiously, and his hands got sore. The use of stress balls helped relieve his hands of the pain, for a short while. He wrote of passion, the kind he felt deep within him and suppressed hard when his thoughts strayed for a second. The drama was intense and as his characters began to take shape and have a life of their own, the more he felt he had to capture and write.

With the same fury in which he started writing, he was done. He was still not used to the anti-climax he felt whenever he finished writing and usually felt depressed afterward. He briefly thought about trying to clean up the draft, but he trusted Vienna to do an excellent job of it, she was undeniably the best in the business and so he just hit print. 650 pages!!!

He plugged back the phone and called down to the front desk to ask for a courier service and for dinner - steak, potatoes and a side order of veggies. He was famished. He then did a quick work of brushing his teeth and shaving. He penned a note on the sticky pad to Vienna, placed it on the title page and gave it to the concierge who was going to have it fedexed. After eating, he then soaked in a bath for a while - where was it said that only women took baths. He listened to his messages while he soaked and it was then for the first time he allowed himself to think of Blythe. She had left him two messages and when he heard her voice, he realized that he missed her.

Quickly he rinsed off, got dressed and left the room after calling for house cleaning. He definitely needed fresh sheets and towels. He got a cab and instructed the driver to take him to a store. He picked up a bottle of merlot, pretty array of hibiscus flowers and stopped briefly in the next shop because he couldn't resist a small box of some delightfully looking and hopefully yummy pastries. Back in the cab, he gave the driver directions to Blythe's house.
It was late Sunday night and she was feeling alone tonight but she did not want to dwell on it. The last two weeks had been busy with her getting ready for the new semester and organizing a baby shower for Simi, which went wonderfully well, she thought to herself. She had dinner with her mother four times over the past two weeks just to make up for her disappearing act and to assure her that seeing Drake was not enough reason to kill herself. She also went on a double - albeit- blind date with Tina, her new boyfriend and his stuck up and plain boring friend/boss. She was still going to kill Tina for setting her up like that, and her brother, Brandon had just left after spending the day together, shopping and watching a movie.

She was exhausted, alone and angry. Two weeks had gone by and she had not heard a word from Nick. That's the thing with expectations, even when you don't realize it they creep up on you subconsciously and unexpectedly. She knew nothing about the guy other than that they had spent two lovely days together, so what made her think he was going to be asking for her hand in marriage? Truth be told she was more mad that he hadn't returned her calls because she had deferred from routine by even calling him, TWICE!!! And he didn't have the decency to return her call. It also did not help that she kept recalling their kiss, over and over again.

Not liking her train of thoughts, she figured it was time to go to bed. She stood up from the couch she had been laying on and walked to turn off the lights when the door bell rang. Who the heck?! She wondered, figuring it was Brandon come back to drop something. She opened the door.
"Hi, I hope you like surprises" Nick said charmingly. His crooked smile spread across his face, giving him the appearance of a love struck teenager as he gave her the flowers.

Accepting the flowers, Blythe said "actually no I don't. Good night Nick and next time pick up a phone." Then she shut the door gently. The dashed look on his face, made her smile as she leaned on the door and put her face in the bouquet inhaling deeply. Hibiscus-her favorite- he remembered.

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I hope you like it.
P.s I love you

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Praise Wednesday - 25 and Grateful

Hello everyone, how are you today?

Today is the day the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it. A quarter of a century on earth yo, i cannot praise God enough. He has been good to me, even in the midst of my despair, the Lord has provided for me, protected me and blessed me. I have found favor in his sight and that of man because of his mercy that he renews on my life every morning. With the hardships of this year, i can honestly tell you that i did not think i will make it to see this day so my joy is even more full right now. I am grateful and thankful and full of praise for the almighty.

I am also really thankful for my family and friends. My mother, my siblings, my uncles and aunts, family friends and even friends that have been more than family to me. Honestly God put some really wonderful people in my life, like he knew ahead of time that i was going to go through this, but more importantly to love me and pray for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God continue to bless you and keep you and be with you. You will never lack and the Lord will continue to provide for you in every area of your life. With long life shall he continue to keep you in Jesus Name.

You all count in the above prayer, but really my blogger friends and twitter friends, God will really make you bigger o. I mean, i have not met most of you, but i owe you guys so much. For your support, for your friendship, for your prayers, for making me smile. Honestly i could never repay you and i cannot thank you enough. God bless you and yours.

I pray that this is the beginning of a new year for me, a new beginning, a year of restoration and a year of harvest. I pray that i have cried my last tears and i pray that the best is yet to come in my life. That the Lord will order my steps and perfect every thing that concerns me and i shall live rejoicing, possessing my possessions, successful, happy and fulfilling my purpose all the rest of my days.

Happy birthday Miss Myne, i pray the same for you and i wish you all the very best as well. Have a great day.

Shout-out to everyone that has made my day for me so far, its not even been by my birthday for one hour, but i have been celebrating for over a week now. To my "ex" thank you so much, i love my gift & i love you. To Dizzydami, Eze, Amy, Arinze, Bayo, Mercy, my baby sisters, my best friend of course, THANK YOU so much, God bless you.

Oluwa ku ise o - Mike Aremu

Iwo Nikan Logo Ye

Mowa Dupe - Paul Play Dairo

Mo So Rire - Paul Play Dairo

Jehovah/Baba Ese Baba - Gbenga Wise

P.S I Love You

Friday, October 21, 2011

Special Report - Guest Post

Hi Everyone,

Today i divert from the schedule to share this write-up with you. A couple days ago, i got a comment asking me to email back, because the person had a question for me. The person turned out to be David Haas who is very passionate about Cancer and is a member of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, who have been serving cancer patients and their families for over 30 years . You can follow them on twitter or facebook and also check out their website.

ATTENTION: I would like to point out that though this is talking about people who have cancer, those of us who are fortunate enough to not have it, can also benefit by changing our lifestyle and exercise habits to PREVENT cancer. Also this information is so so you can help anyone around you who might have cancer. So please share this information, be kind to your body and may God help us all.

Recovering from Cancer through exercise and lifestyle
By: David Haas

A cancer diagnosis can be a life-changing event for many people, but there are several lifestyle changes that a patient can make to improve recovery. While chemotherapy and a medically supervised treatment program are essential for any cancer patient, diet and exercise can have a positive impact on healing times and quality of life. An active lifestyle and exercise helps release endorphins, which work as natural painkillers in the body. During chemotherapy, many patients may experience systemic or generalized pain. Exercise can help reduce chronic pain, while improving patient health. There are many low impact exercises that cancer patients can do during treatment and recovery. Most exercise results in an elevated heart rate and increased breathing rate.

For some patients with cancers such as lung cancer or rare mesothelioma, fast breathing may be painful or impractical. Yoga can be an effective form of exercise for patients, as it concentrates on slow breathing and relaxation. Yoga is a form of exercise where patients hold poses and practice relaxation. Yoga provides low impact movements that tone and exercise the entire body, without putting excessive strain on any individual tendons or joints. For patients who have been sedentary or bedridden, yoga can be a great way exercise the entire body in a safe and relaxing environment.

Swimming is a popular form of exercise therapy. Swimming requires the use of muscles across the entire body, and can range from low intensity to high intensity. Many swimming facilities have instructors trained in physical therapy, who can help cancer patients find the swimming exercises that best meet their individual needs. Cycling or spin classes can also be a great option for many cancer patients. Spin classes allow cancer patients to experience rigorous cardiovascular exercise in a controlled environment. Many spin class instructors can tailor a class to meet each person's individual needs, while allowing group exercise in a fun environment.

Exercise can also be as simple as walking. The National Institute of Health recommends that adults spend at least 30 minutes a day walking, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Spending time outdoors can be a great way to beat depression, and an excellent way to meet new people. Maintaining a positive attitude is essential during any form of cancer treatment, and meeting new people can be a great way to improve attitude and mood. Exercise can improve health, lower recovery times, and improve mood in many cancer patients. While medical treatment is necessary for many forms of cancer, lifestyle and diet can improve quality of life during recovery.
P.S Special thank you to David Haas for counting my blog worthy to share this information.
P.s.s I Love You. We will have Blithed roses on Sunday.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Praise Wednesday - Late

Hi everyone, 

I actually forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and by the time i remembered it was too late. But i have some songs for you, that i want to share, so here it goes.

Let's continue to remember to give praise to God, for his mercy, his grace, for protection and for uncommon favor, for good health, for provision, for divine restoration, for unusual blessings, for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. Praise him through the good and the bad, praise him at all times. The Lord bless us as we continue to do so.

In Christ Alone

With All I Am - HillSong

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

You are my God 

 #Shout-out to my baby sister "Oyinbo" for continuing to help me with my christian music library. Love you baby.
P.s since i pushed things back a day, does that mean i can post Blithed Roses on Saturday rather than Friday, please say yes? :)

P.s.s I Love You

Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday - Big things

Hello everyone, how you doing? I hope you had a relatively good Monday across the globe. I have a cold, which has given me a sinus headache and made the day unnecessary long, but otherwise it was ok. Working on a few things with some friends and i have gotten myself involved in so many projects, i pray that they are all fruitful and worth it at the end of the day. Let's random shall we.

So i was out of town, hence my absence from blogger the past week and though not so much of an excuse because i could have tried to put up a little something, i didn't want to give you a little something and not give you my full attention. I am going to keep with the schedule as it is and keep trying to do my part. Thank you for understanding.

My "ex" is special. Lol, i can't even say anything more on that. I really need to stop loving him tho. I pray it happens soon.

Speaking of boys don't know if I've mentioned it before but right now, i have plenty boys fulfilling my needs bar the physical aspect that i could not even be interested one. E.g My friend told me "Your avatar is sexy as fuck" ergo my attention need for the day. That made me feel very sexy too. The problem becomes when they all get wifeyed up. Till then tho :)

Its exactly a week from my best friends birthday. The many ways i love this girl, i can't properly explain. I wish i could spoil her plenty and i pray i have time for that.

No longer excited about my birthday. Usually always happens that way. Not doing anything too but praise God that i get to see 25. There were many times this year, i was sure i would not. Trust me.

My baby sister is actively trying to get me a present. She's so cute. Did i tell you that she finally decided on a  degree "International Relations and Linguistics". The thing is i really wanted her to go to University of Michigan, like i did and my brother, but she really doesn't like the state and she said the school does not offer it (i'm taking her word for it). O well, i can't really force her and all i want is for her to be happy, besides my brother probably won't be staying in Michigan once he's done so i might as well get her somewhere here in Jersey, where i can keep my eyes on her. The girl is too fine for her own good.

There's an ongoing conflict between the part of me that is in love with school and being a Dr of public health and the side of me that wants to be very involved in the entertainment world and be a BOSS at it. I remembered today that getting a C in class gets me sent out of the program, so i need to fix up and just effectively micro-manage myself. Sleep is definitely overrated.

So my roommate, spent all of Saturday night cooking for her boyfriend and dude comes to collect it today and she packs it up and then carries it, i mean she walks after him carrying it for him. Now, i am not even trying to say this is bad, but still sha it rubs me the wrong way. Like i love to cook for my man, ask my ex, i would go and cook up a storm and i have no problems serving it gan, and i totally know that i'm the kind of person who will kneel and serve my man (IF I FEEL LIKE), if he wants me to help him cut up his meat gan, i will. But somehow seeing my roommate do that today really bothered me. Not sure i can explain it. O well, this is why long distances rock, cos if your ass leaves close to me, you better come help me cook and carry your food by yourself. Hian.

I could live comfortably without social media. Can you?

In a different life, in a different time, it would have been me and you.

Thank you so very much for the support on the story. I really appreciate it. I can't believe you guys think its good enough for a book. That really makes me happy.

Nways that's it guys. Wish me luck on my exam on Wed. See you then.

Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo - Nothing even matters

Lauryn Hill ft Bob Marley - Turn your lights down low

Lauyrn Hill - Just like Water

Lauryn Hill - Love

Lauryn Hill - All my time

Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones

Bonus - Lose Myself - Marsha Ambrosius because i love her cover better than Lauryn Hill's original

P.S I Love You

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blithed Roses - Vineyard tales

There were was a large throng at the vineyard, which should have been no surprise as it was a popular tourist spot in California but Blythe knew the owner and was able to get them a private tour of the expansive property. Blythe had been there several times before, having met the owner's daughter Shia, on a flight years ago, becoming fast friends and it had quickly become another hideout spot for her in California. She would often go there to just read and get some much needed sleep after bouts of insomnia which occurred more frequently than she cared for. Watching Nick absorb everything for the first time however was so exhilarating, he had an artists' eye and saw everything differently and she could have been walking these grounds for the first time herself, seeing them through his eyes.

Neither of them were able to drive at the end of the tour having consumed way too much wine, so they sat and talked some more, drinking coffee and sharing the food - cake, rum sweet bread, chicken wings, grapes - that Shia had packed for them in a basket. He told her about his new book, which he had yet to give a title to, he usually never did until the book was complete, which he had been told was what made him "different", most writers had a title and then framed their story around it, but he felt that constricted his writing and didn't give him room to explore every possible option. He tended to overwrite, he said, and spent so much time editing, but he felt it was very worth it "Think about it, its like being a painter, they don't name the painting and then start to draw or paint, that's putting the cart before the horse".

He talked and she listened, interrupting him only to ask questions. His voice was captivating and she imagined him reading Christmas stories to their kids. Wooo there!!!! Stop. Their Kids?? It was like a cold shower poured on Blythe, what was she thinking? She had just met this guy, and on the 3rd day of ever setting eyes on him, she was already thinking of babies with him. Damn biological clock was ticking on overdrive and it was time to head back to reality, she hoped neither her parents or friends had called the police, looking for her.

"Hello, anybody there?" Nick said
"O, i'm sorry my mind wandered. I think i'm good enough to drive now, we should head out, the drive back is long."
"Oh!!!! Then we should. I could drive you know. You don't have to"
"Would you? That will be nice. I'm actually kind of sleepy" she said, yawning.
"How about you plug in your address on my phone while i pack up, i'll take you home and take a cab from there"
"Sounds good, thank you. I had a nice day Nick"
"It was all your doing, thank you for sharing this with me"

After saying bye to Shia and her family, Nick drove them out of the vineyard and on to the highway, and soon after Blythe was curled and asleep on the passenger seat leaving Nick with his thoughts, ruminating over the last couple minutes at the vineyard. He had been watching her closely while he spoke and had seen as well as felt it when she "left". Something or someone had crossed her mind and suddenly a cloud of sadness had covered her face, and it bothered him that they will be ending the night this way with that image in his mind, rather than the image of her after their kiss earlier. That made him smile and increasing the volume of the radio he sang along to the songs the rest of the ride.

"Let's get you in Blythe, can you walk?" Nick said, ready to carry her in.
She barely moved. "You are home Blythe, what's your apartment number?" he continued trying to rouse her up.
Groggy, Blythe straightened up. "I can't believe i slept the entire way, i hardly ever sleep when strangers are behind the wheel. I guess i was more tired than i thought"
Laughing "You call me a stranger, even after kissing me and spending the night in my room?" Nick replied.
"You know what i meant, thank you so much for driving me home. Do you want to come in and call a cab inside?" She said coming out of the car.
"I should probably go, don't want to take advantage of you once i get inside"
"Then you should go. Good Night Nick" Blythe said, slightly disappointed, reaching out she gave him a hug.
"Good Night Blythe Thomas, he said" and kissed her cheeks.

He watched as she walked into the building, resisting the urge to follow her, pulling out his phone from his back pockets, he called for a cab and waited. Blythe got upstairs and hitting the voice-mail button of the home phone she slumped into the love seat

"Hi Blythe, couldn't find you at the party soon after your speech. Thank you for making my day so special, call me soon." Erica
"Hi sweetheart, this is Tina. I left numerous messages on your cell phone. Please call me."
"Hello Blythe, this is Simi. Now i am just mad at you, this is no way to behave, having me worried, you know i'm pregnant. I would come look for you myself, if i was not on bed rest. Call me"
"Blythe, this is your mother. Tina and Simi both called here looking for you. They mentioned you seeing Drake. Please call me back, i am worried."
"Hey sis, what rock are you under now? Your moms called me more times than is acceptable for a grown man. I know you are fine, but send me a text or something, ok. Drake is still a loser, you should not spend one more minute thinking about him."

That made her smile, her cell phone contained even much more messages, but she refused to even listen to them, deleting them all, except for the few that were important. She quickly wrote a few lines and sent the same text to everyone, promising to call them all in the morning. Tonight she wanted to sleep with memories of the weekend spent with Nick. She stood up and walked to the window, right on time too because he was about to enter the cab and just then he turned and looked towards her direction. She could not be sure, but she thought he might have seen her and she coulda sworn he smiled at her. She smiled back, closed the curtains, stripped completely and fell asleep right there on the couch.

That was two weeks ago...

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Don't kill me. SORRY. Let me know what you think. Will explain on Monday. Good Night.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Praise Wednesday - What a life

Honestly wasn't inspired to write anything today, just not feeling very christian like lately but then i go on Tumblr and i see that Steve Jobs passed (RIP) and that hurt a little. Not because i am a big apple fan, like my friend said if all you have is an ipod/iphone you really cannot call yourself an apple fan, but because that was somebody that impacted this world and 56yrs is just too short. Of course, we can argue that he had already served his purpose and what more can one ask for.

I guess my point is that i want to be someone who makes an impact in this life, i want to live everyday of my life fulfilling my purpose. I am not entirely sure that i am doing right now, but i pray that God has mercy on me and graces me enough to do that starting now.

I pray that we all find that same grace like Steve had to be impactful in this life. I pray that Cancer never befall us and our families and friends and on that final day when he calls us to him, we would have truly lived a wonderful and blessed life.

I charge you to do your own part, Christian or not, we all have the grace and strength to make something of ourselves but furthermore to make a difference in this world. I don't know about you, but i want to die knowing that people will miss me and i don't know if that sounds bad, but i know of some people who have left this world and folks said "good riddance". But more than that, i actually want to live, life is definitely not worth it, if i can't make any change, i might as well just go to heaven and chill. So for everyday that we are alive, lets make the best of it. God bless us all.

Tramaine Hawkins - I never lost my praise

Don Moen - Take Me Deeper

Darlene Zsech - Lord i give myself

Kirk Franklin - Give Me ft Mali Music

P.S I Love You

Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday - Hello

Hi everyone, here's a relatively quick post ( you all know that i don't do quick right?) because i need to get back to the books.

School is a bitch if there was ever one. Like who sent me tori Olorun? Sigh, i just need to state that my mates are making money. Infact, on Saturday my friend took me to a friends house and these boys only have bachelor degrees o and you should see their place, they even got a decorator to design their crib. The TV was like from one side of my current room to the other side, no joke, it was like 4D on the freaking screen , i could see the characters right by me. BACHELORS DEGREE o, and me i am doing PhD and don't have 20bucks from one week to the next. Its ok. God dey. Unfortunately for me sha, they are both Muslims ( my religious preference being that my man be Christian). God in heaven please don't let them be reading my blog and i don't know o. In any case i have been in this cold library for way too long and will be here for another 4hours.

So for those of you who don't like music, how did you make it through College? Cos i swear if there was no music, i would never have made it through. Me that if i remember the song, i can remember what i studied. Again i thank God for artists all over the world.

But if God really hates that we listen to secular music, it appears that i might go to hell. I really hope that is not the case, because i am not sure how you can separate me from music.

I am hoping to go to Florida for my birthday, i pray it works out.

It is COLD. My goodness. Its just October, wth? Sigh, i am not ready.

Speaking of October, its Breast Cancer Month. Please check out your breasts, eat well, exercise regularly, and know your family history.

Speaking of health, my ex called me a nag cos i wanted him to go see a doctor. My friend is having to undergo a surgery in a couple days and i feel especially bad for not nagging her well enough to have gone to the doctor earlier. So please, please, please get checked out when you notice things wrong with your health, don't always chuck it up to normal sturvs, especially women. You need to be aware of your body enough, you can easily notice a difference. More importantly, when you go to the doctors speak out and requests for test. Also for those of us that live in the 'diaspora' its easy to chuck things as not being possible, you are Nigerian, and the truth is things that are probably uncommon in Nigeria are very likely to happen to you, the longer you live here. Please guys, lets just try to take care of ourselves, Olorun o ni je ka ri bi o. Ami. Please also pray for my friend.

Back to it being October, my birthday is 23 days away. Excited.
Also more importantly, tomorrow is my anniversary i have been anticipating this day for about a month now. I pray to never celebrate such a day again in my life. Furthermore i hope i actually make it through the day without crying and just take it for what it is and let go.

O, its one of my fav people's birthday tomorrow too. Pastor Kunle as i like to call him. Happy birthday hon, God Bless you and make his face shine upon you, he will take you from strength to strength and increase your ways in Jesus Name. Have a good day.

So who sent me to take an online class o? Rubbish. Never again. I probably, shouldn't say never sha. The other day, i said i didn't want to do something and when i say something, it stays. My word is my bond. In the instances that i haven't, i have regretted it (my ex) or people will crucify me, lol. Anyways, i had said something earlier in the day and by afternoon i had a chance to break it (God works in mysterious ways no?) and i did break it. Anyways, i'm hoping by doing so, the opportunity i heard about a job, comes through this time.

I met someone this weekend, who confirmed a lot of things i already knew. On a personal level and on a business level, i know God saved me. Still, i want what i want you know. Its kinda sad, cos you want your first time to be your last time and in a way i really believe my first time is the last time. I guess i can only hope not and that God's plan becomes clear, sometimes in the near future, much later rather than sooner tho.

Lol, i just spoke in Parables. You all are a smart, you will figure it out.

Shout out to Miss Juwon for making me skip class for an event though, it was well worth it and i had a blast. Love you boo. Shout-out to Miss D for hosting me this weekend and feeding me yam and egg (you don't know how much this meant to me) and for Miss A for coming out as well.

You see, i told you it could never be short. Lol

Enjoy the music, love you, God bless you all and thank you.

Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me - This dude is all kinds of awesome, you should def cop his album *Warning* Single girls, this might make you cry

Jay Sean - Waiting in Vain - I am so impressed with what this dude did with this song. On repeat for me

Bei Maejor - Till we get it right - Dude is definitely going to be a star.

And last but not least, especially as it is very apt to me right now is Cee-Lo Green - You promised me love

True story tho - 'I am no longer her'

Ok that's it my love, goodnight.

P.S I Love You.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Blithed Roses - The first kiss

There are few things as intoxicating as the first kiss. It remains the most intimate thing that occurs between a man and a woman, second only to having a child together. That might be surprising to some of you and you might not agree but take a minute now to think about your very first kiss. Too long ago to remember right? But for those of you who can, do you remember how magical it was? How special you felt as you closed your eyes and took it all in, drowning the sound of your pounding your heart.

Most women however wait a lifetime to meet a guy that will kiss them and have them raise their one leg, like they watched in movies and Blythe was not different. Kissing has always been a big deal to her, and in the two years since Drake no guy had come close to kissing like he did. Another reason why she still remained single was the fact that the few guys she had been on dates with were horrible kissers, of the very worst kind. Too sloppy, too eager, too much teeth, too much tongue - all just very gross.

There was nothing gross about this current kiss however, and devoid of any thought,  Blythe kissed Nick with everything she had and he kissed her back with equal pleasure. Her small lips were just perfect for his and fused perfectly together, creating a melody that was unique as it was exciting and when Blythe felt like she could take no more and wanted to feel Nick close to her she leaned in to him and in doing so leaned on the horn, the honk tearing them apart.

"I'm so sorry" - she said
"Nothing to be sorry about. That was WOW!!" Nick replied, laughing.
"I know, i'm so embarrassed we don't even know each other"
"I beg to differ, a kiss tells a lot and by God were you talking a lot right now"
"Really, what did my kiss tell you about me?"

Again the incessant thought that he had found his one came floating to his mind but he quickly pushed that away. This was simply lust, and the bulge in his pants agreed with him, any guy will go crazy with the way she kissed. Her small lips possessed a certain sweetness, he had been shocked by and where he would normally take charge, he let her as they savored each others mouth. Nick wanted to tell her that it made him want to have her right there and then, and then spend the next week and the rest of his life pleasuring her in ways that she could only imagine, but he thought better of it.

Leaning in to her, he kissed her lightly and said
"that you are passionate" then he kissed her again
"that you are bold" kissing her yet again
"that you are strong" another kiss
"and equally delicate" yet another kiss
"and that before we both go somewhere neither of us is ready for, we should probably leave this car."

Exiting the car, Blythe staggered a lil bit, needing to hold on to the car to avoid falling out-rightly.
She had gotten her 'weak knees' kiss for the first time, and she was sure to never forget this, she was thinking when Nick interrupted her thoughts.

"I have never actually been to a winery, this is exciting."

To be continued ----

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Hi guys, this is a short one, but i thought it was appropriate this way, either that or i am being lazy so forgive me. Let me know what you think.

P.s I Love You

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Praise Wed

Hi everyone, hope you have had a great week so far. I have a couple songs for you and a question as well.

I have all this dreams, all these things i want to do, and not just do them but to be successful in big ways at and i wonder is that a problem? Like maybe i think i'm bigger than myself. Maybe that's why God ignores me, because i'm not focusing on him but on all the things i want to do, things i consider good things by the way, you know the many ways i can contribute to the society and change generations. Is wanting too much a problem, i guess is my question? The Bible says we should put our focus on God and ALL things will be given to us, and i'll be the first to tell you that i can barely focus on any one thing at a given time. I can't even pray for 30minutes without some other thoughts filtering into my head, so maybe that's a thing. And maybe that's the thing, in my head all these things i want to do is for others right, so why won't God want to see me accomplish them? but is it possible that i just want to see my name in lights and be given accolades and that is my motive and God can truly see that, even though i do not think so?

Nways i just thought i might ask, in case anyone can help with that. Enjoy the songs and have a blessed rest of the week.

You Alone are God - Deitrick Haddon

Mighty God - Deitrick Haddon

At the end of the day though, all i want to hear from God is Well Done like this song says

Well Done - Deitrick Haddon

I really hate odd numbers, but didn't want to break the theme of the songs, so that's it for today. God bless.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Music Monday

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Welcome to the last week of September. I am so excited because October is around the corner. The best month ever people, hands down without a doubt cos your baby girl was born in October some 25years ago *smiles sheepishly*.

So i was in the hospital like i mentioned on Friday. I was so sure that i had a brain aneurysm and i was so scared for the first time in my life. I am so glad to be better, and let me just tell you that migraines are truly from the devil. They pumped in two different, powerful meds in me via an IV port before i found relief, but its all good now and i thank God. Will have to go back in later for some scans to make sure all is indeed well in there.

So again sorry for not putting up Blithed Roses, like i said each post i write off the top of my head and i thought i will be caught up with school work soon enough to post something yesterday but i am still behind, so except it on Friday as usual.

So as i was crying cos i was in pain, i realized the fact that i was not only alone, but for the first time in my life, i felt lonely. I had never experienced that feeling before and that made me cry so much harder and then i started thinking i was going to die and i'll be alone and no one will even be able to come get my body for days. Lol, let me just tell you i have reconsidered marriage men, i need somebody to even pretend that i mattered to them if i were to die. It also made me sad when i though of the fact that my mum is often alone, sigh, i wish she would remarry though.

But shout-out to friends though, a couple of my friends called around when they found out i was sick to get me a ride to the hospital, to have people check on me and just generally checking on me to make sure i was ok and i ate and all. God will continue to bless you and shout-out to you all for the comments, i really appreciate it.

Other than that, there is nothing much going on. I've been so focused on school, otherwise i am listening to music, or trying to catch up on tv shows, which is highly impossible btw. I confess i have 'snuck' in some movies too as well. Fall Tv is awesome, but omo graduate school won't even let me and this is me not working yet, what happens when i start to work? My already bad sleeping habits will be infinitely worse.

I miss "us" everyday and moving on has not been easy as i expected it to be, but i am good with it all and i am looking forward to the next relationship when i am ready, 2years from now, after i am done with school. Yes Boss, serious music, world famous. Lol.

In other news, i have been avoiding controversial topics lately. I don't know i guess maybe cos there are a lot of people already on the issue, i don't feel like my opinion really matters, but also i have decided in cases when all i can do is talk and not actually do anything, its best i keep my mouth shut. Maybe i'm just chicken sha, but either ways i see a lot of interesting things via social media and i pray for Nigerians at large, may God deliver us all.

Nways that's about it. I hope you are all doing well. Have a great week, with good health and be blessed

Chykay ft Falz - Lies
Please Chykay can sing, dammitt!

ShowDemCamp ft Lucci - Waiting
Watch out for my review of SDC's album on and you should def go cop it as well

Tyrese - Stay
I CANNOT wait for his album to come out

Trey Songz - One Love
And because this song just came on, on the itunes and it made me think of happy times.

P.S I Love You

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hi Guys,

Was in the hospital yesterday so could not write anything. Trying to feel better, and hopefully will have something for you tomorrow.

God Bless.

P.s I Love You

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Praise Wednesday

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Hoping you are having or had a good day as the case might be. Today's song's are by my lovely, beautiful and very smart sister, Oyinbo. Thank you so much baby.

I wasn't going to write anything at all but i thought i should say this. If you are in America and even if you aren't, you might have heard about Troy Davis. He was meant to have been executed 24mins ago, but as i speak there is a delay of execution which we hope will be a stay of execution. What i want to point out is the exclamation of "THERE IS A GOD" when the delay was announced.

There is a God,
in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.
There is a God,
in the bad times and in the good times.
There is a God,
If Troy Davis is executed or he is not.
There is a God;
when our loved ones die at young ages,
in egregious ways & for no good reasons.
There is a God,
even when your needs/desires/wants are not met.

There is a God, lets never forget that. We tend to always need him for miracles, but that you are awake and alive and healthy is a miracle in itself. That you walk with your two legs, can type, can eat, can use the bathroom, those are miracles. And this is in no way to lessen the Miracle of the delay, i just wanted to remind us to always have that zeal for God at all times. Let us scream "There is a God" when we wake up and when we sleep and at every point in our lives. Nways i'm not a preacher, this is as much a reminder to me as it is for anyone else that might need it.

Nobody Greater -Vashawn Mitchell

You Hold My World - Israel Houghton

While i'm waiting - John Waller

No one like you - Kirk Franklin

Have a good rest of the week guys.
P.S I Love You

Monday, September 19, 2011

Music Monday

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I did what I've been doing a lot of recently which is taking my sweet time doing nothing. Again, i come back to something I've struggled with a lot this year and that is discipline. I just don't feel like i have been committed/focused/passionate and disciplined as i have always been. Its been a hard year i guess, but i need to fix up. I just need to fix up. In other for me to be successful, i need to start to walk the talk, starting today.

Allow me ramble for a bit though...

I do not know maths. I was telling a friend of mine this the other day and he was cracking up, but i honestly don't know maths. I literally count 2 +2 by hand, no joke, one of the biggest ways to make me look stupid is if you ask me how old someone is today if they were born say in 1976? I actually cannot tell you that without using a calculator. I've also come to the conclusion that one of the reasons why this is so, is because i am bad at recalling things even though i can see them. Let me explain. So i cannot recall to you right now all the chapters of the Bible, if you asked me to open it in the Bible, i know exactly where Nahum is for example. I cannot tell you what letter 'L' is after without reciting the alphabets and i could not recall all 36 states(its still 36 right?) in Nigeria but if you drew a map for me, i could fill them in. Nways just wanted to share some of my flaws with you :)

I'm convinced that Chinese people worship onion and think its the cure to every disease there is. Don't believe me? See for yourself. That was more than half of the food btw.

Some study was conducted that mentions the fact that given the same identical resume, employers were more likely to pick the American name than the black name. Even before i saw this study i have often told people that i believe this is one of the reasons why i haven't attained a job. Like even in Nigeria, i bet seeing Olubukunola Oluwanifemi, can be scary looking on a resume. I however refuse to change my name. I have acquiesced and now i put a short name in parenthesis, but i refuse to change my name, neither are my children getting any English name or some funkyfied version of their name. I am very proud of my name and best believe my name is going to be a name to be remembered, so they might as well start getting used to it. Finish.

I just thought i ought to remind us all on here that Gods second greatest commandment was and is "Love your neighbor as yourself". Now i believe that half the problem is a lot of folks do not truly understand the meaning of love and or do not believe in it at all and the other is that folks most not truly love themselves. But hey, what do i know?

I am going to be 25 yo. I am so excited and knowing me once the week is here, i won't be but for now. I am excited. I have decided i am taking a cake to school on the day and the day before and the day after as well.  Now i do not like cakes, but because i am going to be spending it completely alone i figure i might as well not wallow in depression and make a thing of it. With that said o, i am accepting birthday gifts o, so you can like to place your order now, i don't want multiple people getting me the same thing. Lol

So who read the idiotic thing Brad Pitt said about Jennifer Aniston. First off the fool just needs to shut up, secondly if you have nothing good to say about your ex, please why mention them at all. You should lock that memory somewhere deep where no one can recover it and keep it moving.

So i was telling a friend that if i were him i would be getting all my lovers to by stuff for each other. Maybe i have watched too many movies, but i believe that i have the ability and if i were such that could have multiple lovers, i would have them be taking care of each other directly. He argues that he could not get gender specific gifts from one girl to the other and i don't see why not. What do you think guys? I was all mouth that day, like i had done it before, but i haven't, still i think i totally could.

Speaking of friends, i feel bad that so many people remember me from like camp, or some lesson and i don't remember them and its amazing how many people i went to school with, same class and everything and i don't remember saying a single word to them. I am not a snob, never been and i hear that people think i used to front, which is so not the case either. I was and continue to be so distant tho, i def live in my own vacuum, unaware of those around me except they for some reason inject themselves in my life. I however i am not sure if this is something to change cos there is a certain naivety in my life that i truly enjoy and as such i am not exposed and vulnerable and i can protect myself. But is that truly life then?

As usual i have over-randomed (i just made up that word, please feel free to use it). So imma share just two songs. Someone on twitter had mentioned "Get rich or die trying" being a classic and i totally agree. I was such a gangster back in the day yo, and i knew every line to this album and 50's next album. Nways, enjoy and have a great week, will be back on Wednesday. Take care.

P.S I Love You

Blithed Roses - The Morning After...Part 2.

"I hope you ordered for two" he said, smiling.
"Yes, i did. Thought you might be hungry after your run". Blythe replied as she ushered him in to the room.
"Quick, let's get married"
"Excuse me!!" Seeing him bent over in laughter, she joined in.
"You are silly"
"You should have seen your face, will it be so bad to be married to me?" replied Nick.
"I would think not, No. However, had i said no, i might have hurt your feelings"
"And, had i said yes, you would have labelled me crazy"
"Actually yes, i would have left this room and never looked back"
"I promise you i am not that crazy, i have some baggage and I've been called weird but not crazy"
"Ha, the elephant in the room!! I wondered who would bring it up first. Can i at least start to eat, i am famished." He said reaching for the plate of eggs, toast and sausages.
"A girl who remembers how i like my eggs after just one conversation, we really should get married" He said.
"It was more of a guess actually, i had forgotten but you don't look the sort that would like his eggs runny"
"Real men don't eat eggs of that nature" Nick retorted

They remained silent for a while as they enjoyed their food, both eating a little more slowly than they normally would. Nick wondered if he could deal with the fact that he might find out that she is unavailable to him and Blythe wondering if being completely honest with him was the way to go on this. She looked at the time and saw that she had about an hour to check out of the room. She decided then that she didn't want to have this conversation here, she needed air. Standing up, she dropped her plates and searched for her keys.

"What do you have planned for the rest of today, Nick?"
"I keep my days unplanned, when i come out to write. What are you looking for?"
"I'm looking for my keys, i need to be checked out of here in an hour and i thought i might show you around town"
"Sounds great, let me go get my camera and a note pad, maybe change my shirt, meet you down in 10 minutes" He said this, as he moved quietly behind her.
"Sure, i still need  to find my keys."
"You mean, these keys" Nick said, reaching out his hands to bring her up and drawing her close at the same time.

He reached out to brush his fingers gently across her face
"I want to kiss you. But i need to know that if i do, it won't be the last time and that you don't belong to another."
"I do not. But i think its best, i told you about my past before you kissed me. You might not be so willing then."
"That is not likely. I will go now, and meet you at the lobby and hold you to the kiss for a later time". Giving her the keys, he kissed her cheeks and left.

Blythe could not believe that she had held her composure, when she had wanted to beg him to kiss her as she looked into his eyes. Seeing in his eyes how much he wanted her had made her giddy and powerful. Leaving the room, she headed to the lobby to check out and wait, but not for long cos Nick arrived just as she was done. He carried her bags, as they walked towards her car.

"What's a Californian without a convertible huh?
"Tell me about it, it cost me an arm and a leg but i was determined to have one. You know that dream of having my hair blowing wild with the wind, the scarf around my neck, in my dark shades, as i cruised around? Just had to have it."
"Remind me to put that in my book"
"You should see plenty to put in your book where we are headed" she said driving out of the parking lot and headed towards the highway. 

Nick was soon lost in the scenery, taking pictures of everything he saw, things that could inspire him when he wrote, he said. She was taking him to a winery and the route there possessed one of the best scenery in all of California. They were about halfway into their journey when Nick turned to her and said;
"Who is Drake? I need to know"
Blythe took her time before responding,
"Drake is the man i thought i would spend the rest of my life with. We were together for five years and we have been apart for two years. I saw him again for the first time since then on Friday, at my friends engagement party."
"That's why you were at the hotel? You were there to hide."
"Yes, i am a little ashamed at it too and i am sure my parents and friends are worried sick with my disappearing act, but it was just such a shock to see him again after all those years"
"Do you miss him?"
"No, i do not. I miss what we had, and i still wonder what part i might have played in him ending the relationship, but no i do not miss him."
"But if you still mention him in your dreams, it might mean that you still love him, don't you think? and maybe you are not so over him as you thought"
"I haven't been with a guy in two years Nick, so i have no way to know that I've been calling out Drake's name while i sleep. But you have to understand that i had just seen a man i once loved deeply and obviously a lot of past memories have been evoked."
"I do understand and that is why i want to know. I did not have to mention it, but i enjoyed spending the night with you and i want to be able to do that again, and that can't happen if you are in love with someone else"
" I am not in love with him, not anymore but i wonder if you can ever stop loving someone. All i can say is that i see no scenario where he can ever be in my life again"
"Never say never, my dear"
"And in most areas of my life, i would agree with you but not when it comes to my heart. For whatever reasons, he did not believe in us enough to stay together, he has moved on and i just want to do the same."
"So i'll be your rebound guy then"
"Surprisingly enough, i am ok with that"
"You could also be more than just a rebound"
"Might just stick to being the rebound guy, i get to have plenty of sex that way"

Blythe hit him across the chest playfully and continued to drive.
A couple minutes passed before Nick spoke.

"I will like to be more than your rebound guy"
"What did you say?"
"I said, i want to be more than your rebound guy. I don't know much about love, fate or destiny, i just know that two people who meet and have a connection as strong as the kind between us, ought to explore it and savor it. So i'll be patient, till you are ready and just see how this works out"
By this time Blythe had stopped driving, having reached their destination. She turned around to face him and said
"I'll take that kiss now"

And so he obliged....

Its still Sunday in California. Sorry guys, i blame twitter, plus the Emmy's, plus me sleeping half the day away. Nways i hope you like it, its off the top of my head and i don't know, i just hope it reads good. Thank you for all the support and Music Monday will be up as usual, but much later in the day. Enjoy and God Bless.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A must read for everyone..

I saw this on tumblr which directed me to the full post and i just thought i should share because these are some of the things that i am trying to implement in my life right now. Now, a part of me argues that having the opportunity/money/means is one of the reasons why a lot of people can actually realize their dreams. Cos i don't have money to buy food much less up and leave to go and do some of the things that i will actually love to do. With that said, a lot of the lessons he share's are no respecter of position, and will elevate you in every area of your life, i believe. Take your time to read them, save a copy and implement them as needed and God willing, all our dreams will come true.

Last September, I accepted an internship with a magazine and decided to take a temporary break from school. Confused as to what I wanted to pursue in life, I discovered myself experiencing a world outside of my safety blanket for the first time in 15 years. During this time off, I gained invaluable experience to place on my resume and numerous life lessons. I was published (both print and online), explored photography (film & digital) which will lead to my first exhibit this October, worked alongside editors (Vervegirl Magazine, Fuel Inc and Pound Magazine); experienced interviews (both in front and behind the camera) and gained numerous other forms of experience as an aspiring journalist. My time off was full of crucial lessons, self-reflection, mistakes, self-realizations, learning and change. In all sincerity, it has been the best form of education I have received as of yet.
As I started to prepare for my return to school this semester, I began to take note of some of the many lessons I acquired during my time off.
  1. Please yourself before you please others; being the eldest of two brothers, I have the habit of sometimes placing the needs of others before my own. As sweet and lovely as it may sound, it has been more damaging for my own personal health and state of mind as an individual. As I recognized this trait, I slowly began to address it.
  2. Organization. This was one of my very first lessons during my first internship. Today, I roll everywhere I go with four essential items: 1) my agenda; 2) notebook; 3) pen, and lastly, sticky notes (test me the next time you see me!). These four simple objects keep me on track with everything that I’m doing and everything that I should be doing. As a student and/or employee, this is imperative in order to stay on track.
  3. Punctuality. This was another significant lesson. With your employees, superiors, co-workers, or even friends… punctuality equates respect. There is nothing more irritable than tardiness and it’s the best way to show how little you care about anything or anyone.
  4. Avoiding procrastination. This was a tough foible to kick, and it still is. Although my mama may disagree at times, I’d [now] rather sacrifice a good night worth of sleep opposed to saving a task for later that could easily be completed at that moment.
  5. Making my bed each morning; This really only means starting my day off on a productive note. Personally, nothing makes me feel more accomplished than a clean environment. Making my bed each morning really meant starting my day off on a positive and productive note in hopes that my day would continue on the same.
  6. A positive attitude towards everything and everyone. A number of things contribute towards a positive attitude. Trying to conquer this was mentally rewarding and kept me healthy and happy.
  7. Education isn’t only found within an academic institution. I grew up with an ignorant mentality as to what constitutes “education”. There is a world outside of my campus, something I sincerely found hard to comprehend before taking this year off. Use education to your advantage but don’t limit it as the only means of acquiring knowledge.
  8. The significance of critical thinking. I came to the realization that this wasn’t something I learned within school. Instead, I learned the opposite. Not only as a writer, but a member of this society, I learned the significance of putting the world around me into critical perspective.
  9. Settling with a career choice. I’ve learned that there isn’t a specific career in mind that I plan to pursue but many. I’ve learned that narrowing it down to one, as I’ve been taught to do so, is partially foolish. Instead, I have in mind issues/topics/fields I’d like to address, hoping to use several mediums I am passionate about (writing, photography, film) to explore and approach them.
  10. Recognizing the beauty in being an individual; A significant source of insecurity can be the consistent comparison to others around you, creating a false idea as to who or what you should be. Although this is a lesson/recognition I’m still in the process of working on each day, I’ve acknowledged that I am an individual with my own story and that there is a profound beauty to this.
  11. The value of “me” time. For 4-5 months last summer/fall, I made the decision to get rid of my phone and keep to myself as much as possible [funny that every time I share this with someone, the first question tends to be: “were you broke?!”] For the first time, I gave myself quality “me” time, attempting to keep at a distance from the world around me as I tried to figure a few things out. Every so often, I attempt to do this when I have a day off by cutting off all communication with the world for a few hours and enjoying an evening by myself to relax.
  12. Responsibility; after spending a year interning and working for various publications/organizations this year, I’ve learned that once given a specific role or duty, to acknowledge that you are accountable for fulfilling it to the best of your ability. This isn’t a habit that should stop once you leave work. Organization and punctuality play into this significantly, of course.
  13. Family time. While I went on a temporary “hiatus” from the world, a lot of time was spent with my family members, and so happened to be the most loving time spent. Surrounding yourself with those who genuinely love you and care for your well-being is always vital and healthy.
  14. Learning to love. This one may take more than a few sentences to properly explain, but self-love is the greatest (and most crucial) type of love one can encounter. While learning to be more comfortable with who I am as an individual and learning to love myself, it became easier to love others and keep a loving energy around me.
  15. Travelling with a notebook and an agenda. Any writer can easily understand the significance to travelling with a notebook. Travelling with an agenda (even if it was during an evening out with friends) helped keep me on track with all upcoming tasks and responsibilities – something integral for a human who shares a similar (lack of) memory as myself.
  16. Health. A lot of things can be mentioned here. First and foremost, I’m a cyclist. Traveling from location to location within the city on my bike accumulated throughout the day to at least an hour or more worth of exercise. This kept me healthy mentally and physically. A well nights sleep everyday (if possible) is always vital, particularly if you can keep it consistent. This helps keep your mind clear and focused. Being a vegetarian forced me to have healthier options when eating. Drinking a lot of water is always a must, especially during a busy day. (Other tips: travelling with multivitamins, iron supplements, etc. during hectic days where you may not be too focused on what you put into your body). I’m not the healthiest human being in the world, but this was something I learnt to place more focus on.
  17. Meeting people. Through various organizations that I was associated with, networking became a significant part of my job and life. One significant lesson: Be genuine with everyone you meet. Never fear saying what is on your mind or how you may appear. It isn’t hard to sense ingenuity from a person. Acknowledge that not every person you encounter may love you as a person, and this will help you fight that fear of being yourself .
  18. Lastly, but not least: being fearless. This is Milca’s favourite line. It’s a challenge we all face, once way or another. With my craft, I had to repeatedly learn to be fearless. You are not perfection and you should never expect yourself to be. This also meant ignoring any skeptical or doubtful thoughts and jumping for new opportunities and experiences. Mistakes may come along the way, some minor and some major, but everything comes with a valuable lesson.
P.S I Love You