Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Acceptance Speech

Hi Guys, how are you all doing? Hope the week started off to a great start? Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

I started to respond to comments on my last post yesterday and my browser(s) kept crashing so i will try again later today, i do want to say a very big Thank you to everyone though, for the support and the prayers and the i told you so's (Lol), i really appreciate it all. God bless you all so very much, he is faithful and able to complete that which he has started.

I got the award for Stylish and Versatile Blogger. *does the happy dance* Thank you so very much, i am honored and i appreciate it. BlessingPrism of an ImmigrantFragilelooks, Taynement, Pinacolada, Nutty J, thanks a lot guys, for even thinking of me as such, i appreciate it. Nutty Jay, thank you so much for the cup, tres cool :)

7 Things About Me...... Allow me to switch this up a little, because i feel like i have been very open and honest on here. So i would like you to please tell me one thing you think you know with a certainty about me. You cannot say "You Love Music" tho, lol....everybody knows that. This should be interesting don't you think? *winks*

I do not believe i have up to 15 bloggers since most people have already gotten it, but here goes in no particular order

Etoile Oye

So thanks again to those who gave me the award and congratulations to those i just awarded. In other news, i start school today. I have never made a big deal about anything before, but this is kind of a big deal for me, so i'm nervous today, yesterday i was afraid but i know everything will be alright. As you take a step further in your dreams, i wish you all the very best of luck, it is well with us all.

My uncle and aunt are pretty cool, i am happy. My aunt is already talking, matchmaking me, lol, she is funny. I have not yet started to explore my surroundings, maybe after i've done a full week of school i will get to going out and hopefully meeting new people.

O so thats how me and this guy took our conversation off twitter to gchat and i wished for a minute i was in naija to see if we would actually mesh in real life you know. Not even on a dating level, just as per someone you instantly click with friendship level.

So gimme a minute to settle down and i will be back to my regular mouthful blogging. Wet kisses all around.



  1. One thing I know about you...apart from music is:

    You always see the good in people.You are one for believing in people. Which is a very good thing.

    ...and that is why you are also overly weighed down when you get disappointed by life, friends, love, society and all those you thought where one way but turned out to be the other way

    I might be wrong sha.

  2. i think you are in luv with that guy (cant remember his name) but yea, him

  3. Yay! I hope your first day of school goes well! I'm so happy for you :-).

    Can't wait to read some good gist soon! Take care

  4. I missed the first day??? :( I'm big on firsts and birthdays lol. I can't wait for your new school gist!

    Thanks for the award :)

    2 things about you:

    1. You're somewhat an optimist, though your optimistic view on life, like Nutty J said, makes it easy for you to get disappointed when things go wrong.

    2. You care a lot about people.

  5. 1. You are creative,

    2. You definitely care a lot about others and

    3. You are very helpful too.

  6. Am I allowed to list things too?

  7. u have a good heart and the fear of the lord

  8. Thanks for the award :D. Unfortunately most people cant read the blog as its private :(. I apologize, its the only way i'm able to write freely x

    1. I think you have a big heart
    2. You have a gift of bringing us into your world with words...thats a huge gift dont ever knock it
    3. You're in love
    4. You are destined for great things (this one i can bet my last dollar/pound on)
    5. As expansive as you are online/cyberworld i have a feeling that you might be more reserved in person...i might be wrong

    I could go on but u only said 1 thing hehe. All the best for your first day and may God bless this your new path xoxo

  9. ooh p.s congrats on ur award o...stylish and versatile...madam Glamtings needs u ooooo

  10. I'm glad your aunt and uncle are cool. Must sure make life a lot easier. Cool cool.

    Thanks for the award lovely.

    I guess one thing i think i've come to know about you is that in spite of how much you may complain or get sad about certain outcomes, you truly love the Lord God and trust in him.

  11. I think you're a very private person. :)

  12. from your posts, you absolutely love God and oh you love music-Lol

  13. @Nutty J - You are so on the money :)

    @Doll - lol, yes i am :)

    @Blessing - thanks a lot darling, hope you are good?

    @Journeytoprint - lol, no biggie. You welcome and you are right :)

    @Myne - awww thank you ma :)

    @Oye - lol, why not?

    @Fragile - thank you dear

    @Rengedae - you are welcome :) and you know me way to well jo. muaaahhh. Thanks a lot dear and anytime

    @Shade - you are welcome dear and thats correct :)

    @jaycee - I'm surprised you picked up on that, but thats true :))

    @Chic - lol, ojoro babe but you are right on both counts


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