Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just in case you missed it

I had to share this........ God will change your situation around in Jesus Name.... tapping into this blessing for the year, that although my situation hasn't been forever long, he will remember me and you as well

Neefemi...... still out



  1. Neefemi, this just brings so much tears to my eyes. It is such a great reminder that even though humans give up on you, God never does. The funny thing is that he'll actually use the same humans to bless you. I had actually seen this video link on my news reel this morning but i just said it's another one of those "videos". Thanks for bringing this to my attention again. I'm so happy this man was able to turn his life around via God's grace. He apparently now has a job offer and other ish. God is indeed faithful. He'll definitely live to enjoy the remainder of his years. He's only 53. God bless the dude who shared the video on youtube and the thousands of people that have been so eager to help Mr Ted. Wow...Today you're a begger...tomorrow you have an amazing job with all the perks one can imagine...sigh..

    I also use this guy as a point of contact for my blessings in 2011. And i know that your blessings mami are on the way. Amen. From our mouths and hearts to God's precious and holy ears.

  2. now that is a great great testimony ... nuff said

    happy new year


    Job Offer #1

  4. Yeah I <3 this story :)

    Sorry to go off topic but you're not going to stop blogging are you? :(

  5. Now.... that's the spirit.... Let's all be optimistic... God is always working in our favor...Even when it's hard to see or imagine it.

    Happy New year Neefemi

  6. @Shade - Amen love

    @lani - Happy New Year dear, wishing you all the best

    @Ayo - i know right, so happy for him

    @Nogo - i'll be back

    @Dami - Happy New Year hon, wishing you all the best

  7. I first didnt want to believe that he was homeless. My first reaction was, "how can a man with this kind of voice be homeless"? Very Poignant sorry y'all


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