Sunday, January 23, 2011

LORD!!! I need A JOB

About to hit the sacks and end what was a long and dare i say interesting kind a day but i had to come put this on here real quick. Will respond to the answers from my last post, in the next one, but i can already tell you, you all know me pretty much very well. But that's not why i am here. I am here to use this as medium to God, sometimes my mouth does not say it as good as i write it.

Lord, i need a job. I desperately need a PAYING job. Emphasis on the paying part because i have so many "jobs" and none of them are paying. I am not complaining cos these jobs have given me so much joy, introduced me to many people, given me a name of some sort, i really have been quite lucky. I get to organize events in other countries, i get to write a fashion article and do music reviews, i get to manage an artist. I mean, God you have been awesome to me.

But God, i need a paying job. You see all week i have been extra emotional and feeling bloated and a lil down and i know its because i am not on my pill, like i have been for so many months because i cannot afford it this month. You see, i need to do my hair, i'm beginning to look quite unkempt. I need my textbooks, i mean they are just about 70bucks, it doesn't seem like quite a lot. I need gas in my car, so i can go to church on my own, so i don't have to go with uncle and aunty from 6am-2pm. Yesterday, i broke my mirrors backing out the garage, i have to do this every morning and every night, God its getting quite uncomfortable already, i want my own place. And you know i have to buy my own groceries and needs over here, you don't want me to starve do you? Lord, my car would soon be re-possessed o and then there is rent where my siblings are in Michigan, and bills like tv, and phone and gas.

So God, look down with favor on me and give me a job. A good job, i would prefer full time, but i also don't mind part time. Wednesdays i have 6hours of school nways, so whatever will give me Wednesdays off. I don't mind working weekends, well apart from Sunday. One that pays well above minimum wage, because you know i have a masters. One that will also be relevant to my education. One that will give me the opportunity to glorify your name. And Lord i want this job soon, please God, i am begging with desperate pleas. I ask for this in the name of Jesus and i believe you will answer my prayers. You said we should ask and we shall receive, and you also said we should commit to the Lord whatever we do, and you will establish our plans. You also said you will perfect whatever concerns me and this concerns me. And i believe your word will not come back to you void in Jesus Name. Amen.

And something else i would like to share.....
I know I’m a tad bit emotional right now so maybe this is all in my mind 
But it occurred to me today that I’ve never felt desired
You know the passion that drives a man insane to have you at any or all costs.
I mean sure I’ve been liked even loved by many a man, but never wanted or needed
At 24 years of age, this is quite sad and disconcerting. 
…… Shrugs
....... I bet you can't relate

Sigh, nways Good Night and/or Good Morning



  1. Good luck with the job search...Thought you were back to grad school though?

  2. @el bagguci....Thank you sir and yea I am

  3. Awwww..... everything will work out fine. It can be difficult living with people, but hang in there.

    About not feeling needed and desired, well at least you still got a good head on your shoulders and a healthy dose of self-esteem. I say healthy because I believe your wanting to be desired hasn't led you to do crazy things yet :/

  4. I'll be praying for you dear, and all the best.

  5. *e-hug* i'm praying for u dear

  6. U'll be fine in Jesus name

  7. Amen, Amen....Amen.

    God is a faithful God and He answers prayers. He will do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or think. Amen

    About the latter part of the post, caman gurrl....ees only cos dem never tell u. Furthermore....erm i doesnt tink u sef want at any cost.....cos em that one na dangerous desire..(sounds like nollywood)hehe


  8. Hmmn.

    You're in my prayers girl. God hears you.

    I so feel you on the being desired part. Like what does that even feel like? lol. sigh.. It is well.

    I do thank God for all the "non-paying" jobs you have. That's awesome.

  9. God is faithful...he'll grant you beyond your heart's desires...hold on luv! *hug*

  10. amen. he answereth by fire. just believe

  11. Amen!!!

    Jehovah sees...Jehovah knows.

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  13. You're too hot to be desired SB! I'm sorry, you're either going to have to become anorexic so you'll loose your shape!OR loose the good attitude! Till then, xoxo. :))

  14. found my way back to blogsville after so long..just wanted to visit and let you kno that you are blessed..All will be well dear :)

  15. @24yrold teenager - Thank you, hugs right back

    @Prism - Amen, thanks and lol, yes i haven't done anything crazy yet, nor will i be doing that ever :)

    @Myne - Thank you so much, God Bless u

    @Storm - Thanks a lot, hugs right back

    @D - AMEN

    @Renegade - Amen and lol at nollywood sturvs. Muaaahh

    @Shade - Amen, thanks dear. It is well o, lol and yes God is good

    @Blessing - thanks a lot dear and Amen

    @doll - Amen, Thank you ma

    @Nutty J - Thanks darling

    @Charles - thank you, will look into it

    @Last Born Chronicles - lol, o serious. p.s its lose o

    @Chibaby - Thanks a lot chilolow :)


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