Monday, January 10, 2011

New Beginnings

"Stop your worrying, because God is in control of your tomorrow"...... Hi guys, of course you know the verse in the bible that i have hugely paraphrased. In my life right this minute, it happens to be the sentence that most describes me.

I don't know anything, i don't know what i'm doing, i don't know the plan, i just know that i have packed all my belongings and uprooted to Jersey to start school next week. How i'm going to get to school, how i'm going to pay for school, how i'm going to get books for school, i  have absolutely no idea. I just know that a week ago, i had planned to maybe postpone to September again, and then my mum called an aunt, and before my mum could finish talking she offered to let me come stay.

As i sit in my room, with my own tv (no closet or personal bathroom sha, lol), i can't help but thank God. I've driven to a lot of places before and this was the smoothest, no traffic, no accident, no construction, no cops, no bad weather, nothing. I made an 11 hour drive in a lil over 9hours. The warmth in which my aunt i had never met and her husband(he is oyinbo, and she is oyinbo-fied) have received me, you would think there was something more to it.

So i don't know and i'm beginning to think and maybe accept the fact that its not my business to know. Even with my relationship, everybody asks me questions, i truthfully don't know as BB will say, "it will come to us in a dream"(No regrets, whatever happens still). More than that i just think for me being a control freak, the lesson here like Bimbo told me the other day is for me to take a chill pil, relax and let go of everything and everyone and let God's will be done. So i'm going to do just that.

I've been told to come back to blogging, i really don't want to be a downer, but i believe all of that is in the past anyways, cos i believe everything will be just alright, and so i will be back, give me some time to settle in. So as an appetizer i have something to say..........I want to be kissed. It really bothers me that i haven't been kissed in soooo long( I should wait till i see BB, i know, but, emmm, lol *shrugs*). It also bothers me that i have absolutely no suitors. My friend called me out on it today, maybe cos i have so many guy friends, i did not really notice. Maybe cos i have talked about BB so much(well only here really), cos if u see my tweets, lol, i'm single o and i'm not on facebook like that. So maybe its just that I've not met anyone new, cos i sat my butt home all this while, i don't know sha i'm bothered. If BB and i don't work, i will have no rebound guy, or just when i want attention from someone other than BB. Lol, this has nothing to do with how much i love that boy, i'm just being a realist jo.

Nways, i hope you are all doing well? (answer me o) i wish you all the best, i'm sure you know this and you know if you ever want to talk, you should just drop me a msg with your number or email and i will get in touch. Shout out to Sugarking for the call (he has a nice voice, ladies). Have a blessed week, all the best.



  1. Yay!!! Congrats love...I'm so happy for you!!! *hug smile*

    Awww...I'm doing well o(had to answer you before I got slapped)

    Can't wait to see how things will go in NJ, kudos to your aunty! God bless her real good.

    Best of luck dear! and I KNOW that God will complete what he's started and make away for tuition, books, etc :-).

  2. All i can do is smile Neefemi. *a very big smile that is*..

    I'll keep on saying it: you're a very favored young woman. Never forget that. God surely has your back. God also bless your aunty and her husband. Lol @ oyinbo-fied.

    Word----> "the lesson here is for me to take a chill pill, relax and let go of everything and everyone and let God's will be done."

    I'm doing fine thanks:)

    "Stop your worrying, because God is in control of your tomorrow"...

    I'm looking forward to your testimonies.

  3. Aww... glad you are feeling much better and things seem to be looking up. We seal the testimony with the blood of Jesus and pray that God shall grant you the patience and faith to watch Him bring to completion, the good work He has began. About being a downer, it was no problem at all... What are friends (albeit virtual) for, if not to listen to you when you're down and offer a listening and supportive ear if nothing else? The Christian walk is full of bumps and shakes. Just remain steadfast in our endless hope and know that not a hair falls out without God's knowledge. Enough of that, I know it can get annoying when someone tells you suchlike but u see no evidence of that. Just know, there are people who understand and a God who cares. Now, I have written a blog post saf so I will vamoose. Really glad for u :) :) :)

  4. Glad to hear you're up and about

    God's that chill pill statement...very TRUE!...

    I'm doing just great :D...Exams in a bit though

    Take care of you hun...x

  5. God has a way of making everything fall in place!!

    Take care on your journey!

  6. Congratulations on taking a chill pill. Sometimes, even though we can't see the "how" we just need to relax and trust the "Know-how" (God). And as for being kissed, you'll be kissed so much in the future that you'll laugh whenever you think of this post. Funny. Lol.

  7. I just gave you for an award for Stylish and Versatile blogger.

    Check my page to see how it works

  8. So, finally you made!
    I'm so hapy for you..
    Congrats dear.
    God just makes a way where there wasnt. coming to your rescue when you werent looking..
    Wishing you the very best..
    As per your relationship and suitors,
    Everything would work itself out..
    I didnt have suitors or a bf, then as in a flash, it all happened in a space of 2months and now..... lol..

  9. Happy New Year dear. I've been away for a while but glad to come back to good news. As a friend's book says, the only way is up! Take care, HUGS...

  10. Just dropped by to wish you a Happy New Year, for the school part thats what we call FAITH.No worry.
    Take care

  11. Happy new year, dear!! taking a chill pill is never easy but now, let's see how God will not do it (that's my philosophy)
    i'm so happy for u, it's a giant step and i trust HE'd step up to it and fulfill ur dreams.

  12. See
    'God made a way...'

    I am just happy you are doing good.
    Stay thankful!

    Your attitude, remember, you will have something to add to the success story you tell your kids.

  13. It's good to hear of your progress. Glad to have you back.

  14. All things work together for the of them that love the Lord and this is just the beginning of your testimoniiieeeessss...

  15. i've been anonymously stalking your blog for a while now, and....all the previous commenters have said it all. God is busy working [out school and tins, ur relationship, etc] in ur favour, and 1 day, u'l look back on all of this and smile thankfully.

  16. Btw, I've tagged you for the Stylish and Versatile award.
    Please visit my blog to know what you are expected to do!

  17. OMG Im happy for you on so many levels!
    You definitely deserve this :)

  18. Thank you so much guys, i love you too much, thank you for believing in me and praying for me, the Lord will forever bless you all. Muaahhh

  19. u kno i jus read a couple of ur post...and this BB relations sounds so similar to mine...i feel u on what ever happens..but men..people are selfish beings and you cant always take their word for Gold...being as someone in the same relationship comma...ill say in as much as u like him dont put all yuor eggs in one basket


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