Monday, February 21, 2011

In Rememberance

Exactly a year today, we lost a friend. She was just 22. I remember asking Oye (my best friend) if she had ever had sex. I know it seems silly, but i was just thinking about the fact that she is going to miss so much in life, cos she was so young and was just beginning to start her journey you know. Like the story of this girl in the UK, who collapsed and died after her first kiss.

That was my rationale for having sex for the first time btw, i was sure i was going to go to hell for it, but i reasoned that life was too short and i might die tomorrow and i needed to experience it (kinda sucked). Or that i will go and wait till i get married and then said man will go and cheat on me and give me AIDS. Like you don't already know my sense of thinking is entirely warped.

In any case, its been one hell of a year since that day. It was through her sister i met BB a couple days later. I left Houston, went back to Michigan, i'm now in Jersey. Her other sister is engaged to be married. And everybody's just grown. A lot changes in a year, shu a lot changes in a day, but we thank God for life. She is missed, and i just pray God continues to help her family with this loss. I pray that Lord keep me and mines and you and yours. No more sorrow this year for us in Jesus Name. Amen.

In much lighter news, i mentioned it will be a year on Wednesday that i met BB. We have this running argument of who made the first move. He argues it was me, cos i asked for his twitter handle that day. I argue it was him about a month later when he asked for my bb pin and then my number and proceeded to buzz everyday since. I don't think we have gone a day without some form of communication since. The beginning days are always the best, those were good times. Lol.

I went out on Thursday for this event and it was quite awesome. Young professionals all looking GQ/Cosmo ready and doing quite well for themselves. 10% of all the profits made was going to some African country or the other and there were a number of different nationalities represented as well. I was quite impressed and i made a couple new contacts and thats quite needed in this day and age. Shoutout to Nogobelieve and A Drop Of Water for being my hosts, i had a good time, thanks a lot guys. I wore orange, and everybody else like wore black, grey, u know and so i stood out like a decoration of some sort, but it wasn't too too bad.

So i swear by Lusters toothpaste and Paula's choice brighten up teeth whitener. Coffee addict, plus just not caring when i was younger and my dentition was beginning to embarrass me. Will still whiten it professionally when i can afford to but i swear by these, they work.
O so i found someone who would be my adventure partner, he's already done it all (bungee jumping, skydiving etc) and so he will do those again with me and we will do the rest together like Para-sailing, drive a motorcycle, and when i have money i'm going to learn how to fly a single engine plane. I tell BB this and he goes "you just think you are going to do all this". Lmao. He had said this before but i thot he was just joking, this is my biggest supporter in everything but apparently not this. Ladies and Gentlemen i am glad i am not married, because i will do all these things and just show him the video and that's that about that. Can you imagine?

That's it. I have an exam in a few, i haven't studied for. I had a headache for the past three days, it was very painful. Enjoy the songs and have a blessed week. Please be safe.

Miguel - Sure Thing

Adele - Love Song

Keyshia Cole - Take Me Away

Naeto C - 5 and 6



  1. Life.. Death... Love... New friends.. Old friends.. Circle of life innit?

  2. Lol@reason for first sex. Like really?!!!Safe with the extreme living, and rip to the lost friend.

  3. It's hard losing a friend...May her soul rest in perfect peace. I was about to go to that event on Thursday!! I think I know which one you are talking about. We should find a way to connect!! I had planned to invite you to other events this past weekend..

  4. I read about the SADS girl, so shocking, I'm sure the BF would be scarred for life. Hmm...

    May your friend rest in peace.

  5. your blog is always a joy to read.
    success on your exam!

  6. Yeah lol @ ur rationale for having sex the first time. May ur friends soul RIP!

    This life is not ours, we owe it all to Him.

    I kinda like to try out things but I need loads and loads of support; went para-sailing last summer. Was so scared initially but when u get up marvel at the work of God. Its quiet high up and u feel close to the heavens a lil'bit lol...luvd it!

    Goodluck mama!!!!

  7. I would have prob thought the same thing to *hides face* (about her ever having sex)... It's crazy how we make plans but tomorrow is neva promised...may her soul rest in peace!

    One yr since u met BB huh? aww...cute!

    Yay to adventure!...Hope ur exam went

  8. I know why I came here for the first time and still pass by your blog even when I dont leave a comment, You are Real! You speak your mind and you are so real.

    RIP to your friend.

  9. "Life, Death, Love, New Friends, Old Friends" - dhjax

    Will marinate on that for a bit

  10. I'm so sorry about your loss. I hate death. I mean i know we all hate it. But there's just something about me and death and God that don't mix well. Coupled with the way that i react to it that just scares people. I can't explain it. Sigh. May the Lord God continue to comfort her family. Life is so freaking fleeting and it sucks...

    Okay you are truly my sister from another mother i swear. That was exactly my rationalization for when i had sex for the first time. Ditto the hell feeling. In fact, i told the guy that if God's favor should ever depart from my life, i would know why. He was freaked out. *memories*. (can't relate to the aids part though. haha, you are weird...)

    Yay to you and BB's 1 year kicking it, networking, and trying new things (i really want to do bungee jumping & sky diving but my liver dey fail me. It's like what if i die?.) Very nice girl..You can do it. (sorry o BB:)).. God's favor and wisdom with the exam. I'm glad you're feeling better per the headache. Also hope you've been having a blessed week so far. later sweets..

  11. @djhax - It sure is.

    @T.Notes - yep, really and will do

    @Living life - It was nice to meet you

    @Myne - I know right, i'll be afraid to kiss anybody ever again after that.

    @Eve - thanks darling.

    @Miss Enigma - I'm so jealous and thanks dear

    @Blessing - lol, no reason to hide face. and thanks dear, it did.

    @Kenyansister - awwwww thanks :)

    @Ayohla - i know right? Had to do the same thing

    @Shade - Lol, thats pretty cool. I thot everyone would say i was mad. Lol, funny enough i feel like that's why Gods favor departed from mine. And i'm not weird jo :). You won't die jo. Thanks a lot dear

  12. Sorry about your friend. God is always in control though. Lol at your 'rationale'. That's a depressing thought, but life is ironic like that :(


  13. @Adiya - Yes he is, thanks for stopping by.


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