Monday, February 7, 2011


Hello guys!!! How are you? Hope you all had a good weekend. I've missed you guys sha, I've been wanting to write, but I've either been busy or just too lazy. Forgive me. I did promise to start Music Mondays & Praise Thursdays back and i'm keeping my promise starting today and not last week like i had said. :)

So brief recap on all that has been going on in my life. Real quick tho, hi to all the new readers, its really good to see you all and pls drop a line or two so i know who you are and all those who have been old readers but just commenting for the first time i really appreciate it.

So i'm not a morning person, i just can't seem to get my body up and working early in the morning, it takes me a minute. Which is not working well right now for me with school. Ehen so guys, i've decided that my case is special. Was it not me crying my eyes out about school? this same me has been complaining non-stop since i started school. Me that i've been shouting "God i need a job" i'm barely catching up with school work as it is and i have so much free time, so if i was working nko? I think God is just there laughing at me thinking "baby yi o gather" (translation: this girl is not serious). But in my defense i do believe if i was working, the pressure of that and knowing i still had to do well in school, will motivate me to do better.

I had fun this weekend guys, i'm trying not to think and worry about spending money i don't have in the first place, but i also understood that if i don't take the opportunities i'm given, i will have regrets and be bitter that i did not enjoy my youth. So i went to Madame Tussuad's and i took tons of pics, which i haven't done in a while, i was a character, lol. Then we went to the Brooklyn Museum, every first Saturday of the month apparently they have free events all day and it was so uber cool and packed. They had an African -american music night and for the two hours i was there i danced my butt off and it was sooooo hot, i stripped to my tank top. Yep, right there, lol. It was really nice, tons of people Chinese, white, black, Indian i mean you name it, having fun. and it was free :)). I'm saying if you live in the NY/NJ area we can like to make it an event every month.

Went to church at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, and it was an awesome experience, if you are ever in the NY area, i strongly suggest you attend a service. Apparently, the choir has won 6 Grammy's as well, kinda cool but the message was awesome, and i don't want to say thats how it always is but based on yday, if i could i would go there every Sun, that message was indeed for me and i will be sharing it on Thursday and if i get some money will buy the cd too. Watched the game with my friend Kunle and his sisters and that was nice. So it seems that i always pick the losing team/person, i pray that this is not saying anything about my life o. God please.

Other than that i'm doing ok, school is going well, this biostatistics class that wants to do me in, i'm praying seriously about. I just don't like statistics jo.  I have my first quiz today. Found a way to never have to buy books (interlibrary loan, ask your librarian). Trying to make friends at school, at least acquaintances sha. Imma skip the boy part bit, but no worries. My aunt and uncle are still very nice, still doing well on the healthy eating and exercising part, although i'm still shrinking sha. Going to Michigan on Thursday, vaccinations for myself and my sis. I think thats about it guys. LivinglifelikeitsGolden, let me have your email please, so we can meet. Have a couple songs to share, i hope you like and have a blessed week guys, loads of kisses.

Katherine McPhee - Lifetime

Ginuwine - Heaven

Pink - Perfect

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream



  1. I felt like saying yay! just because:)

  2. I am actually proud of you. I still maintain you don't need to spend money to have fun and also there's nothing like taking action instead of complaining. Hope you get to meet more people and take pleasure in the simple things. My friend goes to Brooklyn T and really likes it. She lives in Brooklyn though so it's easier for her. Have a good week and good luck on your quiz.


  3. Always delighted to read from you. glad you're doing well. still keeping you in prayer. :)

  4. Yay shes back!!! Now dancing atlanta or was it alanta? anywhoooo thats all i have to say for now. Write some more so i can have more to say...thanks so much in advance :p

  5. I've heard a lot about Brooklyn Tabernacle..need to visit one of these days. All the best on your biostats quiz! Email coming right up :)

  6. Yea that church really blessed me when I lived there.
    Glad to see you're having fun :)

  7. @Shade - Lol, thanks home

    @Taynement - Thank you and lol, but i still need money for like gas or to grab a bite to eat, if i have 0 its hard.

    @Etoile Oye - Thanks a lot :)

    @Glamtings - lol, then you will like this next post.

    @Living life - Thanks a lot and expecting the email o

    @Fabulo-la - Thank you sweety, you are missed

  8. LMBO @ God thinking "baby yi o gather" understands us sha!

    URG I'm taking Biostats also...OMG!!! That class is craazzzyyy....May God help us! Hope u did well on ur quiz

    Keep enjoy NY!!!


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