Monday, February 14, 2011

Single Awareness Day

Hello everybody,

Happy single awareness day. Okkk, i really shouldn't be like that. I did get val'd this year albeit early but i loved it. I was actually surprised, you see we are both not emotional/romantic people (part of the reason why i can't, won't say i love you) plus we didn't even talk about it at all. The last time we talked about gifts (my birthday) i gave him a $50 budget and he damn near died trying to figure out what he was going to get me (my best-friend had fun with this, lol). In any case, he totally went over the budget, hence not talking to me about it and he put some thought into it by getting me something practical that i love (courtesy my best-friend again, thanks babe). Thanks sweets, even though you do not read this.

On the romantic side tho my darling friend (he has a gf, i promise, lol) sent me roses and chocolates. Even though i'm not a fan of either, i love that he did that for me, it made me feel like a girl for a minute, i blushed (yes i turn red) for the longest time. Thanks again Femi, i appreciate you and you rock eternally. And all my male friends with the sweet valentine's day bbm's, i couldn't thank you enough (you actually made me cry).

Got back from Michigan today, it was great seeing my siblings. Love them too much and love our relationships. My sister made pancakes for me with sprinkled cinnamon sugar, so delicious.  Again i feel like i'm missing out so much on my sister in Naij and we will never be as close (i hope not) and it makes me sad. My sister got 7 vaccinations and did not flinch, i got 4 and cried.

I think the way i interact with my siblings, especially my brother, explains how i am with everyone, especially guys. So is it only with me that guys who like me have great relationships with my sisters but hardly talk to my brother and are in some kind of awe of him? Like BB and my lil sister have a special relationship, they are in love with each other( they BBM, skype and all). BB won't say hi to my bro (my bro said happy birthday to him on his bday), but will ask about him and i think its always been like that in all my relationships.

I loved the Grammy's. I love music and i like that there was an array of genre's and talent displayed on stage. O i damn near cried when they started singing Jolene, i really wished Dolly Parton will come show them how its done. Will be sharing Esperanza Spalding's songs today(congrats to her on the win, tres deserving), i think its funny that people get extra worked up about the silliest things. O well, learning to ignore a lot of things lately. O so on that tiwa savage debacle, i have an opinion. She was right, as part of the writer of an album, you get a mention even if you wrote only one line. By your name it will show that you were a song writer on the album and it (song/album) was nominated or won. (See The Dreams wiki page for example). You are however still not a Grammy nominee and or winner. And not just that, if she went about it all humble like "I'm so proud to be part of a Grammy nominated album and i hope Fantasia wins cos she deserves it", i think the reception would have been awesome but o well, not impressed.

No class today, my prof cancelled. Yaaayyy me, i should go into school though, because i don't study as well as i want to at home, not sure why, the only place i was able to read prior was home. O so i like Naeto C's album, its a solid album from top to bottom. Only Banky W, Asa and Tuface(barely) have made solid albums in recent times in my opinion. MI's album seems like child play in comparison, i was surprised and happy for Naeto. O so i was able to upgrade my phone for free, thank you T-mobile. Spirit airlines made me pay 30 bucks (twice) for my carry on bag, can u imagine? I should have just gone with southwest, the difference in pay was not up to 60bucks and all your bags are free. Was so pissed, me that i had 0dollars, i was now scrambling to get someone to put money into my account.

O well i think that's about it, in general i am happy and content, things could be better all around, but i'm still grateful for what i have, even the things that don't make sense.

Fall In

I know that you know


Happy Val's day if its your thing. Could care less really, glad its about to be over in a few. If it's not, enjoy still. Have a great week all together, guys. I wish you all the love you deserve.



  1. I need to go hear Naeto's album if you say it is much better than MI2.

    happy valentine

  2. I luv Esperanza Spaldng. She's one of my favorite artist. Happy valentine's day to you too :)

  3. Well well,as far as the whole r/ship with sibling thing is concerned, I don't know o. Cos for me, I am the one who opposes my YY from having any close sort of r/ship with my elder brother. With my younger brother, it is completely different! In fact, it is almost ridiculous. They have this yeye name they call each other, my brother spends the weekend with him sometimes (and the age difference between them is enormous). But it is just how I want it, I guess cos YY is about just a year older than my elder brother, I do not wanna put either of them in some kind of disrespectful situation.
    BTW, happy valentine

  4. Nice that BB and your friends made you feel special. Splendid..Glad you had quality time with the fam. That's always a good thing. Per your observation with the bro and guys, that's interesting. As you know, i didn't watch the grammy's. I didn't even know about the tiwa savage Grammy situation till you mentioned it. Interesting...Oh well..Yay to no class and getting some studying done (about to do the same once i'm done here)..Per Naeto's album, i'm digging it too. I haven't listened to every track (with work and being sick) but what i've heard so far, i like. I like "5 and 6" a lot. It's nice. Yep t-mobile is nice. (if you're not or haven't done so already, you should let them know you're a student so you can get a discount)...Good for Esperanza.. God is your provider. Happy and content is good. God dey...

  5. Happy Valentine's day Honey! Im glad your homies made it special for u. This year is ur year of smiles all around. x

  6. I am just happy you are happy
    Happy Vals day.

  7. awww poor you about the vaccinations! I hope you feel much better now. It was funny though. Your sis is hardcore, 7 ouch! you tried sha.
    Happy vals day in arrears:)
    Nothing should separate the family bond and in your case i hope nothing does (with you and your sis in naij). PS. love you too (its about time we started saying that to you too haha)

  8. I agree with Iani. Plus I think MI could breathe on a track & I'd love it - lol. glad u got shown love on vals xx

  9. @lani - Have you listened yet? and what do you think? Hope you had a god vals sir.

    @Prism - She is quite awesome. Hope you had a good vals.

    @Honey Dame - I get what you mean, although my exes tend to be much older than my bro.

    @doll - thanks dear, hope yours was good as well.

    @Shade - o i even forget you mentioned this, thank again love imma be calling them now.

    @glamtings - Amen, thanks a lot, love.

    @Tisha - awwww thanks :)

    @Miss Natural - she really is. Thanks dear and yes, will work to make sure it doesn't. Awwwww thanks love, muah

    @journey - lol, thats funny. Thanks dear

  10. Esperanza seems to be really catching on. And yay for val presents!



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