Monday, March 28, 2011

My current playlist

Hi guys, i have 30 mins to start and finish this post so leeeeggoooo.

Which brings up the first point, it usually takes me about an hour to write a post and that doesn't make sense since i have all of what i want to write in my brain already right? mschewww

I woke up at 6.30am and i still haven't done anything. Although i did my errands and all, but i thot by now, i would have finished my post and put in two hours of work. Guys, i really have gotten lazy, it seems like in every area of my life. This is not good.

I like being chased, by both girls and boys. My best friend (Oye) will tell you that she chased after me and thats why we are friends today and i realized yesterday that this is true still. So to all my friends i really do want to say a big thank you, for caring enough to chase after me.

I starved myself yesterday in protest, because i was just so annoyed. It was a stupid thing to do. I'll never do it again. It reminded me of the one time, my dad as punishment said we wouldn't eat that night (it was beans and dodo nways so i wasn't bothered) like an hour later, he says we should eat and i said i wasn't hungry. I then now got a beating for saying i didn't want to eat. lol.

I haven't spoken to my dad all year. How things change. We used to be best of friends, then enemies, then tolerant, then friends again and now we don't even speak. Don't think there's any going back now. I really do wish him well tho and i know he is insanely proud of me.

Learning to pick my battles, has been one aspect of the growth i am experiencing that i'm extremely proud of.

I was fighting with God, even though i was fasting. Isn't that weird?  I think we are ok now though. He sees my heart.

I fear that a lot of people observe rituals without understanding principles. Its what you grew up with, its what you are told to do, its what the Bible says to do, but without understanding the why's. Maybe thats why when things don't go their way they fall apart. I have learnt this lesson the hard way.

Why call me and not leave a message when i don't pick? Clearly it wasn't important.

Its weird for me when i have pimples, my first this year and i'm sooo bothered about it. lol #vain moment

I need a job. Just had to put that in there. In case God is reading.

Saying you have a private personal blog is an oxymoron, seeing that its actually out there for everyone to read. I have a private personal blog though.

I love my siblings. They keep me grounded. Especially my brother. Is it weird that i see a lil bit of my brother in BB. Even though my brother is like 7years younger or so.

O the army sucks. Did you know that they don't recognize fiancée's or girlfriends, if a soldier dies? So what if the soldier had no parents or siblings and all they had was their significant other, what then? especially if the person was gay? Plus they send you packing so fast from base? They suck.

I love army wives.

You are supposed to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. The love of your life, should not die before you get a chance to even be married to that person or at least spend some time. I just think thats some kind of wicked pain. God please don't let us lose the ones we love early, family, friends, kids and significant others. Amen

I am elitist when it comes to music. I love it when I've had an album for a min, or loved a song for so long and people are now just hyping it. I just sit back and smile. lol :)

Wow.... didn't think i had much to say. My current playlist consists of these albums

My favorite song of Chris Brown's album

BB sees her and goes o i thought she was black - its that voice.

Get this mix-tape if you haven't yet - Its free and AWESOME music

I am a stan for this guy

Get this album as well, its lovely

Is it fair to say that she is the better part of Floetry?

Unfailing Love

I am slightly over my 30mins. Lol, have a good week guys.



  1. LMao...I dont even know where to start from...You manage to keep me :-o form the beginning of ur posts to the end...:)
    Have a nice week ahead hon..

  2. I don't think you are an elitist in just music

    What's the oxymoron in a private personal blog? Doesnt it mean a locked blog that only you have access to? or no?

    That's why most army people marry quick and marry young so their loved ones can get benefits if anything happens.

    Youtube is blocked at work, can't see your list


  3. how can you even fight with God? lol!

    This is my lazy semester also, its nt good, but am nt eager to get outta lazy mode!

    PS..luv ur blog!!!

  4. First, you're a trip (you & Tayne never fail to crack me up). Haha. For real. I love this post..

    I also have that time issue with blogging. I just don't get it..Hopefully you accomplished some ish yesterday.. Okay the liking being chased by both girls & guys is the most honest ish i've heard today... I love it...No more starving yourself unless there's an actual purpose o...I'm sorry about the situation with your dad, but at least he's proud of you (I don't know what else to say).sigh...Yep yep, picking battles is so necessary & can be so difficult. May God grant us the wisdom &grace to continue to do so..I totally feel you on the fighting with God & not fasting (I feel like i fight with him ever since i was 13.. It's crazy. My mum thinks i'm also crazy..Oh well). But yeah, it's the heart that matters...Word to people supporting cultures/observing rituals without the "Why" part. I'm such a "Why" person & i can't understand how people just walk around with ideologies in their heads but don't know why? (Even more annoying is when people understand why said rituals are observed, which sometimes turn out to be oppressive & offensive & yet they go on holding onto such beliefs. Kai. It kills me)..*end rant*...God bless you for the calling & not leaving a message comment. It IRKS me!! I had some buffoon do that yesterday (there's a reason why i activated my voice mail damn it).. Smcheew..God is reading & he will provide you with a job soon. Amen...Per the army situation, that's really messed up. Like what the hell. Wow! (and no politician thinks that this is an important issue rather than clamoring for other crap). Rubbish. God bless & protect all the men & women who serve this country & sacrifice so much. Amen...Hmmn..I'm not going to lie, i'm also equally elitist with music. Haha. I actually had a moment last week. It's such a good feeling. Haha. Plus, I make no apologies (*insert big smile*)...Thanks for the lovely playlist. Will definitely check them out tomorrow. Have a productive, blessed, lovely day tomorrow/today okay. God is your strength...

  5. I don't know why you said there's no going back to being on good terms with your dad, I always believe there's hope. I so hate burning bridges...

    I'm listening to Adele as I type, and I like her sound.

    Army wives, saw a preview the other day, it would be too heartbreaking for me. And yeah, I think the military wants their people married, but yeah, it's not fair on the gays among them.

  6. This post has been the best part of my day so far so thanks girlie! I'll be checking out the songs I don't recognize.

    Life is short so be happy!

  7. chris browns album is not half bad o..and ive killed adeles album, murdered it actually, every should see me singing it in my car i look crazy lol..
    I know you are in hibernation..but God will provide you with all your needs because you are awesome and you deserve it.

  8. Thanks everyone. Much love. XXXXX


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