Thursday, March 31, 2011

Praise Thursday

Hi Guys,

How was your week? Hope it was well. I was very busy and i accomplished all i wanted to do so i'm glad, hope to do the same tomorrow and weekend.

So i am no longer fighting with God. We made up :). But i noticed that even though i am expectant i am also fearful. I have an interview next week for a job and when i had got the news the first thought that came to mind was that should i say Amen and thank you in advance, because whats the point if i am not going to get it.
I used to scream over every good news, it didn't matter how little. I guess after it seems like everything good always ends up bad, you just lose something. Especially when right after i set up my interview for next week today, i get a reply from a position that i applied for, that i was rejected, a job i was overqualified for. I want my joy and hope back.
I also realized i wasn't completely grateful. You see even though i have not found a job yet, the fact that i worked in the health department in a city as huge as Houston, is great on my resume. So i need to be grateful for that experience. And realize that everything has indeed been for a bigger purpose.

Happy month of April guys. I wish you all the best, and i pray for new opportunities, continued blessings and most of all joy in your hearts and peace of mind. Enjoy the songs.

and i just heard this and i loved .... Stolen from djhax's blog



  1. happy for the way you sound today

  2. I'm glad you're getting stuff done. Thank God for his mercies.

    Glad you and God have made up:). Yep, we should never ever stop being grateful (I always have to remind myself). By God's grace your interview will go well next week and you shall testify to his glory. Amen. Happy month of April to you too lady. Amen to all the prayers and blessings.

    Yay to "I am". Love it.. Have a blessed peaceful weekend.


  3. Babe! Great things are coming your way. Don't doubt! Good luck with the interview. Just be calm


  4. I was so angry with God at a point in time that I stopped to listen.. ..
    I'm just glad it's over
    I love your post.
    Wishing you the very best dear..

  5. God bless you, Neefemi.

    Oh how He loves us so...

  6. I love John Macmillian!!!!And i love Letter Black-especially that song. You should check that the story behind 'How he loves so",if you haven't already. I be thankful...still....cos i get entirely how you feel, bout loosing hope and being to worn to reach for it anymore.

  7. All the best with the interview, and please do cast doubt and fear aside, it is just an obstacle.

  8. I want my joy and hope back too. But I see you got the job anyway! Congrats! xx


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