Tuesday, May 17, 2011

28 things

Hi guys, how are you doing? I am done with school for the semester, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy me. I am so excited even though i am going to miss it. I wish i was part of the people graduating :(. I want to be done.  I had nowhere to go today after work, just sat in my car for two hours, reading a book.

Which brings me to my first complaint (for lack of a better term) of the day, all i dream about now is settling down. No, not as in getting married, that ship has sailed but i want a home guys. With parents being divorced, i was always either at mums or dads and then i moved here and i have moved every single year from one uncles house to a friends couch, to my own many places, to best friends couch, to my siblings place, to my aunts place and now to another friends (i'm rotating friends) couch.

One of the reasons i did not immediately move to naija, was just that. Not feeling like i had a home. Its ok for a 2-3week journey, but to move back and decide whose house i want to live in, i really can't deal. That's the only thing holding me back, to move back i need to have a place of my own. You know it makes sense to me now, why i said i would rather a man propose with a key to a house than a big ring. What am i going to use a ring for? i could care less, i need stability. I want a place, with a dog, and flowers and have my bed not just be on the floor but actually have headboards and a huge dresser with a mirror(i hate mirrors actually) but you get my point. I need a home. This cannot surely be life guys, all this constantly,wanting, needing and not getting. Sigh. I Smile.

So i'm 8 books into my goal to read a 100 books by the end of July. Which means i am behind a ton, but trust me i'll catch up. Still need more suggestions for books guys, greatly appreciated (which reminds me i need to respond to comments, forgive me my loves).

O guys, i went natural, i cannot afford to do my hair every week like i like to, plus im single again so no one cares.  It will be an interesting ride thats for sure, i have tried going natural two times prior and my hair is not normal, yes everybody says you can tame it and all that but trust me on this.

I think when people say "you'll be fine", sometimes its hard to see it as a good comment. At least for me it is. The best friend told me how to say this without hurting anyones feeling  but i cant remember, sha i think the phrase is inappropriate to console a person 99% of the time and should only be said when you are joking e.g. Person a: all these boys are chasing me, i don't know who to pick. Person b: laughs out loud, you'll be fine. O yea, the best friend reminded me she said what i am trying to say is that "it sounds like a non chalant response, even though it may not be what was meant".

Nways so i am currently putting together a list of all the things i want to do before i'm 28. I am not sure why 28, but it just seemed like the perfect age to do all my single things then decide what country i'm going to live in and by 30 adopt my baby/ies and live happily ever after. So i'm not done sha, but here are some of what i got (#random - i don't say sha when i speak o, but when i write i see it everywhere, lol).

  1. TRAVEL!! TRAVEL!!!! TRAVEL!!!!! Enough said
  2. Bull riding at a bar
  3. Learn to play tennis and golf
  4. Model on a runway for high profile fashion event
  5. Act in a movie - a good one
  6. Nude pictures - Classy, elegant and artistic
  7. Learn to play guitar & piano & drums.
  8. Learn French & Spanish
  9. Learn sign language
  10. Go Bungee jumping & para sailing, parachuting and a whole bunch of other daredevil stuff
  11. Learn to ride a power bike
  12. Learn to fly a single engine plane
  13. Own some kind of property somewhere in the world (maybe two).
  14. Drive at 150miles per hr in a mustang in Germany.
  15. Sex on an airplane ( just because everybody has done it jo)
  16. Hot air balloon date
  17. Go to Disney world ( yes i haven't been)
  18. Write a book, maybe two.
  19. Volunteer in many different ways.
  20. Run a marathon
  21. Own at least one of the expensive things i've ever desired. You know The coach, Herve Leger, Louboutins etc just because.
That's all i got for now, will let you know when i come up with the rest. None of them seem accomplish-able btw, but a girl can dream.

Ok as far as music, i have a lot to share sha, but will only share the one today. Enjoy



  1. I'll like to join you on your 100 book challenge. It should be fun. You should keep us posted on what book you are currently reading.

    About saying, "you'll be fine." I should add to it sermons that preach of God sending manna the way he did for the Israelites. .. BOy, I no longer subscribe to those. Bible says go and work hard. In the same way, offer me a concrete advice on how to get out of my situation. "You'll be fine" isn't enough.

  2. 100 books in one month
    I can't
    The best i can do is 30
    You 'is' a maniac, a book maniac

    How are you?

  3. Long time, and congrats on the completed semester. Take a deep breath, your home is coming. Kind of like "You'll be fine?" Forgive me :)

    I like your list, most of it is doable. We went to watch real life bull riding the other day, but I can only see myself doing the bar one, lol.

    Book suggestions? Get some Nigerian/African ones...

  4. Hey enjoy yourself, but while in Germany driving as fast as you can, call us if you need money transfer services. Have a great holiday

  5. @Prism - willl def do, as soon as I get on a computer and lol, I agree.

    @Tisha - lol no in like 2months plus, I'm good dear andf you?

    @Myne - lol, nothing to forgive. Amen, Thank you ma and I will definitely add some to my list

  6. hi @neefemi can u get in tuch pretty please thank u
    gmail or mreliyas@yahoo.co.uk

  7. i was sent by the non conformist

  8. Hi myrelias, already e-mailed you :)

  9. Ah wheres your 100book challenge list? I want to read too!

    Lool at your list. I just started getting on mine too.


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