Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Favorite artist

Hi guys. How are you all doing? I hope better than me. Been ill for the past two weeks, but trying not to be a baby about it, like I usually am. I miss my mummy a lot.

I’ve been what I call functionally ill. Ill enough to still work (considering how much I’m getting paid, hell yeah I’m working, even if its at a very slow rate). I miss Houston, my best friend would bribe me and tell me she will pay me for the day, if I would just stay home and rest. Lol, I was getting paid less then sha, but maybe I should tell her Smile

There are three levels of migraine in my opinion

1. Can still watch TV – Just can’t laugh, scream, move fast.

2. Can’t watch TV – God please forgive me, I will never lie again, I will read my bible everyday, I’m soo sorry.

3. TV off, lights off, writhing in pain on floor/bed – God please take my life, this hurts, I want to cry but if I cry it will hurt more. God this is not fair o.

Thanks to Excedrin, my level 3 quickly went to back to a level 1 today, so once I’m done doing this, off to finish projects and exam and by next week Wednesday I’m done with school for the semester. WHOOP WHOOP.

Book Update – I am now on my 7th book. 93 books to go. I am determined to finish by July ?(30 days have September, April, June and November) – that just happened in my head-  July 31st.

My ex just called to say hi – I always wonder what exact memory of “us” they are reminiscing on when they reach out. I often think they are thinking about a conversation( all long distances) or some song I introduced them to (even if they didn’t like music when they met me, by the time we are through, they at least appreciate music). Which brings me to why I am here.

Over the last month (wow, its been a month. Time flies yo) I have been all emotions and I do not know how to express my emotions. I have no need for them really, so it irritates me that I even have them but alas, I am human and female. But that’s when my first love comes in, MUSIC. Btw, on my tombstone it should read “she loved music more than life itself” or some variation of that. Where was i?

Yes, I was saying even though writing helps, with writing I will have to identify what the emotion is so I can eloquently explain it. But with music (and I really want to say THANK YOU GOD for artists worldwide(good artists', that is)) I don’t have to understand what I’m feeling, I just let the song reach me at that place that I am, then it all makes sense. That which I can’t put a name on suddenly becomes clear (light bulb moment).

Songs that tell my story, better than I could ever have

Songs that make me spontaneously start dancing

Songs that make me tear up – one drop, right eye

Songs that make me tear up – multiple drops, both eyes

Songs that fill me with regret

Songs that make me sad

Songs that make me happy

Songs that make me joyous

Songs of praise and worship

Songs of gratefulness

Songs of appreciation

Songs that say I’m upset

Songs that say I’m angry

Songs that bring back awesome memories

Songs that bring on wistful smiles

Songs that proclaim the future

Songs that explain the past

Songs that do the begging for me

Songs that say FUCK YOU

Songs of loneliness

Songs of desire

Songs of need

Songs of passion

Songs of a time/place -  Ibadan, Lagos, Michigan, Ohio, Houston, Baltimore, Chicago, Indiana, Atlanta, Tennessee, Boston, Staten Island, New York, New Jersey, Windsor, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, London etc.…

Songs of Neefemi…..

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to what I’m saying. I want to know, what is that song that speaks to any of what I have described for you?

Which brings me to my topic, this is my 200th post guys. Isn’t that crazy? Shout-out to all the new guests. Yo Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija be very afraid. Lol, iKid. Thank you all so much for everything and to show my appreciation, I have a prize for the person who can tell me “who my favorite artist is”? If there are multiple winners, I will pick two randomly.

P.s For someone who has no intentions of getting married (we Oprahing this shit yo) I have a lot of wedding songs, I swear I find one everyday. My point is if you are planning your wedding and need help with music, hit me up. Congrats doll Smile


Novacane for the pain


  1. Lol...U had me lmao on this one. Cant really explain why. Pele as per the migraine. My sister has such too but fortunately for me, I have never experienced one before (hopefully, that'll be perennial). I am on the whoop whoop wagon with u for next week o.
    Have a nice one hon....
    PSSS, I heart u tew

  2. I love this post... Congrats on your 200th getting there girl

  3. 200th post... hurray. Congratulations.

  4. I always always have Level 3 migraines it's annoying

    Yay for 200...more grase to your fingers...:D

  5. I feel you! music is therapeutic!

    Congrats on ur 200th post! wow!

  6. congrats for your 200th post!
    i don't know you deal with migraines. i get minor headaches.once in a blue moon and i'm ready to loose it !
    take care of you :)

  7. Well congrats Miss consistency-you!

  8. I enjoyed reading this...I love music too! And yes God bless all the good music makers out there. I have a lot of songs that speak to me in different ways. :) Nice post.

  9. Hahaha... Funny enough, I got a call from the ex yesterday too... I think you can guess what "memory" spurred on the call from their tone sometimes. This one dropped his voice like three octaves lower and was all like "I miss you" on some Barry White steez... ehn hen! That one you know he is laying the foundation for 'getting some'. Joker. Others actually sound more contemplative like there are feelings left, and some just sound plain friendly- no strings attached. These out-of-the-blue calls sha... In fact, THESE MEN. LOL.

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better sha... I've never experienced a migraine, but just going by my worst headaches, I feel for you. One of my best friends in school used to have them and she was completely immobilised when they would come. O ga o. At least you're ok sha. :)

  10. Music is something else- there is nothing like it. I love so many songs cause they each speak to me on so many different levels. Great post.

    I don't know why exs call to say hi :s


  11. Thank you so much guys, I will reply individually but I hate typing on my phone.


  12. and you on that Migraine ish yo. Im already halfway through the stash i brought back with me.
    Only God will help us.


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