Sunday, May 1, 2011


Hi guys, how are you all doing? Hope the rest of your week went great. I really ought to be sleeping but I can’t, too much on my mind I guess.
First off, thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate it. My siblings are fine and are all sorted, so I’m glad. My brother is mad at me, and even cut the phone on me(I find this act to be very rude btw, and im extremely upset at him) because apparently some people read my blog and decided to call him. I can’t blame him, I would be upset if any of my friends called me about this as well, even though its my own blog. Luckily, my friends know me well enough to not talk to me about it. I ask that if you read the blog and know my siblings, please don’t contact them. Its only fair, cos if they wanted to share, they will themselves.

Right now I’m in yet another friends house, cos like I said in passing in my last post, my new job is 2hours away from my place, with gas prices and my aunts place being 45 mins away from school, it all did not make sense. Its so uncomfortable, not sure the last time I’ve eaten solid food but I feel like I cannot complain cos at least I have a job now. God dey.

Again I wonder about God’s reasoning behind all this. By having people always have to bail us out from one situation or the other, isn’t that him sharing his glory with others? or by making us constantly chase money,doesn’t he care that it feels like its us worshipping another ‘god’. O well, I really do have a lot of questions when I get to heaven.

T.Notes said to me today that I have earned the right to give advice on life struggles, with all I have been through. I burst out laughing literally. Here are the three I gave him:
  • Smile – Always and constantly. Start by faking it if you have to, you won’t know when its permanent.
  • Pray and praise – even when you don’t feel like it, say a word at least, each day to God. He already knows it all anyways.
  • Be honest – with yourself, with those around you and with God. It gives you inner peace, when you are honest, especially with yourself, it might be ok to deceive the world, but it is a sin to deceive yourself.
Speaking of smiling, I was out yesterday (whoop whoop) for the first time since early Feb, it was a school black and white event, which was pretty fun, then went with a friend to a going away party. I’m not a fan of going to Nigerian functions that only want to play Nigerian songs, no offense but there is a whole world of good songs to dance to, can you put some diversity up in here? It was the first time I danced(read grinded) with another guy in over a year. Am I the only one who can’t/wont grind on a guy when they like someone else?

It reminded me of the fact that I could never take anybody I meet in a club serious. My last 3 ex ‘real’ boyfriends, I met on the dance floor and back in the days I could work it. Not so much now, its such a long thing men. I was also reminded that I don’t like getting hit on, its just so ewww. Guys thinking they are the shit, talking about you know you want it, dude are you crazy? ain’t nobody want your crazy ass. ain’t nobody told these dudes, I invented the word flirting/tease too. Mschewww. It was funny sha. The one guy was the camera man and he kept taking my pictures(in my mind I was beautiful too) and he got some really good shots.

Which reminds me, I need to date a photographer, be his muse for as long as we are together you know and then take some naked pictures and have it somewhere in his gallery. I can just see it now. lol.
I know, you all want to know the BB story, you have to get the book guys. I’m telling you, it will be quite a tale of love and hardship, and the inside world of our music industry and loads of gist on people you know. Lol, never mind that I haven’t yet put pen to paper o.But I digress.

Yea, BB made a decision that he thought was best for him and I have to respect that. There was no fight or anything like that, it was a very calm talk, i listened mostly, said my piece and that was that. I am in love with that boy, that’s not going to change anytime soon and not sure if it ever will, but I’m going to have to move on and I wish him the best and I pray that all his heart desires come through (still pray for hum everyday too) and most importantly that he be happy. So that’s that about that, it’s the end of yet another chapter in the story of my life.

So I’m on a mission to read a 100 books before the end of July, please recommend books for me. Also *cough cough* I need amazon gift cards. Lol. I have the kindle and I want to get all the books on there and that shit ain’t cheap. So far I have read ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Something Blue’. I am currently reading pride and prejudice cos I just believe there are some books you ought to read as part of life e.g Things fall apart or Oliver Twist. You are just supposed to have read them at some point in your life, even if you don’t like reading.

Ok finally sleepy, goodnight guys.

P.S I love you and thank you all for everything


  1. i can imagine how ur brother feels after reading ur blog! thats why blogging is kinda tricky...u dont want ur family and friends to read it lol

  2. Hola Neefs,!
    Me I don sabi say baba God go deliver jare!EEEya.....sort it out wv d bro o. I probably will be upset too...and people, una don hear o! If you know them, you dont have to call o!!!!
    As for BB, thanks for reinforcing my belief that not all breakups have to be nasty...sometimes, it really is what it is.
    Have a wonderful week ahead hon and Happy new month.

  3. I suppose this is why many bloggers are anonymous. But anyway, so glad it's all sorted. Very good advice too babe. Wish you so much luck :D


  4. Hi!!

    So I'm a regular visitor to your blog but this is my first time leaving a comment.

    I read a lot of books and I wish you had the nook just like me so that way I could lend you some books!

    I have a gazillion books and I read like 1 every day or two days depending on how much school work I have.

    I am currently reading the book thief and I love this book because it is kind of unique and narrated by death (don't be scurred) Also, there is a book called my sweet audrina by V.C Adnrews! I loved it too and oh if you like chick flicks, you have to try sophie kinsella. Start maybe with twenties girl or can you keep a secret of any of her books! Her books would make you laugh. Also, there is another good author for chick flicks called Jill Mansell! Read the book called Millie's Flings..Good read. I just finished reading soft apocalypse last night. It was alright and kind of about the end of days though it did not involve Jesus coming or anything (a disappointment) It was just a reading about the break down of civilization bla bla bla

    I wanted to buy water for elephants and read but I did not because I hate it when everyone is raving about something. How was it?

    Need any more ideas on books let me know :)

  5. Anonymous who are you? i have a nook and i want to share.

  6. ...and i smile,and wish you a goodnight. Tired.

  7. i actually think the decision BB made was also the best for you. you would be alright

  8. Anna Karenina- if you love classics and dont get bored with narrations!
    Any books by Laud M. Montgomery- they are free on Kindle and you will be sure to roar with laughter.
    Uncle Tom's Cabin- also free on Kindle. Its a lovely tale though you will be sure to shed some tears.
    I have a kindle too and trust me most of my books are free- you will be surprised at how many good books are free. I'll send you a proper list soon!

  9. You should get free books for your Kindle from Also download and install 7 zip from here : This helps to extract the books in a format that fits your Kindle.

    That way you get to read as many books for free.

    Thank me later

  10. 100 books uhn...well i'm on a mission to read err 150. Let the war begin....*evil laughter.

  11. It's been so long since I checked in on you! Glad to see you're ok :)

    "Am I the only one who can’t/wont grind on a guy when they like someone else?" <<< No I'm like that too! I thought I was weird LOL

    "I was also reminded that I don’t like getting hit on, its just so ewww." <<< For me its just awkward because I'm still trying to find the balance between showing disinterest and not being rude. Some people are just really rude about things like that. But perhaps I'm just naive?

    Hugs my dear! Glad I'm back on your blog xx

  12. For all the support and all the love, I thank you so much guys. Again I would reply individually but typing on this phone is a bitch


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