Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello everybody, its been so long its not even right. I definitely need to be spanked (no dirty thoughts now). How are you all doing though? I hope the start of your summer has been great. It appears that it might be the hottest summer we have had yet even though it started off late. The plan is for me to be naked as much as possible, lol, not literally but you know what I mean.

So ehen, no one participated in my 200th post giveaway. Its ok, I used my amazon gift card to buy myself a nice leather bound cover for my kindle. Thank you very much. Can you guys believe that we are in June already? Time flies yo, its really worth praising God for, I don’t care what you have been going through. Which reminds me I am still looking for a place in Jersey guys, if any of you know someone around this part I will really appreciate it. Babe is living in her car men and its not a good look.

Which again reminds me do you really believe people are out to get you, and don’t want to see you prosper and are happy when you are sad? or am I really that naïve? or are Nigerians really paranoid. I got so much grief for writing about the eviction (I had to take it off). My one guy friend was told by a girl he’s talking to and apparently she was running her mouth. The thing is I don’t even care for me I feel like by me saying all the bad, no one can use it over me and it doesn’t hurt me anymore than if I didn’t share but I got tired of people disturbing me about it. I think it’s a sad world though when people constantly say don’t trust anyone and people want to hurt you or are happy when you hurt. A really sad world.

So guys I think I have a special case of self esteem issues as evident by how high I was on compliments and attention this weekend. I have come to the realization that I don’t see myself as good enough or fine enough or able enough. Makes sense since I really hate compliments and being told thank you. If you ask me this is probably linked to the constant lack that I feel but I am yet to diagnose it completely when I do, I’ll let you know what’s going on. Lol.

So ehen, I got enough numbers this weekend and I was feeling like a hot cake with myself. I still got it guys Smile. Plus my butt grew again. hehehe. Got dude talking about he’s following me home from dancing. With that said I am dead serious when I say that I won’t be looking for a Nigerian again. Just not happening, which means I need to put myself out there so I can meet a really nice white guy or non- African sha. This world is way too small for me.

So I am selling tickets to the EME concert in DC on the 24th and its cheaper than if you bought it online so hit me up if you are interested. Lol, walahi I should just quit school and do this hustle full time. I still think I am going to get this degree and leave it to be in the music industry. My poor mother, lol.

Omg there are these two devilish looking black cats staring at me right now. I’m about to run. I hate cats. Ehen where was i? Guys I tried weed for the 1st and LAST time ever yday. I can at least say I’ve tried but hian, its not for me. My throat was so parched, nothing could quench it till today. Ha explains why I haven’t eaten today.

I swear I had more interesting things to say, but I can’t remember as usual so this is just an update I guess to let you know I am thinking about you and I am grateful for your presence in my life. I am working on a story so as soon as it makes sense to me, I will share and I am also still reading and soonish will put up the list.

Till then keep the music playing, keep dancing and smiling.

P.S I love you muchos.


  1. hehehe i hate cats tooo.
    i totally feel you on the no nigerian thing...
    *sigh* if only it were that easy to meet a non african

  2. I don't think Africans are too paranoid...well maybe a lil, lol....but from personal experience ppl can be really envious of u and will do wat eva they can to see u fail...I neva believed it was that serious until it happened to me :-/

    Ehn see fine babe o!!! Get those #s!!!

    U tried weed? lol...ur bold sha

    can't wait to read the story! and I hope u find a place asap!!! Btw how much r u selling ur EME ticket for? email me @ blessingsoutlet@gmail.com

  3. Well, I get scared of cats too. They like freak me out big time. As regards weed, I admire your courage. I am not going down that road. Unless Trey Songz and I smoke it together

  4. First live in car, then, no Naija guy again, then tried weed?!lol!

    3 words: You're just crazy!

  5. LMAO!!! Is it not the same u who tried clubbing and got hit on by some random guy at the busstop..U r a magnetic for all these kind of drama...lmao....Amen to a nice non African brova if that's what is in the books for u. RUUUUNNNNNN..Those cats are WITCHES!!!!

  6. What eviction?
    What have I missed?
    Trust you are okay though? Right?

    Damn Nigerian internet stopping me from being great!


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