Saturday, July 23, 2011


“Are you okay?”

“Yea, are you okay?”

“I’m good”….. Smiling knowingly

“Good” averting eyes.

Hmmm, what was that? Why does he seem cold after last night? The mind blowing sex, no that wasn’t sex, we made love. Did he not notice the difference this time? The way I gave my body, soul and heart to him. Was this time not different for him, like it had been for me? Could he not tell that I was in love with him and everything was different now?”

Friends turned lovers, a conscious decision on both parts. We respected each other, we liked each other, we could do this no strings attached. And it was good, great sex (best I ever had), no awkwardness afterwards, sometimes we cuddled, sometimes we didn’t. Exclusive, but still able to go on dates and flirt with other people, it was awesome. Until I felt the signs of catching feelings.

“I think we should end this”.

“Really!!!! why?’

“Well I think I’m ready for a serious relationship, you know. I’m getting old and its time to settle down”.

“Yea, you are getting old. The breasts are sagging a little just right there. Ok, if that’s what you want, sure. It was great while it lasted right? and we remained friends, such a win-win situation”

That was 4 months ago, I met a guy and I like him and we’ve been on several dates. He is with a girl, his best friend. We travel for yet another business conference, and we get a room together, after all we are ‘just friends’.

After a long day of training, we get back to the room, order some  room service, eat, and get on the bed, him to watch TV, and me to read a book till we fall asleep.

He starts to play with my boobs, I pay no attention, we’ve been there several times. Then he’s kissing my neck.

I turn around. “what are you doing?”

Shhhhh and he drops in for a kiss, and we make love for the first time.

His phone rings. “Hi baby, yea she’s here we had a good time last night. O come on baby, you know she’s my other best friend and we never liked each other like that. Yea besides she’s got a guy now, although I think she needs to kick him to the curb, he’s such a loser. I love you baby, see you soon.” …. She says hi.

“Does she now?. Did I just hear you say you love her, isn’t that real quick?”

“Not really, we are best friends and I’ve always loved her, but now its romantically as well. So hmmmm about yesterday?”

“O forget it, it was nothing. Just two best friends remembering old times (Okafors law). it was great though, but we probably shouldn’t do it again”

Replying just as casually, “ yea I agree"

A week later,

Phone rings. Cuts call.

Text message: Been trying to call you all week, call me back babe, I’m getting worried”

Three weeks later,

Loud knock on the door. Rushes to open the door. “oh its you, what are you doing here?”

“What the hell does that mean? I’ve been trying to reach you, I’ve called you, I’ve sent you messages. No response”

“I’ve just been busy, you know how it is?”

“Talk to me, what’s wrong. You have not said a word to me, since that day at the hotel, did I do something wrong”

“No you didn’t, I messed up. I fell in love with you and that was not part of the plan. We were only meant to be friends”

“Silly girl. If you had picked up the phone, you would have known that I love you too and I broke it up with her, because I want to be more than friends. I have missed you so much”


I saw friends with benefit yesterday, inspiring the story above. I could relate, in a way. I feel like I spent the last year and a half in a friends with benefit situation, except I messed up and I caught feelings I had no business catching and they weren’t just temporary feelings, but some deep shit that’s going to take a long time to recover from.Like how it felt to hear him tell someone else “I love you”, the pain. Except he will not be barging on my door, lol, you gotta love movies though, they make everything feel better.

In other news, 11bucks for a movie, smh. I have no regard for money btw, nowadays I make sure to use it on what I want before something else comes up, like it always does. Like my glasses breaking last week, so I had to go see the doctor, order contacts and order new glasses (300 bucks, just like that). O but my glasses are nice, they are green(the ones that broke were purple).This whole week, I would go as if I wanted to remove my glasses, forgetting that I had on contacts, I had been wearing glasses for too long.

Next week is August, I would not have finished a 100 books by then. Its not my fault though, for the first two months I was looking for a place to sleep, books were the farthest thing on my mind. But if I push it till Sept I just might guys, we’ll see. With that said i have read some really awesome books. I am about to start “The Help”.

I have a wedding in a couple hours, I get to show off my gele tying skills, which I acquired after practicing for a long time this week. If I don’t like it, I am just going to hold it jo. I love my dress though, its simple and nice, will take a picture.

Pray for me for Monday, I need this miracle really bad. Speaking of which let me get back to studying. Story will be continued on Monday. Lovely weekend guys.

P.S I Love You


  1. Totally relate to the catching feelings situation! lol! p.s - please pweety please finish the drake story! i've been stalking your blog! :D

  2. Not sure if to lol@the cushy story,or not,since we have an inkling of your catching feeling situation?!It's all good....and u have my prayers neef.

  3. Will be praying for you sweets. Hope you enjoyed the wedding....FWB...Sigh...

    Love ya lady...

  4. Just prayed for you, it is well.

  5. I think I too have entered a FWB situation and I def have caught feelings...*sigh* wahala dey.

  6. Love the story!

    All the best hun!

  7. Having been on the other end of the spectrum a few times, I've always wondered what goes on in her head..
    Interesting perspective.

  8. Friends with benefits mostly ends up with one person catching feelings they have not right catching,in your words.Nice post and 300 bucks for glasses expensive o,chai!

  9. @Enitan - awww sorry, you can read it every Friday, till i finish it now.

    @T.Notes - lol, and thanks dear. God bless you

    @Shade - Thank you dear and it was ok. Love you too

    @doll - Thank you so much. Amen and with you as well

    @Miss Enigma - Lol, just be sure to let said person know and pull out if the feelings are not being reciprocated.

    @Blessing -Thank you so much

    @Roc - Brag and Clean up :)

    @A-9ja - Yes o. Thank you and yes it is :(


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